Dead Tide

Dead Tide

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by Jeannine Kadow

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When Washington anchorwoman Lacie Wagner discovers the body of a female diver washed ashore in Nantucket, the most explosive investigation of her career swiftly turns into a nightmare. Because the secret killer has engaged Lacie in a chilling life-and-death game with his latest living captive...


When Washington anchorwoman Lacie Wagner discovers the body of a female diver washed ashore in Nantucket, the most explosive investigation of her career swiftly turns into a nightmare. Because the secret killer has engaged Lacie in a chilling life-and-death game with his latest living captive...

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Publishers Weekly
Television anchor Lacie Wagner submits to more gruesome thrills in this sensationalistic sequel to Burnout (1999). On the Nantucket beach where Lacie schedules her exercise runs from her vacation home, a "strange water warrior" Jane Doe washes up, contrary to the likely action of wind and current. The body is oddly marked with lacerations and burns, adorned with diamond earrings and also wearing military-grade diving equipment yet the local and national military establishments deny knowledge of her. Lacie uses this story for her comeback to national news after medical leave (due to action in Burnout) and in the course of her investigation collects a circle of new people: muscular Tom Wheeler, the Nantucket medical examiner; aggressive Assistant DA Hinks; cranky Boston medical examiner Miles McKenzie; and eventually, through McKenzie's contacts, the cartoonishly superlative investigator Nick St. James. The stereotypes and coincidences pile up until Lacie is sure she has been targeted for a weird scheme of torture; the mysterious manipulator behind the scenes feeds her hints about other missing women and sets her up to publicize his macabre trophies as hard news. Disturbing physiological effects, dubious technical gadget descriptions and the preponderance of beautiful, lush-chested women with powerful jobs stalked and tortured by ambiguous handsome men make this work a touch more lurid than Patricia Cornwell's or Linda Fairstein's. (July 2) Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Just because Lacie Wagner, unwinding on Nantucket before she resumes her stint as a D.C. news anchor, has found the body shouldn't give her any special access to the investigation-at least, that's what the hard-nosed ADA for Cape Cod and the islands thinks. Like it or not, though, Lacie's in the thick of the case from the moment she notices the corpse's unexplained burns. Soon, she's talked her way into the post-mortem, gone on the air with the Boston NBC affiliate, and traced the drowned Jane Doe to a Special Ops unit so secret that neither Congress nor the President knows about it. She's also attracted the attention of charming, sociopathic businessman Justin Vale, who's cultivated her acquaintance just long enough to bed her and vanish in a puff of smoke. Throughout the first half of this fleet, unnerving thriller, Kadow, taking a leaf from Patricia Cornwell's forensics but pushing into far uglier territory outside the lab, keeps spinning out mysteries so brilliantly that it hardly matters that the killer's been revealed. Only when Lacie hooks up with retired investigator Nick St. James, who's as masculine and windy as Travis McGee at his worst, do things settle into a more predictable groove-all action, all the time, with a retrospective body count that shoots higher than Old Faithful, just in case you don't care enough about the prospective victims already threatened with a watery grave. As in Lacie's hardcover debut (Burnout, 1999), a potent first half fizzles in a shower of sparks. But nobody will stop reading halfway through.

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Dead Tide 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was soo great.. that i borrowed it from the library two months after reading it, again. Reading it one time just wasnt enough. Dead Tide isn't one of those 100 page lame books, its full of suspense all the way. It's first or second on my favorite book 'list'.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Normally I wouldn't bother reviewing a book online, but this book was SO fabulous I had to write this. I bought this book and it kinda sat around for a while until I got into the mode to read. Well, I started on Labor Day and read 250 page of the 370 pages of the book. If I didn't have to go to work the next day, I would have stayed up all night reading! I would recommend this to anyone who like mysterious and suspensful books!
harstan More than 1 year ago
At ten years of age, in a car fire deliberately set, Lacie Wagner burned her hands so badly that they were scarred and misshapen. Twenty-three years later, the man who set the car fire returned to Lacie¿s life, killing her daughter¿s father, kidnapping her daughter for six weeks, and almost killing her. Now, nine months later, Lacie is almost healed and ready to report to work as a TV anchor and reporter on Washington DC. Relaxing in her Nantucket home, Lacie gathers the strength to reenter the real world. While jogging along the beach, she comes across the dead body of a young woman. Tests prove the woman was murdered and while investigating the victim¿s life, Lacie discovers that the deceased was part of an unauthorized black ops group. This group is linked to Lacie¿s next door neighbor and lover Justin Vale, a man who has a special agenda planned for Lacie.

Jeannie Kadow has written an exciting thriller showcasng a complex and driven protagonist who refuses to let her deformity handicap her in anyway. DEAD TIDE is a serial killer thriller that stars a villain that is ever more depraved than Hannibal Lechter. Ms. Kadow is on the level of a Patricia Cornwell and a Nancy Taylor Rosenberg in turning up the suspense in a believable manner.

Harriet Klausner