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Dead Moon on the Rise (A Milt Kovak Mystery)

Dead Moon on the Rise (A Milt Kovak Mystery)

by Susan Rogers Cooper

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The fifth Milt Kovak cop caper (after Chasing Away the Devil ) finds the good ol' boy lawman newly married to pregnant psychiatrist Jean McDonnell and very surprised when his former co-worker and pal Wade Moon returns to Prophesy County, Okla. Thirteen years before, Wade had left town--and a wife and two daughters--with 16-year-old Gayla, to whom he's now married. Milt figures Wade's ex may still be mad, but he's even more concerned when Wade announces that he's running for Sheriff, against Milt, in the upcoming election. Then Wade's body turns up in a lake in nearby Tejas County the day after he and Milt go fishing there. The Tejas County sheriff expects Prophesy's sheriff to help solve the crime, but Milt, busy mediating between his new wife and his busybody sister, offers only cursory assistance--until he finds himself the chief suspect. By this time, he has a big problem in his own district, where an animal mutilator has struck the local shelter. Readers may initially resist Milt's understated humor and Cooper's Keystone Kop routines, but the sassy approach exerts an increasing appeal, making this an entertaining farce. (Apr.)
Emily Melton
If what y'all are lookin' for is a good ole mystery with a real fine plot and plenty of down-home humor, this is it. Milt Kovak, newly married and primed to run for sheriff of Prophesy County, Oklahoma, is purely put out when his old rival, Wade Moon, returns to town with plans to get elected sheriff himself. And danged if Milt's bride, Jean, and his sister, Jewell, haven't gotten off on the wrong foot--Jean thinks Jewell is bossy and interfering, and Jewell thinks Jean is too interested in her career to take good care of Milt. Making sure the two females don't scratch each other's eyes out keeps Milt hopping, but he's got more serious troubles: animals from the local shelter are being tortured by a sicko, and some idiot keeps trying to kill him. Then Moon turns up murdered, and Milt's life suddenly becomes "real" complicated when he's fingered as the number-one suspect. Cooper's latest Kovak novel--the second in the series following "Chasing Away the Devil" (1991)--features devilishly funny humor, a clever plot, and enough warmth, charm, and down-home ambience to knock the socks off a snake.

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St. Martin's Press
Publication date:
Milt Kovak Mystery Series
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1st ed

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