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Dead Plains

Dead Plains

4.8 6
by Angela Scott

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Evolved Publishing presents "Dead Plains" (Book 3 of the Zombie West Series) by Angela Scott, the final installment in the multiple award-winning series. (Young Adult, Zombie Western Romance) ~~~ "...Sometimes, the ones you least suspect are the ones that should worry you the most...." ~ People aren't always what they seem, as Red has experienced


Evolved Publishing presents "Dead Plains" (Book 3 of the Zombie West Series) by Angela Scott, the final installment in the multiple award-winning series. (Young Adult, Zombie Western Romance) ~~~ "...Sometimes, the ones you least suspect are the ones that should worry you the most...." ~ People aren't always what they seem, as Red has experienced all too well. Strangers are feared, towns are avoided, and everyone's intentions are scrutinized... even those closest to her. Her coveted ability has been revealed to far too many people, and now that a tiny heartbeat thumps and grows beneath her own, the risk has never been greater. ~ As the group of ten searches for a safe haven, a place to finally call home, the sobering reality of it all finally settles over them: nowhere is safe, nothing is permanent, and death is everywhere. One by one, Red's reluctant posse grows smaller, as death claims some, and circumstance claims others. ~ It couldn't be a worse time to bring a newborn into the world... but the baby is coming.

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Dead Plains 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
vonYK More than 1 year ago
Loved these books, recommend if you like Zombie's and Little House on the Prairie 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Couldn't put these books down, had to devour them as soon as I started reading them. Heartbreak, betrayal, love, fear, anguish, meeting new friends and saying goodbye to old ones, all against a backdrop of undead attacks and worse, attacks from the living. Angela Scott does a nice job of showing peoples facets when faced with extreme situations. Just what would be your breaking point? Me, I'm just happy to live in an age of indoor plumbing. I enjoyed reading this series very much, even if it did give me a few shivers and made me jump at something that went 'bump' in the night. Turns out that was just my pets all deciding to join me in my read-a-thon at the same time. They have good timing like that hehe. Refreshing reading, this series. I'm looking forward to more. Would enjoy seeing what kind of trouble those twin boys are bound to get into and out of.
SherryF More than 1 year ago
A unique and terrifying story of the Wild West Spoiler alert: This is the third book in the Trilogy. Survivor Roundup left me hanging off the cliff by my fingertips and I was eager to get my hands on Dead Plains, Book III of the Zombie West Trilogy by Angela Scott. “My child.” What could he do about it? Not a d*** thing. ~~~~~~ The Zombie West Series caught me so off guard, that I fell in love with it and Angela Scott’s writing. It is a unique and novel approach to Zombies, that will have you walking the plains, hand and hand with Red and her motley crew, desperately trying to survive. Imagine walking, walking, walking, no destination just walking. Nowhere is safe. Now imagine doing it while nine months pregnant. The characters were an unlikely bunch. In another time, they never would have met, let alone been friends and family. Alone, with everyone you ever knew dead or lost to you, you would be forced to trust. There is safety in numbers. The characters lived life fully, their emotions strong and their needs directed their actions. They never knew when their life would end, or maybe begin – in another form. Red is special and wanted. Some wanted her for good, others would stop at nothing to capture her, thinking she was their salvation. Angela’s descriptions of the Zombies were amazing. They are called the Undead for a reason. I could see them shuffling along, being drawn from place to place by the smell of humans. Decomposing with every step they take. The fights are graphic and gruesome. Guts spilling out, a knife through the chin, brains blown away and an arrow through the eye are only a few of the groups attempts to kill the Zombies. Could you imagine needing clothes so badly, that you would strip them from the Undead? How long do you think it would take to get used to the smell, so you don’t want to vomit with every breath you take. As the group pulled the Zombie from the river I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Hilarious description – a rope around neck its neck and the horses pulling and pulling….. I loved that Angela could add humor to so much gruesomeness. After all, no matter how desperate the times are, a smile or a laugh can give you hope. The Zombie West Trilogy is a fantastic story of life and death, love and betrayal and trust and loyalty, after the world has gone to hell. The characters will have you laughing and crying as you walk through the Dead Plains with them. Every time you think of Zombies, you will want to pull out the Zombie West Trilogy and read it again. If you like Zombies, this is a Must Read! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ “There would be a burial, and grieving, and somehow….they’d find a way to go on.” “This was the best welcome back from the dead – woke up and puked.” “…sometimes it is not meant for us to understand. Sometimes we are simply required to do.”
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
The end is here. I’m not talking about the apocalypse. I’m talking about this fantastic series. There’s not much I can tell you without spoiling it. You’ll be weaving through the undead as the author wraps up individual stories. Get ready for it. You’ll not get everything you hoped for. After seeing and sharing so much together, the group will have some casualties and not just life and death ones. That’s where the author shines. Having characters act as they do makes this final book so emotional. There’s no nice, neat conclusion. Some scenes are hard to take. I actually cried a couple of times, that’s how difficult some scenes were. But, there are also some scenes that put a smile back on my face. As with the first two books, the author wrings it out of you, giving and taking right to the end. Even her ending is emotional and I was sad to read the last words. I didn’t want to let go. I received this book for my honest and unbiased review.
BookWormRF More than 1 year ago
It was gloriously gruesome, ridiculously romantic, and totally threw me for a couple loops. Never tiresome or tedious, Scott does superb details and descriptions with the best of 'em. I loved the conclusion to the story I've been following for almost two years now (holy cow, I can't believe how fast it's gone!) and I so appreciate Angela letting me read and review all three books. It's been quite an adventure alongside Red, Trace, and the rest of the gang. I loved Willa, a new character introduced, and I felt so bad for those farm animals at the end (don't worry, I won't ruin the details, but it absolutely has a happy ending)..