Deadly Politics (Molly Malone Series #1)

Deadly Politics (Molly Malone Series #1)

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by Maggie Sefton

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A gripping new mystery from New York Times bestselling author Maggie Sefton

Molly Malone was driven from Washington, D.C., by political back-stabbing, scandals, and personal heartbreak. But now she’s starting a new life in the one place she swore she’d never come back to.

When Molly’s only Washington job prospect falls through, her


A gripping new mystery from New York Times bestselling author Maggie Sefton

Molly Malone was driven from Washington, D.C., by political back-stabbing, scandals, and personal heartbreak. But now she’s starting a new life in the one place she swore she’d never come back to.

When Molly’s only Washington job prospect falls through, her politico niece, Karen, sets her up with a position in the office of a freshman senator. As the former wife of a congressman, Molly is alarmed to hear that Karen is having an affair with her boss, congressional chief of staff Jed Molinoff. Just days later, Molly finds Karen shot to death. Discovering that Molinoff has ransacked Karen’s apartment, Molly investigates further . . . and finds herself in the crosshairs of a shadowy political group that’s killing anyone who gets in its way.


"Sefton entertains while providing an unnerving behind-the-scenes view of D.C. politics, where power and politics can make a lethal combination."—The Free Lance-Star

"Maggie Sefton's foray into political intrigue is a marvelous look at the shady underbelly of insider Washington...A tightly plotted tale of treachery."—Mystery Scene Magazine

"Sefton has a sharp ear for dialog and knack for writing strong female characters that serve her well as she ventures into suspense."—Library Journal

"Welcome to Molly Malone's Washington…where parties and power go hand in hand with mystery and murder."—Brian Freeman, author ofSpilled Blood

Editorial Reviews

Library Journal
As a daughter of a senator, Molly Malone has politics in her blood, but she left Washington two decades ago after her congressman husband committed suicide. Now in her fifties, Molly returns to the Beltway and, thanks to her niece Karen, finds a new job in a senator's office. Karen's own life is in turmoil; an unfortunate affair with her boss is going sour fast. Then Karen is killed in an apparent carjacking, but Molly suspects her death was not random. After another young woman from Karen's office subsequently dies, an incensed and determined Molly knows she doesn't have a minute to lose. VERDICT Known for her popular "Knitting Mystery" cozies, Sefton has a sharp ear for dialog and knack for writing strong female characters that serve her well as she ventures into suspense. An open-ended conclusion means readers can look forward to a sequel. Try pairing with Ed Gorman's "Dev Conrad" series and with Hank Phillippi Ryan's newest, The Other Woman, reviewed on p. 78. [Previewed in Kristi Chadwick's Mystery Genre Spotlight feature, "Crime Travels," LJ 4/15/12.]
Kirkus Reviews
A financial consultant, back in Washington years after the suicide of her congressman husband, battles a hydra-headed extragovernmental agency whose existence she's only dimly aware of. Molly Malone thought she was returning to D.C. to work for commercial developer Jeff Parker. When that job falls through, her niece Karen Grayson, turning on a dime, finds her a position in the office of Sen. John Russell, the Colorado Independent. No sooner has Molly begun to settle into the great Georgetown flat her new boss, Chief of Staff Peter Brewster, has arranged for her than Karen is killed, apparently by an unusually brutal mugger, but really, we know from hugger-mugger asides, by the minions of the Epsilon Group, a think tank for international finance whose self-appointed responsibilities go way beyond issuing white papers. Surrounded by scorched-earth zealots on both sides of the aisle and creepy staffers like Karen's old boss Jed Molinoff, whose wife and children didn't keep him from sleeping with Karen, Molly wonders whom she can trust--especially once her old school friend Danny DiMateo offers protection and romance and Karen's friend and colleague Celeste Allard agrees to spy on Jed. The climactic revelations fall so far short of the thickly menacing atmosphere that plenty of clouds remain at the fade-out, presumably as material for a sequel or a whole series. Quite a change of pace for Sefton, last seen arranging wool for the sleuthing knitters of Fort Connor (Cast On, Kill Off, 2012, etc.). If this departure doesn't exactly reveal a new master of Beltway intrigue, its more jaundiced worldview seems to fit both the author and her heroine significantly better.

