Dead Meat

Dead Meat

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by Patrick Williams

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The city of River’s Edge has been quarantined due to a rodent borne rabies outbreak. But it quickly becomes clear to the citizens that the infection is something much, much worse than rabies...

The townsfolk are attacked and fed upon by packs of the living dead. Labeling the infected residents “bees” for their tendency to travel in


The city of River’s Edge has been quarantined due to a rodent borne rabies outbreak. But it quickly becomes clear to the citizens that the infection is something much, much worse than rabies...

The townsfolk are attacked and fed upon by packs of the living dead. Labeling the infected residents “bees” for their tendency to travel in swarms, Gavin and Benny attempt to survive the chaos in River’s Edge while making their way north in search of sanctuary. No one knows what waits outside the quarantined zone, but Gavin and Benny know that to survive, they must escape.

“Very clever and very sharp.”—Day of the Woman

“An incredibly well written story that almost fools you into thinking that the world you are reading about is in fact real.”—Freddy In Space

“The action scenes are brilliantly thought out and expressed. I will have to give [it] a bloody 4 Undead Heads out of 5.”—Lyle Perez-Tinics, Undead in the Head

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Dead Meat 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
coziecorner More than 1 year ago
This is a very interesting book which tells the story differently than most others. The action is basically non stop with an unexpected twist at the ending. If your into the zombie crazed this book is a must read.
Anonymous 10 days ago
Dead Meat is an intense quest to find hope. The explosive language of the two heroes when they see dead people rise for the first time feels real. As Gavin collects people he wants to save and a father-figure who wants to save him, Benny’s actions and reactions cause believable cross-currents of distrust and insecurity. This novel is not a cup of tea and an armchair; it is the edge of the seat and shot of whisky in the coffee. It was a little too rough a ride for me, or I would have given it another star.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good attempt, poor execution. The two main characters were both unlikeable and didn't make you care what happened to them. The book was overall boring and while it was apparent the author was attempting something different in the zombie genera, in my opinion he missed the mark and came off flat. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
>>It was a pretty good read. I thought the characters were interesting and pretty well developed. A lot of tension and unexpected events...the ending left me a little cold- or I would have given another star.
Shauni More than 1 year ago
I know this has been said, but I am by nature not a Zombie fan. No more than that, I am a Romance Reader. Sure I have read many other genres and have even enjoyed some of them but at heart, I am a HEA kinda girl. There is also this part of me that can not deal with any type of tension or suspense.. Honestly, I couldn’t even watch I Love Lucy as a kid because her COMEDIC Suspense was too unbearable. Because of these two characteristics I tend to rarely go into the horror/suspense genre.. That being said, if one has to travel outside one’s comfort zone, Dead Meat was an excellent book to do so with. Yes this was a book about horror and destruction but there was so much more to it. It was about two people, who would under normal circumstances have met and forming a bond that is unbreakable. Even if they part and never see eachother again the bond has been forged. It is about fighting for your life and being determined to survive. I think the fact that Gavin and Benny chose to survive and fight touches me on an deep level. In today’s world, one often wonders if they will be able to stand and fight or if they would become one of the fallen. Or worse one of the living dead. Dead Meat made me think, seriously think. I often tell my children in the event of something, a school shooting, a terrorist attack, whatever.. that they have one job. To survive. Under any and all circumstances. I think Benny and Gavin bring that point home. Survival is rarely pretty. Pretty can come later for now do what you have to but survive. I liked the premise of this book as it originally brought to mind, for me at least the resurface of the plague. A severe case of rabies brought about by rats..Yes the human mind insists on finding rational reasons for everything. But as in all things the rational must accept that there are things out there that just aren’t rational. It is interesting that in order to survive Benny and Gavin must escape the quarantined zone, so in a way they too must take a leap of faith. They must accept that facing death is their only chance at survival. Dead Meat is one of those books that you read.. not always because you want to but because you have to.. Then years later you will remember parts of it, they will come back to you, niggle in places of your mind and you will suddenly have some sort of flashback. There are a couple of books that do that to me. And believe you me, I consider them Horror books *grins* so not gonna share their names because I don’t think many will agree with me. But my point being, it captures you. Whether you want it to or not. Do I suggest you read this book? Well, are you like me and a total wuss when it comes to good tension and suspense? Not crazy about edge of your seat reading? Or do you have that sense of adventure want to expand your reading? If you want a good, well written book with an excellent storyline and well developed characters, then yes read the book. If you are looking for a love story.. need I remind you, it’s about Zombies. But seriously, the brothers Williams write and excellent story.. Shauni
lpcoolgirl More than 1 year ago
This was an awesome, chill-thrill book, heart-pounding, and terror filled novel. The characters were strong and weak during parts of the novel, when things got too hard, and they still kept going-survival is the name of the game, or in this case, the job, thought it's most definitely not a regular 9 to 5 job! I didn't like Benny at first, he swears almost every 3rd word, and while they are in a apocalypse with zombies that are pretty darn hard to kill, he didn't really need to. So that was a bit annoying, but balanced with Gavin, who was a bit calmer throughout the disaster, it evened out the book, and added contrast between the 2 guys. I really enjoyed the zombies, I haven't read any zombie books besides The Forest of Hands and Teeth series, so I don't know how they are in most other books, but the simple indestructible nature, of how hard it was to destroy them, and how they kept coming back, and didn't seem to feel any pain, well, that was just great! Loved reading that, and it really made the action scenes more intense, that they'd been human, and that they'd just keep coming and coming. It was awesome! Love the blood and gore! This was an awesome book, and yeah, really enjoyed it, all the bone smashing, zombie-killing, survival. Yep.
MALoesch More than 1 year ago
Dead Meat Review Brains….brains….I need brains…..mmmmm….. Yeah. That's what I expected when I read Dead Meat by Chris and Patrick Williams. I mean, c'mon. With a title like that, I figured the book would be all about zombies eating human flesh and walking around with no real destination in mind. Granted, there is some of that in this book, but there is so much more! First of all, the word zombie isn't ever mentioned. Gavin, the narrator, can't deal with thinking of them as once being human, so he nicknames them bees. And they are kind of like that. These zombies sway and swarm together looking for a pattern to the world around them. Their world was once called River's Edge, a small town where rabies or "something" has become rampant. Though we never really find out what's up with that, it doesn't matter. River's Edge has a big problem with its residents eating each other and that's enough for Gavin and his new buddy, Benny, to try and leave town. Unfortunately, the government appears to have other plans for them and due to the "Exterminators" (soldiers at the edge of town who shoot both the living and the dead), their evacuation plan becomes harder than they imagined. This is a gory book. It's graphic in its violence and though I consider myself pretty seasoned when it comes to reading about death, this had me shuddering from time to time. However, that being said, I would not say that this is your typical zombie story. It really isn't about working together as a team or defeating the military. It's about survival and how far you are willing to trust another human being. Benny and Gavin's relationship is a tenuous balance of power and allows growth in both characters. I went from hating Benny to really thinking he was pretty cool and the kind of guy I might want around at Doomsday. Gavin is our every man who has to deal with what's happening and then figure out who he really is--wimp or fighter? I have to admit the ending did not make me happy. I sorta saw it coming, but I'm not a fan of first person narratives that end in this particular way. But that's just me and I won't spoil the outcome!
AngeliqueJurd More than 1 year ago
River's Edge has a problem. A severe outbreak of rabies has been declared and people are dying by the truckload. Sort of. A survivor by the name of Gavin who is trying to find his family has a feeling there is something more to this rabies outbreak and as the story progresses, and he encounters other survivors he discovers just what. River's Edge is full of zombies and they're hungry. Before long Gavin and his rag tag group have dubbed the zombies 'bees' in 'honor' of the way they swarm when attacking - and not only do the survivors have to watch out for the bees, they are also in danger of being killed by the exterminators. Exterminators are soldiers who have been sent to well...exterminate the zombies. Or anything they might come across. Ok I have to be honest up front. I'm not a zombie fan. The idea makes me feel a little ill - not in an 'oh please, get real' kind of way. It's more of an 'oh please excuse me, I think I'm going to be sick' kind of way. I think it has something to do with the way zombies are portrayed as being so relentless and hungry...but I digress. Originally an online, serialised novel Dead Meat was no different, it made me feel ill. But that is not a criticism - it's a compliment. Well written with strong narrative, excellent characters and yes nausea inducing descriptions, Dead Meat is a good addition to any horror library and a must read for any zombiephile. Yes, such things exist. My sister is one.... It's impossible to not be drawn into the horror and desperation Gavin experiences as the story advances and this is testimony to the talent of the authors. A little online research suggests there are more instalments to come and I certainly hope so as the brothers' style and talent has certainly hooked me. Even if I am double checking all the locks tonight.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago