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Dead Space

Dead Space

3.3 7
by Lee Goldberg

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Ex-cop Charlie Willis handles "special security" at Pinnacle Pictures. His job: to protect the studio and its stars, to stop scandals before they explode, to keep the peace in the land of make-believe. When Pinnacle revives the cult, 1960s TV series "Beyond the Beyond" as the cornerstone of a fourth network, two powerful forces fight for control of the show-a


Ex-cop Charlie Willis handles "special security" at Pinnacle Pictures. His job: to protect the studio and its stars, to stop scandals before they explode, to keep the peace in the land of make-believe. When Pinnacle revives the cult, 1960s TV series "Beyond the Beyond" as the cornerstone of a fourth network, two powerful forces fight for control of the show-a talent agency that uses blackmail, torture, and murder to keep its clients on the A-list, and a homicidal legion of rabid fans led by an insane actor who thinks he's in outer space.

(This book, the sequel to "My Gun Has Bullets," was originally entitled "Beyond the Beyond" when it was published by St. Martin's Press in 1997)


"Goldberg uses just about everything he can think of to send up the studio system, fandom, Star Trek, Trekkies, agents, actors... you name it, he'll make you laugh about it." Analog

"An outrageously entertaining take on the loathsome folkways of contemporary showbiz," Kirkus Reviews

"Mr. Goldberg has an observant eye and a wicked pen!" Washington Times

"[It] reads like a modern-day Alice in Wonderland set against the venal world of the TV industry. It's wonderfully revealing and uncannily accurate," Vancouver Sun (Canada)

"Some of the easily recognizable actors, agents and producers who are mercilessly ribbed may find it hard to crack a smile at the author's gag-strewn prose, likewise those seekers after politically correct entertainment. But the rest of us should have no trouble....the novel's satiric slant is strong enough to have an effigy of Goldberg beamed into outer space at the next Star Trek convention," Los Angeles Times

"Pinnacle Pictures has decided to revive a 25-year-old cult sci-fi TV show called Beyond the Beyond, but somebody keeps killing off the new cast. Is it the Hollywood agent who eats human flesh? The aging actor who still thinks he's a starship captain? The fans who live only to attend conventions? This sharp roman a clef goes where no Hollywood satire has gone before-altering just enough facts to avoid the libel courts but still smacking of a certain je ne sais Trek. It probably won't make Goldberg, a television writer and producer (Baywatch, Spenser: For Hire, seaQuest), the most popular boy on the Paramount lot, but it's a stingingly funny novel just the same."
-Entertainment Weekly

"The hilarious follow-up to Goldberg's witty debut, My Gun Has Bullets...[this book] skewers the entertainment business, which Goldberg knows well," Oline Codgill, Knight-Ridder Newspapers.

"As in his riotous novel My Gun Has Bullets, TV writer/producer Goldberg once again bites the hand that feeds him, laughing all the while. Inspired silliness," Publishers Weekly

Editorial Reviews

Kirkus Reviews
When a Hollywood studio, as part of its ambition to launch a new TV network, decides to remake a science-fiction series that became a cult hit after cancellation 25 years ago, all hell breaks loose.

This time out, ex-cop Charlie Willis (My Gun Has Bullets, 1995, TV writer-producer Goldberg's debut audit of filmdom's ranking grotesques) has what could prove a mission impossible. As security head at Pinnacle Pictures, he's responsible for protecting a considerable corporate investment in the revival of Beyond the Beyond. But, unfortunately, the actors and production talent associated with the futuristic fantasy's renaissance soon find themselves under intense, often deadly, pressures. Initially, Charlie suspects Clive Odett, head of a rapacious agency known only as The Company, which will stop at nothing to control hit programs. While Odett and his murderous minions are indeed making key players offers they can't refuse, the down-and-dirty work is being done by a band of maniacally devoted fans who view any changes in the cast or format of Beyond the Beyond as sacrilege. Abetting their homicidal efforts to maintain the status quo ante is Guy Goddard (a deranged has-been who starred as Captain Pierce, heroic helmsman of the starship Endeavor on its abortive treks through the dark side of a vividly imagined cosmos). As the death toll mounts, an increasingly desperate Charlie makes himself a target by purporting to replace a slain teen idol in the role of Captain Pierce. In costume (if not character), the down-to-earth house dick, in a fashion befitting the La La Land setting, tempts a host of hostile fates to save the studio's prize property.

Black comedy from the Left Coast—and an outrageously entertaining take on the loathsome folkways of contemporary showbiz.

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Meet the Author

Lee Goldberg is an acclaimed TV writer/producer and a New York Times bestselling author. His many books include KING CITY, WATCH ME DIE, the 15 novels in the MONK series of mysteries, and the international #1 bestseller THE HEIST, which he wrote with Janet Evanovich.

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Dead Space 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Pinnacle Pictures decides to create a fourth network. As the anchor program, the brass chooses a revival of their 1960s cult classic TV show Beyond the Beyond. Former cop Charlie Willis (see My Gun Has Bullets) heads security at the studio. He quickly learns working street patrol at night in downtown Los Angeles is an easier job than keeping the maniacs working on the project safe and the even crazier fanatic fans wanting in out. However, someone takes fanaticism over the top of the Hollywood sign when murder occurs. Charlie believes Clive Odett, head of The Company is behind what appears to be professional hits as the firm will kill to control all the TV hits. However, Charlie's focus on Odett and his dirty practices has him miss some of the fans who reject ruthlessly any change in casting as a heresy from a show that went off the air over two decades ago. Encouraging the loonies is the original Endeavor starship Captain Pierce actor Guy Goddard who has not had a real gig since the show went off the air as he wants his role back. With an obvious lampooning of the Star Trek craze and a nod to the movie Galaxy Quest (though the novel came before the movie), this reprint of a 1997 thriller takes no prisoners as Lee Goldberg satirizes Hollywood business practices and fanatical fundamentalist fandom. The story line is fast-paced from the moment Pinnacle announces the revival, greeted by some as the Second Coming. Although Charlie's inquiry is entertaining that subplot never matches the lunacy of the reactions of bottom line slimy Hollywood insiders and the gross frantic wannabe insider fans as Mr. Goldberg rakes both symbiotic groups as adding noise to Dead Space. Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has a clever plot concept and I know it is meant to be satire but it just doesn't work for me. It is written in a very juvenile way with lude and vulgar sexual references on almost every page. All I can say is that Lee Goldberg has his mind in the gutter. If you like to read trash than buy this book but if you like good and wholesome literature you better look elsewhere!
Anonymous 9 months ago
hated it, had to force myself to finish--not my taste at all
Anonymous 10 months ago
SUADU More than 1 year ago
A lot of fun! I like Lee Goldberg's books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago