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De rerum natura liber quintus

De rerum natura liber quintus

3.5 2
by Titus Lucretius Carus

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Cambridge University Press
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De rerum natura liber quintus 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CHAPTER 3: Rhine had been living at Jones's house for a week. During that time, he did try to find a job, though that was mostly so he could stay. He hadn't killed a single person the entire week, for fear of one of the house's residents seeing him wearing bloodstained clothing. By the way, the outfit he'd worn when he killed Jones had looked clean and bloodless when he finally retrieved it, but he kept it as more of a trophy than something he'd wear anymore. And he was currently eating dinner with Cheryl, Ryan, and Abby, the dog at his side begging for scraps he had no intention of relinquishing. What they were having isn't really important enough to mention except for what was said earlier in this sentence. It was silent for a while until Ryan, to make it not silent, asked, "Didja find a job?" Rhine's simple answer was, obviously, "No." Ryan changed the subject and asked a question he'd asked about every day: "So is your name really Rhine?" "Yes." Ryan decided to start a conversation with this. "Would it be weird if your last name was Stone? 'Cause then you'd be Rhine Stone." Ryan laughed at his own joke. "Or if your last name began with an O!" the ten-year-old continued when nobody said anything. "Rhine O.!" The boy kept laughing. Rhine stared blankly at him as though he was a foreigner, or perhaps an alien. He perfected the look by holding perfectly still, leaned slightly forward and holding the fork (with food, of course) halfway between his mouth and the plate. Ryan stopped laughing, and it was silent once more. They continued eating for a while, then Abby tentatively asked, "How old are you, Rhine?" Rhine answered, "Fifteen," though this wasn't entirely true. He'd pretty much been born with the appearance of a fifteen-year-old, and in the months between then and now, he'd also acquired the knowledge of one. But in reality, he was only about eight months old. Abby, of course, didn't know all this and asked, "Then don't you have parents to live with?" Rhine stopped eating and thought about this. Finally he said, "I thought it would be good to have to provide for myself. I will in the future, so why not start now? My parents said it was okay, and I've been living on my own for about a month and a half. I haven't had to pay for tuition or anything like that yet, but I expect I will soon." Abby nodded, seeming a little distracted, and the meal continued until it ended. Nothing happened the rest of the night. And the next day, at eight in the morning, Rhine left to find a job and finally got one at a supermarket in the city. When he got home, he was surprised to see Abby playing some game on the Wii...against another live person right there in the living room. They kept playing for a few minutes, then Abby won, then they both realized Rhine was there. "Oh, you're home," Abby said after a pause. "How'd it go?" "I got a job as a cashier at some supermarket. Briggs' Market, I think it is." Abby nodded. "That's good. Um, this is my friend Katrina." She gestured to the other girl, who was staring at Rhine. She had brown hair and dark blue eyes and was kind of pretty, not that Rhine was interested in that kind of thing. "Katrina," Abby continued, "this is Rhine. He's living here until he can pay for an apartment." Rhine nodded and changed the subject. "I'm gonna go down to my room if you don't mind. I mean, I'm kinda tired." He yawned and left. Just as he started going down the stairs, he heard Katrina whisper, "He's hot." Ugh.