De Motu and the Analyst: A Modern Edition, with Introductions and Commentary / Edition 1

De Motu and the Analyst: A Modern Edition, with Introductions and Commentary / Edition 1

by G. Berkeley

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Springer Netherlands
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New Synthese Historical Library Series, #41
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0.69(w) x 9.21(h) x 6.14(d)

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De Motu.- Editor’s Introduction.- 1. Motion and the Mechanical Philosophy.- 1.1 Aristotelian and Scholastic Background.- 1.2 Descartes, Galileo, and the Inertial Concept of Motion.- 1.3 Leibniz and the Physics of Forces.- 1.4 Newtonian Mechanics.- 2. Disputed Points in the Mechanical Philosophy.- 2.1 The Vis Viva Controversy.- 2.2 The Force of Percussion.- 2.3 The Nature of Gravitation.- 3. The Place of De Motu in Berkeley’s Philosophy.- 4. A Note on the text and Translation.- 5. Bibliography.- Text.- Translation.- The Analyst.- Editor’s Introduction.- 1. The Mathematical Background.- 1.1 The Classical Standard of Rigor.- 1.2 Infinitesimal Calculus.- 1.3 The Newtonian Calculus of Fluxions.- 2. The Theological Background.- 3. Berkeley’s Case Against the Calculus.- 4. Outline Analysis.- 4.1 Introduction.- 4.2 The Object of the Calculus.- 4.3 Principles and Demonstrations of the Modern Analysis.- 4.4 The Compensation of Errors Thesis.- 4.5 Alternative Interpretations of the Calculus Rejected.- 4.6 Conclusion and Queries.- 5. Responses to the Analyst.- 6. A note on the text.- 7. Bibliography.- Text.- Indexes.

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