Deadly Double

Deadly Double

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by Adrianne Byrd

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When Josephine Ferrell woke up, her life was gone.

Instead of lounging in the luxury of her Atlanta home, Josie opens her eyes to find herself in a mental hospital with no memory of how she got there. Why won't they let her leave? Why do they think she's dangerous? And why does everyone insist on calling her "Michelle"?

Only one man believes that


When Josephine Ferrell woke up, her life was gone.

Instead of lounging in the luxury of her Atlanta home, Josie opens her eyes to find herself in a mental hospital with no memory of how she got there. Why won't they let her leave? Why do they think she's dangerous? And why does everyone insist on calling her "Michelle"?

Only one man believes that the beautiful imprisoned patient is Josephine Ferrell--a doctor, William Hayes, who's willing to risk his career and his safety to help her escape. Spiriting the frightened young woman to a temporary sanctuary, they join forces in a desperate hunt for answers, keeping one step ahead of an intensive police manhunt for a missing patient they believe is a cold-blooded murderer.

But there is nowhere to hide--because someone has stolen Josie's life and now wants her dead, transforming her world into a place where trust has turned to terror...someone with Josie Ferrell's face.

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Meet the Author

National Best-selling author of forty multicultural romance, Adrianne Byrd has always preferred to live within the realms of her imagination where all the men are gorgeous and the women are worth whatever trouble they manage to get into. As an army brat, she traveled throughout Europe and learned to appreciate and value different cultures. Now, she calls Georgia home.
Writing remained a hobby until 1994 when a co-worker approached her with an article on Romance Writers of America. Who knew there was an organization of women just like her? By 1996 she sold her first novel, Defenseless, to Kensington Publishing.
Her first release received rave reviews by Romantic Times and fans. Her other novels were consistently selected as the Magazine's Top Pick. In 2001 Slam Jam nominated, Say You Love Me, for best romance. Her 2003 release Comfort of a Man won Romantic Times Best Multicultural Romance. Romance in Color's Readers Choice Awards for Favorite Book, Favorite Hero, and Favorite Heroine. Shades of Romance's Best/Arabesque Romance Book. Slam Jams Emma Award for Favorite Traditional Romance. Romance in Color's Reviewer's Choice Award for Author of the Year, Book of the Year and Best BET/Arabesque Book. And lastly Comfort of a Man was a 2003 Georgia Romance Writers Maggie finalist for best Contemporary.
In 2004-She released her first romantic suspense novel, If You Dare with HarperCollins.
In 2005-Romantic Times nominated Measure of a Man for Best Multicultural Romance and she received her third nomination for Career Achievement.
Ms. Byrd has been featured in many national publications, including Today's Black Woman, Upscale, and Heart and Soul. She has also won local awards for screenwriting. For the future, she looks forward to continue creating characters that makes people smile, laugh, and fall in love.

