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Dead or Alive (Kevin Kerney Series #12)

Dead or Alive (Kevin Kerney Series #12)

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by Michael McGarrity

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“A taut and tidy thriller”(San Diego Union-Tribune) focusing on a manhunt for a deranged killer—from the nationally bestselling author who “gets better and better.”(Tony Hillerman )

Living in London while his wife serves as a military attaché at the American Embassy, recently retired Santa Fe police chief


“A taut and tidy thriller”(San Diego Union-Tribune) focusing on a manhunt for a deranged killer—from the nationally bestselling author who “gets better and better.”(Tony Hillerman )

Living in London while his wife serves as a military attaché at the American Embassy, recently retired Santa Fe police chief Kevin Kerney gets an early morning phone call that changes everything and sends him hurrying home to his New Mexico ranch. Riley Burke, his partner in a horse-training enterprise, has been mowed down on Kerney’s doorstep by an escaped prisoner cutting a murderous swath through New Mexico.

As the killings mount, Kerney teams up with his half-Apache son, Lieutenant Clayton Istee of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, to hunt for a psychotic murderer with a growing appetite for blood—who has no intention of being taken alive.

Editorial Reviews

Marilyn Stasio
In the iconography of thrillers, a serial killer can be psychologically complex as well as gruesomely entertaining. But you can't beat a spree killer for raw action, and in Dead or Alive, Michael McGarrity has produced a true monster in Craig Larson…McGarrity, a former deputy sheriff, knows the drill. He also knows the territory, which he portrays in a blunt, invigorating style that, even after a dozen books, still feels fresh.
—The New York Times
Publishers Weekly

McGarrity's 12th Kevin Kerney novel (after Death Song) displays the author's usual fine sense of place along with an unusual amount of gore. When escaped convict Craig Larson goes on a rampage that includes the murder of Riley Burke, a neighbor and business partner of former Santa Fe police chief Kerney, that's enough to bring Kerney, at least temporarily, out of retirement-and back from London, where Kerney's wife is a U.S. embassy employee. Larson's crime spree becomes more deadly as he tacks back and forth as far south as Texas and north almost to Colorado. Kerney, acting as a special investigator with the New Mexico State Police, and his lawman son, Clayton Istee, partner up for the statewide manhunt. McGarrity is particularly adept at portraying multijurisdictional investigations. While this isn't a good starting place for newcomers, series fans will relish the deepening relationship of Kerney and Istee, who only recently learned they were father and son. (Jan.)

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Library Journal

McGarrity has a long list of solid mysteries in his Kevin Kerney series. Unfortunately, the 12th (after Death Song) is not up to the same standard. Like all the Kerney books, it is set in New Mexico, peopled with a cast of likable characters, and features McGarrity's crisp and colorful writing. However, readers familiar with Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men(2005) or the Coen brothers' 2007 movie version will recognize the plot of the madman roaming the countryside and ruthlessly killing anyone who gets in his way. McGarrity's latest is as well done as McCarthy's so that those who haven't read No Country may be satisfied with the story of ex-sheriff Kerney, his army wife, and their family. Yet even McGarrity's knack for using the intriguing New Mexico setting as an integral aspect of the plot cannot redeem this relentless bloodbath of a novel. Coming so soon after No Country, it just seems derivative. Buy only where the series is popular.
—Ann Forister

Kirkus Reviews
Ex-Santa Fe Police Chief Kevin Kerney comes out of retirement to track a monster. Craig Larson is a psychopath's psychopath. Remorseless and relentless, he'll kill anything that moves. Or not. And whether he does or doesn't in any given situation is both unpredictable and inexplicable, since he himself has no clue. On his way to prison, Larson overpowers a guard, steals his weapon, stabs him in the eye-a deliberately selected target-and launches a one-man guerrilla attack on much of New Mexico. Early in this maniacal murder spree, he blows away young Riley Burke, a partner in Kevin Kerney's ranching operation. At the time, Santa Fe's former chief of police, famous in law-enforcement circles as a fearsome combination of bloodhound, bulldog and elephant, is living in London with his wife Sara, Army colonel and military attache to the American embassy. Learning of Riley's death, Kerney returns at once to New Mexico, where he joins Lieutenant Clayton Istee and just about every other police officer in the state in a manhunt that has "dead or alive" written all over it. By this time, Larson's homicidal rampage has developed a much sharper focus. He wants to kill cops. Cops want to kill him. It doesn't get any more basic than that. McGarrity (Death Song, 2008, etc.) plays to one of his core strengths-the police procedural-but the human drama, another of his usual strengths, is muted here. Fans will miss it.

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Meet the Author

Michael McGarrity is author of the Anthony Award-nominated Tularosa, Mexican Hat, Serpent Gate, Hermit's Peak, The Judas Judge, Under the Color of Law, and The Big Gamble. A former deputy sheriff for Santa Fe County, he established the first Sex Crimes Unit. He has also served as an instructor at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy and as an investigator for the New Mexico Public Defender's Office.

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