Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

by Paula Gosling

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
The town of Blackwater Bay, Mich., the inspired setting for A Few Dying Words, is back. Gold Dagger winner Gosling uses two main characters to hold together this intricate tale of big-time mob doings and small-town dirty laundry: Jess Gibbons, a 30-something home-economics teacher; and stolid Sheriff Matt Gabriel. In the middle of a harsh winter, Jess, a little bored and a little depressed, can't know that when a local fisherman glimpses a corpse floating beneath the ice, events will conspire to give her more excitement than she bargained for. Meanwhile, Matt is mystified by the corpse's identity, and the homecoming queen has been throwing wild parties and may be living a secret life. Jess is still cooking gourmet meals for her five housemates, but the air is charged and everyone is on edge, including Jess's normally placid cats-and it's not just cabin fever. This complicated puzzler, pivoting from cozy sewing circles to talk of mafia hit men and cocaine dens, comes to its brilliantly staged conclusion at the annual ice festival where Gosling dramatizes the point that smooth and shiny surfaces can hide a lot of treachery. (Jan.)
Library Journal
After the discovery of a body in an ice-fishing hole nearly scares a tipsy man sober, Sheriff Matt Gabriel knows what to do. Because the victim has mob connections, Matt fears unrest in the usually peaceful Blackwater Bay. One of Jess Gibbons's high school students, meanwhile, disappears.
Emily Melton
Gosling's mysteries are cleverly plotted and suspenseful, but they're also full of good fun, romance, and laugh-aloud humor. Her latest stars spunky high-school teacher Jess Gibbons and likable lawman Matt Gabrie. The two are involved in a convoluted case concerning a villain who's peddling drugs to high-school kids; an undercover FBI agent assigned to find a missing chemistry teacher; the missing chemistry teacher, who was really part of the FBI witness-protection program and not a teacher at all; an unidentified dead body with a bullet hole in the forehead; the local Ice Festival; and homecoming queen and local sexpot Chrissie Falconer, who's disappeared without a trace. Effortlessly juggling all these plot elements, the intrepid Gosling moves the story along at a brisk clip while keeping her readers thoroughly entertained.

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