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Deadly Double 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read like a first time book. Great plot. Good story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This wasn't good. It took me a week to finish. I enjoy reading suspense/romance but this one didn't draw me in, it feel flat in the suspense department. The romance was also bland. This book was originally published in 2005, I bought the e-book version which had quite a few typos. The writing is not as good as Ms. Byrd novels today. I won't be reading this again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Josephine (Josie) Ferrell grew up with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth. Her adoptive parents saw to her every need and comfort. When her mother passed away during her childhood, her father simply doted on her even more. When he dies, her whole world is turned upside down. While grieving over the loss of her dear father, Josephine finds out she has a twin sister and meets her during the funeral. What a wonderful thing to happen during such a tragic time, right? Wrong!~~~~~~Michelle Andrews was anything but the loving twin in search of her biological sister. Michelle grew up surrounded by poverty and abuse. Everyday was a struggle for her. She has been on the wrong side of the law for a long time, and now she sees her sister as the answer to her prayers. She wants her sister's life. After insinuating herself into Josie's life and home, Michelle begins to maliciously plot to switch identities with her sibling. One day Josie wakes up in a mental institution in a heavily drug-induced state, wondering why everyone keeps calling her 'Michelle.'~~~~~The blue-eyed Dr. William Hayes sees the bed-prone ebony beauty and is immediately transported back in time when he met Josie Ferrell while she was singing at a jazz club. He realizes instantly that the woman whose eyes he now stares into is the same one he fell in love with all those years ago, and she is definitely not Michelle Andrews. And what's more, no one believes him either. Realizing that something unpleasant has happened to Josie, William decides to risk his job and a possible jail sentence to rescue the love of his life, and just in the nick of time. As bodies begin turning up left and right, the two try to stay alive and out of prison. But, their close proximity to one another gradually rekindles the love they once shared.~~~~~Adrianne Byrd once again gives us a thrilling mystery/romance in 'Deadly Double', with a great plot of the good twin/bad twin scenario. With this intriguing plot she is able to touch on many social issues, identity theft, mental disorders and of course let's not forget the interracial dating. Will is caught up in saving his long lost love and trying to get Josie to trust him as she attempts to take her life back from her sister, Michelle. Not only are we swept in the thrilling ride of a mystery and suspense, but we are also witness to romantic flashbacks, as well as, hot and steamy new love scenes between the hero and heroine. I was hooked from the first page of this action-packed thriller and did not dare put it down until finished. And at the very end even I wasn't sure everything was as it should about THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMMMM! You will not be disappointed!
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book was most definitely a page turner. i've read alot of so called 'suspense' books and this is the first one that hasn't let me down.from the first page to the last deadly double keeps you in suspense and wanting more. i recommend this to anyone that wants to enjoy a shocking read
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was an excellent read full of mystery and intrigue. Ms.Byrd has outdone herself with this book and I think it's one of her best books yet. I could not put this book down. Each page makes you want to continue on until the drama is resolved. I thouroughly enjoyed this book and would recomend it to any and everybody.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well everyone, I have always been a mystery lover and this isn't the first book by Ms. Byrd that I have read dealing with this kind of plot. It kept me up all night with suspense and intrique. I am a student and I stayed up all night reading the book knowing I had class the next morning but it was well worth it. I know that I wouldn't have been able to sleep until the mystery was solved. This is a wonderful book and a wonderful read for newcomers and I would recommend it too anybody.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been reading Ms. Byrd for a long time, and I have also gotten all of the females in my household hooked on her work too. Ms. Byrd never disappoints herself or her readers with her wonderful books and 'Deadly Double' is no exception. With the intrique of suspense, thriller, and mystery Ms. Byrd has you on the edge of your seat with this wonderful book. It is a must read not only for you but for everyone who is a mystery lover.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In the Atlanta area, Josephine ¿Josie¿ Ferrell has lived a good life as the only child of nurturing affectionate parents. However, her world turns upside down when she meets her twin sister Michele Andrews as she had no idea her sibling existed. Josie welcomes Michele into her life. --- However, one day Josie awakens to find herself inside Keystone Mental institution with everyone calling her Michele although she insists she is Josie. The only one who believes her is Dr. William Hayes who fell in love with Josie years ago and though he has not seen her in sixteen years he recognized the effect she has on him and knows he is not that shallow to allow two identically looking females to do that to him. Risking arrest William abducts Josie from the mental institution to hide her in safety until they can stop the real Michele pretending to be Josie before something worse happens to the real article. --- Readers will want to write off this novel as the home environment turns separated sisters into good twin bad twin has been done a zillion times including stealing identities. However, that would be a shame for suspense fans as Adrianne Byrd provides a tense action-packed thriller that starts with the escape and never slows down even when looking back to the first meeting and the switch. Josie is a beleaguered lead character with only William believing her because he uses loves to delineate between the siblings. Though a sold pair, the plot belongs to the diabolical ingenious Michele who makes this twin thriller worth the read. --- Harriet Klausner