Dead Spell

Dead Spell

4.2 5
by Belinda Frisch

Meet Harmony Wolcott. Damaged and determined, she'll take you to the wrong side of the tracks and you'll love it.

"This is a great book that pulled me in from the beginning pages and would not let go until the end." -Nightly Reading Review

"When the words of a book reach out, grips you by the throat, and pulls you from the first page to the very end in one sitting

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Meet Harmony Wolcott. Damaged and determined, she'll take you to the wrong side of the tracks and you'll love it.

"This is a great book that pulled me in from the beginning pages and would not let go until the end." -Nightly Reading Review

"When the words of a book reach out, grips you by the throat, and pulls you from the first page to the very end in one sitting, then that is a great book. Dead Spell did just that. I was completely captivated from the very beginning and felt as though I couldn't read it quickly enough." -Angela Scott

Harmony's darkest secret has clawed its way back from the grave and only her best friend, Brea believes her.

Adam, Harmony's boyfriend, fears for her safety. Her mentally ill mother is too busy tending her own demons to care. Brea's family, who has denounced Harmony's for years, buried the truth about their shared tragic past along with their former friendship.

Harmony looks for answers about the monster's identity in the wreckage of her abandoned childhood home but when her search leads her down a dark path, Brea and Adam must pick up the crumbs to get much needed closure.

Some secrets you keep, even from yourself. Dead Spell is about a ghost with a past and a girl who would die to forget it.

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Editorial Reviews

Amazon - Summer Hammond Dead Spell. Then see if you can get to sleep. I couldn't. Every little noise jarred me awake, heart racing. I kept getting up to check the doors, the closets, behind the shower curtain. I lay awake, mind churning over a novel with a relentless and terrifying grip.

After three hours of nonstop reading, I felt like I'd stepped off a thrill ride that was part world's most bad-assed rollercoaster and part insane house of horrors.... See Amazon for full review.
Amazon - Thomas Amo
"Dead Spell" is exceptionally well written and moves at a wonderful pace that never lags. Frisch's command of dialogue makes her characters real and never feel manufactured. You can quickly identify with Harmony because she feels like someone you know. This is for certain, Belinda Frisch is easily going to become a name we all will know quite well and sooner than we all think. I for one am looking forward to WHATEVER she writes next! 5 STARS WITHOUT A DOUBT!
Amazon - Ashley Book Blogger
Completely amazing!!!
I could not stop reading this book! From the beginning I was hooked.

Belinda Frisch tells a wonderful story that makes you understand the true meaning of friendship. Brea's transformation in the book from the meek girl that gets pushed around, to the girl that is kicking ass is just awesome. You support her every step of the way, as she's fighting for the truth.

Two Thumbs up. 5 stars.

Great Job!
Amazon - Ben Miller
This book creeps and crawls under your skin and burrows there; the characters are all to real and horror is laced through the pages in big and small ways.

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Meet the Author

Belinda Frisch's fiction has appeared in Shroud Magazine, Dabblestone Horror, and Tales of Zombie War. She is an honorable mention winner in the Writer's Digest 76th Annual Writing Competition and her novel, CURE, is the runner-up in the General Fiction category of the 2012 Halloween Book Festival. She is the author of DEAD SPELL, PAYBACK, CURE, and AFTERBIRTH.

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Dead Spell 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
bpyle1313 More than 1 year ago
Though this book is different from what I normally read I really enjoyed it. It catches your attention right from the beginning and keeps your attention throughout the story. If you enjoy books about the paranormal and about life struggles you will enjoy this book. I would recommend to anyone.
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
his book automatically started with a punch. Opening scene of a crazy girl was just grabbing at you. As I continued to read I saw the world in a whole new way. I think the craziness of this book it was got me hooked. Seeing ghost, going crazy, is a great plot line. But I had a hard time connecting with the main character Harmony. I saw that she had a troubled life but the way she went about it made me shake my head. I understood that she is trying to get away from certain things, but still some of it is too much. I did, however connect more with Brea her friend. I loved this girl . She is the type that I want for a best friend. Someone loyal, trusting , and always there for you. The whole plot line of the ghost I did enjoy. I like seeing how the ghost drove someone crazy. As the reader continues to read, you began to see how everything is connected. That right there gave me some serious goosebumps. I mean, it was just freaky. Playing with the Quijia board is not cool people! The love interest in the story drove me mad. Here this girl had such a great guy and she just threw him away! I mean, really chic! I think the way it played out with all of the characters involved it did bring more to the story. Overall, this is good book to read. But beware there is a whole lot of freaky ghost and messed up stuff going on. *There is sex, cursing, drinking, and drugs.*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
raevans More than 1 year ago
Every so often an author comes along whose story puts a fresh spin on a genre and Belinda Frisch has done just that with her debut horror novel Dead Spell. Frisch deftly straddles the murky line separating darkness from light; her characters are rich and real. With young friends Brea and Harmony, readers quickly come to understand the dychotomy that resides within their lives - everything is not what it appears. The mystery deepens as an unseen entity known only as "Tom" wreaks havoc on Harmony, sending Brea in search of answers. Answers which I, for one, found myself ill-prepared for. Dead Spell is the perfect combination of thrills, chills, and even a few ligh-hearted moments, too. Her words paint a sinister portrait of what can await an unsuspecting soul in the darkness of their own mind. A story of friendhship, small town secrets, and an exceptionally creepy thing that goes bump in the night, Dead Spell signals the introduction of a new voice on the horror scene. I can;t wait to see where Belinda Frisch takes us next!