Dead Fit

Dead Fit

by Stephen Cook

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Racism and misogyny are all in a day's work for a tough London policewoman in this dynamic, hardboiled crime novel. Although it offers a few positive portraits of law enforcers, the harsh narrative focuses on the blatant harassment by white male officers of Judy Best, a white cop dating a black man named Clinton Pink. Judy quietly endures her colleagues' patently offensive remarks about interracial relationships, but she boldly faces off against them when a repugnant investment executive who tried to rape her on a date is found at the gym with his head messily crushed in a weight machine after an argument with Clinton. In the nail-gnawing finale, Judy outsmarts everyone yet receives--unsurprisingly--scorn rather than kudos. Cook's ( Upperdown ) phonetically written dialogue captures the sound of crude street slang, and his swaggering constables exude conspiratorial machismo. Realistic and fast-moving, the story spotlights two forms of extreme ugliness: homicide and discrimination. ( Apr. )
Kirkus Reviews
Police officer Judy Best's weekend begins when she has to fight off lecherous acquaintance Duncan Stock after a party he's given—and ends when she hears that his crushed body has been discovered at the health club they share. And that's not even her worst weekend, because boorish Inspector Ron Slicer (Upperdown, 1985), who's in charge of the case, is no improvement on Duncan; instead of concentrating on the intrigues in Duncan's office, he arrests Judy's black boyfriend, Clinton Pink, for the murder, gets Judy taken off her beat after she identifies the culprits who broke into Duncan's locker at the club, and warns her off the persistent meddling that's clearly the only way this uninspired mystery is ever going to get solved. Good lowlife dialogue—though otherwise utterly inert.

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