Dead High Yearbook

Dead High Yearbook

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by Ivan Velez

This full-color hardcover graphic novel tells eight intertwined stories of teens from one high school. The characters represent a typical assortment of students: popular, unpopular, rich, poor, fat and skinny, in love and not. But while they might seem like regular kids at first, they don't stay that way, because every last one of them ends up dead—or more

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This full-color hardcover graphic novel tells eight intertwined stories of teens from one high school. The characters represent a typical assortment of students: popular, unpopular, rich, poor, fat and skinny, in love and not. But while they might seem like regular kids at first, they don't stay that way, because every last one of them ends up dead—or more specifically undead—in this creepy, ironic graphic novel written and illustrated by some of the top comic-book talent in this country. Designed to look like a yearbook and packed with totally accessible art, this book is a scream!

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McVeigh and Velez's collection of nine stories by various writers and illustrators crosses the line between macabre and tasteless, but horror movie�addicted teens will likely devour it for that very reason. A line-up of teenagers meet horrific fates in stories of varying quality. A story about zombie grandmothers raises the "ick" factor, while one about a hate crime gone horribly wrong seems to be heading toward a cautionary tale but ultimately comes off as preachy. "Have a Nicey Icee Last Day" is a surprisingly meanspirited revenge tale involving two girls and one guy; "Who Are You Having for Dinner?" is the standout of the bunch, a tongue-in-cheek and teeth-in-neck yarn with an interesting visual style and more than a little bit of humor. Striking a mood reminiscent of the classic EC Comics horror titles, the volume ties the stories together with a clever conceit (the padded paper-over-cover book's design simulates a high school yearbook, and the premise involves the editing team trying to get photos together to go to press). Ages 12-up. (Mar.)

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KLIATT - George Galuschak
For anyone who thinks they are having a bad time in high school, reading Dead High Yearbook will put things in perspective. Our narrators, a pair of teenage ghouls, work feverishly to put the current edition of the "Dead High" yearbook to bed. "Fear Pressure" is about a pair of teens obsessed with weight—the girl wants to lose and the guy wants to gain. They answer an ad for Bio-Rods, and by the end of the month the girl looks like a walking skeleton and the guy is so big he can barely move—the parasites inserted into their bodies see to that. "Head of the Class" is about a girl who doesn't let a little thing like a fatal traffic accident stop her from taking her SATs. She walks the four blocks to school, severed head in hand, and aces that test! "Devil Dog of the Damned" is about a group of teenagers who attempt to conjure a demon from Hell. They end up summoning a Chihuahua. Unfortunately for them it's a very nasty Chihuahua. Dead High Yearbook takes various YA themes—dating, the desire for a perfect body, SAT anxiety and caring for an infirm parent—and gives them nasty twists. This graphic novel is a must-buy for horror lovers; there are zombies, vampires, intestinal parasites, Chihuahuas from Hell, and severed heads. The eight stories (told by a number of artists and authors) are clever and original, and the full-color art is suitably gory. Dead High Yearbook contains lots of horror-movie gore, and is highly recommended for graphic novel collections that emphasize horror. Seventh and eighth graders will love this graphic novel, but keep in mind that some of the stories are quite gruesome.
VOYA - Matthew Weaver
An undead staff works fiendishly on their high school yearbook. As they put in photos of their classmates, brief chapters reveal the horrible fates that befall these accursed adolescents. In one of the best, most memorable stories, Ho Che Anderson's What's Got Into Grandma?, readers see poor Louis, resigned to taking care of his ailing grandmother when all he wants is a date with the vampire girl next door. But after a moment of selfishness, Louis may be stuck with Grams for all eternity. Jennifer Camper's destined-to-be-infamous Devil Dog of the Damned is the tale of pretty Rowena Townsend, who winds up adopting a demonic Chihuahua. Studious Clara in Jacqueline Ching and Papo Martin's Head of the Class takes her final exam even after being beheaded. McVeigh and Velez expertly assemble a collection of messed-up Aesopian fables blended together with a bunch of bad zombie movies and John Hughes films. Gorgeously drawn, the teenaged horror stories will engage readers, even though they are told in the extreme and with more than a little gore. The words "demonic Chihuahua" bear repeating, because how often does a reader see that? Regardless of one's gross-out threshold, there is no real point or purpose to the whole thing. One gets the sense that this annual is like climbing the mountain. Why read or write it? — ~~ because it is there, and at times, kind of cool.

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Penguin Publishing Group
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8.38(w) x 11.26(h) x 0.74(d)
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12 - 17 Years

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Dead High Yearbook 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
It took me a few pages to even figure out what DEAD HIGH YEARBOOK was about, but once I did, I was hooked. Call me sick, call me gruesome, call me whatever you like, but this is Stephen King mixed with Kill Bill with a dash of Twilight Zone thrown in for good luck. It's definitely not intended for anyone under the age of fourteen, but for older teens who enjoy their comics with a dash of gory horror, this book will surely do the trick.

DEAD HIGH YEARBOOK is set up like an actual high school yearbook, except for one main difference - the yearbook staff are all dead, and they're the actual subjects of the book. Several authors and illustrators have worked together to create the book, with individual stories that give the background into each staff member's sad demise.

GORE-IENTATION: WELCOME TO DEAD HIGH by Ivan Velez, art by Shawn Martinbrough - Learn just what you're in for.

FEAR PRESSURE by John Rozum, art by Wilfred Santiago - The bullied skinny geek and the taunted fat girl get some unwelcome help.

WHAT'S GOT INTO GRANDMA? by Ho Che Anderson, art by Brian Hurtt - Grandma's not taking death so well.

DEVIL DOG OF THE DAMNED by Jennifer Camper, art by ChrisCross - The spoiled princess wanted a dog for her birthday, and got a little more than she bargained for.

FANG YOU SO VERY MUCH by Wilfred Santiago, art by Nicola Scott - Petty theft just turned into a very sticky situation.

HAVE A NICEY ICEE LAST DAY by Mark McVeigh, art by Pop Mhan - The popular kids get caught up in a nasty love triangle.

WHO ARE YOU HAVING FOR DINNER? by Papo Martin, art by Wilfred Santiago - Befriending the new kid just might get you killed.

HEAD OF THE CLASS by Jacqueline Ching & Papo Martin, art by Ho Che Anderson - Why let taking the SATs go to your head?

GOOD-BYE AND GOOD LUCK by Ivan Velez, art by Shawn Martinbrough - The staff departs in preparation for another year.

All in all, I have to say that this was an entertaining (if bloody) way to spend an hour.