Deadly Words: Witchcraft in the Bocage

Deadly Words: Witchcraft in the Bocage

by Jeanne Favret-Saada

This book examines witchcraft beliefs and experiences in the Bocage in western France.See more details below


This book examines witchcraft beliefs and experiences in the Bocage in western France.

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Part I. There Must Be a Subject; Section 1. The Way Things Are Said: 1. The mirror-image of an academic; 2. Words spoken with insistence; 3. When words wage war; Section 2. Between 'Caught' and Catching: 1. Those who haven't been caught can't talk about it; 2. A name added to a position; 3. Taking one's distances from whom (or what)?; Section 3. When the Text Has its Own Foreword; Part II. The Realm of Secrecy; Section 4. Someone Must Be Credulous; Section 5. Tempted By the Impossible; Section 6. The Less One Talks, The Less One Is Caught; Part III. Telling It All; Section 7. If You Could Do Something: 1. A bewitched in hospital; 2. She a magician?; 3. The misunderstanding; 4. Impotent against impotence; Section 8. The Omnipotent Witch: 1. The imperishable bastard; 2. Speaking; 3. Touching; 4. Looking; 5. A death at the crossroads; 6. Ex post facto; Section 9. Taking Over: 1. Inexplicable misfortunes; 2. The other witch; Section 10. To Return Evil for Evil: 1. Madame Marie from Alençon; 2. Madame Marie from Izé; 3. If you feel capable; Section 11. Mid-way Speculations: 1. Concepts and presuppositions; 2. Attack by witchcraft and its warding off; Appendices; References.

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