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Meet the Author

Maggie Sefton is the New York Times bestselling author of Knitting Mystery series (Berkeley Prime Crime). Her debut knitting mystery, Knit One, Kill Two, was named an Agatha Award finalist in 2005. Sefton was born in Richmond, Va., and grew up in Arlington, Va. She is a former certified public accountant, and now resides in Fort Collins, Colo. Visit the author online at

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Deadly Politics 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Hannah_Reed More than 1 year ago
Sefton takes us behind-the-scenes of Washington D.C.’s political machinery in such a realistic way I suspect the author has insider information and connections. She has created a powerhouse of a sleuth in Molly Malone, a woman with a scarred past, who takes a risk by returning to D.C. to face the ghosts that torment her. Brimming with suspense and atmosphere, the cast of vivid characters kept me glued to the pages. But it’s Molly Malone who really steals the show. I'm looking forward to the next one in the series!
SAGM More than 1 year ago
Maybe I just have to warm up to these characters but this one didn't draw me in as well her her Knitting series does. Highly recommend them.
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Deadly Politics is the first book in the Molly Malone Mystery series. As with all of Maggie Sefton's books, I loved this new series. Certainly different from her Knitting series, but a wonderful change of pace, story wise. Molly has decided to move back to D.C., so that she can be close to her mother who getting up in years. Upon arriving Molly soon learns that the job she thought she had, was no longer available. Molly is going to stay with a cousin until she can get relocated, but she now needs to find a job so she can get an apartment. A few days later Karen, her niece, who works for a Congressman, comes over for dinner and tells Molly that Senator Russell is looking for an aide. Really politics is the last thing that Molly wants to be involved in, again. Her father had served as Senator for many years and her late husband had been a Congressman until his untimely suicide. They make Molly too good of an offer to refuse the offer. In addition to planning function for the Senator and controlling the cost of them, see is able to be an extra set of eyes and ears for the Senator, at these function. After one of the functions, Karen is a guest, and later is found murdered in her car, down the street from the Senator's. Still having friends in D.C., Molly starts to ask around for clues as to might have murdered her niece. She soon learns that Karen's murder goes deep into governments inner workings. Sefton tells an exciting story of the behind the scenes working of the government. It wasn't until the end that I learned the killer's identity. The characters are well developed and believable. This book makes you hope that politics aren't this bad. But, as a work of fiction it was very exciting. Looking forward to the release of Poisoned Politics next month and hope that the series will go past the three books, presently in the works.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Molly Malone, the wife of a former congressman, returns to Washington D.C. to start over. She never thought she would return to the town full of backstabbing politicians and personal heartbreak but this is where her family is and she needs them now more than ever. She thought she had a job all lined up but it fell through at the last minute. Her niece, Karen, works "on the hill", sets her up to interview with freshman senator tracking his budgets and finance and she takes the job. Karen and Maggie have always been close and now in Washington together they are thrilled to spend more time with each other. Molly is surprised to find out who Karen is having an affair with and when she is killed she a few days later Molly is afraid her death was not a random act of violence. Molly can't help herself from doing a little investigating of her own but her inquires are drawing the attention of the wrong people. People that kill people that get in their way. This is not how Molly expected her new life in Washington to begin or end. Warning this is not a cozy mystery. Maggie Sefton is showing the edgier side of her imagination in this new series and it is FANTASTIC!!! I honestly could not put this book down. Life stopped as I became totally immersed in this story. Molly knows Washington D.C. can be a dangerous place but never thought it would come right to her workplace. She has been through so much but she is a strong woman and has been in and around politics her entire life. She knows the game and its players. She is smart, savvy, clever and determined. She is going to find out who killed her niece or die trying. Sefton has created a tough and gutsy protagonist that readers will quickly become invested in and want to see her succeed. With Washington politics as a backdrop the possibilities for this series are endless. I am anxious to see all the characters evolve in future stories. From Molly's mom and her friends Deb and Nan, the senator's staff, to Molly love life, and all the politics this series has a very bright future! I definitely want more Molly Malone and more Deadly Politics.
lkschetter More than 1 year ago
This book brings back many memories for me as I grew up around Washington, DC politics. Could not put the book down until I had finished reading it. Also love her Knitting Mystery Series books and can never put those down until I have finished them. Looking forward to more Molly Malone books and more in the Knitting Mystery Series as well. I hope there are many more mysteries by Maggie Sefton in my future.
NavyJoan More than 1 year ago
It's a page turner! If you enjoy murder mysteries with your politics, this book is for you! A delightful read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Our mystery book club read and discussed this at our last meeting. We were in total agreement: poorly conceived, badly written, and the only likeable character was the murder victim. We need no more Molly Malone!