Dear Jean: Artist Celebrate Jean Ritchie

Dear Jean: Artist Celebrate Jean Ritchie


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Jean Ritchie Trust


Disc 1

  1. Black Waters  - Bryn Davies
  2. Now is the Cool of the Day  - Molly Andrews
  3. The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore  - John Jennings
  4. Morning Come, Maria's Gone  - Janis Ian
  5. Lord Bateman  - Howie Bursen
  6. High Hills and Mountains  -  Al, Alice & Ruth
  7. Young Man Who Wouldn't Raise Corn  - Peggy Seeger
  8. West Virginia Mine Disaster  - Susie Glaze
  9. With Kitty I'll Go  - Mick Lane
  10. I Celebrate Life  - Pete Seeger
  11. Pretty Betty Martin  - Kathy Reid-Naiman
  12. Shady Grove  -  Rhonda and Sparky Rucker
  13. The Cuckoo  - Sam Amidon
  14. Thousand Mile Blues  - Dan Schatz
  15. Blue Diamond Mines  - Riki Schneyer
  16. The Bluebird Song  - John McCutcheon
  17. Go Dig My Grave  - Dale Ann Bradley
  18. Jubilee  - Kathy Mattea

Disc 2

  1. One I Love  - Judy Collins
  2. Let the Sun Shine Down On Me  -  Kim & Reggie Harris
  3. My Dear Companion  - Marcy Marxer
  4. Last Old Train's a-Leavin'  - Peter Pickow
  5. Wintergrace  - Debra Cowan
  6. Pretty Saro  - Robbie O'Connell
  7. Fair Nottamun Town  - Elizabeth Laprelle
  8. Golden Ring Around the Susan Girl  - Matt Brown
  9. I've Been a Foreign Lander  -  Atwater-Donnelly
  10. One More Mile  - Rachael Davis
  11. Farewell To the Mountains  -  Magpie
  12. I've Got a Mother  -  Starry Mountain Singers
  13. Jemmy Taylor-O  -  Big Medicine
  14. Brightest and Best  -  Lorraine & Bennett Hammond
  15. Hangman  - Ralston Bowles
  16. Jackaro  - Archie Fisher
  17. Who Killed Cock Robin?  - Jean Ritchie
  18. Twilight a-Stealing  - Patty Tartar
  19. The Peace Round  - Jean Ritchie

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alison Brown   Banjo,Guitar
Archie Fisher   Guitar,Vocals
Suzy Bogguss   Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Kathy Mattea   Guitar,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Oscar Brand   Guitar,Vocals
Judy Collins   Piano,Vocals
Cathy Fink   Guitar,Vocals
Jean Ritchie   Vocals
Peggy Seeger   Guitar,Vocals
Pete Seeger   Vocals
Janis Ian   Piano,Vocals
Eric Weissberg   Guitar
Todd Phillips   Upright Bass
Marcy Marxer   Vocals,Guitar (Resonator)
Sally Rogers   Organ,Vocals
Howie Bursen   Vocals
John McCutcheon   Banjo,Guitar,Autoharp,Vocals
Bennett Hammond   Guitar,Vocals
Jane Rothfield   Fiddle
John Roberts   Banjo,Hurdy-Gurdy
Jon Vezner   Overdubs
Greg Artzner   Guitar,Vocals
Aubrey Atwater   Dulcimer,Vocals,Mountain Dulcimer
J. Oscar Bittinger   Vocals
Dale Ann Bradley   Vocals
Bill Cooley   Guitar
Kenny Kosek   Fiddle,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Stuart Duncan   Fiddle
Ralph Gordon   Bass
Reggie Harris   Vocals
John Jennings   Bass,Percussion,Drums,Electric Guitar
Terry Leonino   Vocals,Appalachian Dulcimer
Zan McLeod   Guitar
Ruth McLain Smith   Mandolin,Vocals
Tim O'Brien   Mandolin,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Robbie O'Connell   Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Jon Pickow   Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Peter Pickow   Guitar,Vocals,Vocal Harmony
Charlie Pilzer   Bass,Percussion
Linda Williams   Banjo,Vocals
Andrea Zonn   Fiddle,Vocal Harmony
Tom Espinola   Mandolin,Vocal Harmony
Ken Whiteley   Bass,Guitar,Shaker,Vocal Harmony
Tina Chancey   Viola Da Gamba
Garry West   Bass
Fats Kaplin   Fiddle
Jeff Gilkinson   Vocals
Lorraine Hammond   Vocals,Appalachian Dulcimer
Pat Broaders   Vocals,Bouz,Penny Whistle,uillean pipes
David Spicher   Bass
Roxanne O'Connell   Vocal Harmony
Mick Lane   Vocals
Paul Burch   Drums
Kim Harris   Vocals
Arnie Naiman   Banjo
Sam Amidon   Banjo,Vocals
Stefan Amidon   Vocals
Debra Cowan   Vocals
Rachael Davis   Guitar,Vocals
Molly Andrews   Vocals,Mountain Dulcimer
Riki Schneyer   Vocals
Matt Brown   Fiddle
Susie Glaze   Vocals
Hanneke Cassel   Fiddle
Joe Newberry   Banjo
May Erlewine   Dulcimer,Vocals
James "Sparky" Rucker   Guitar,Vocals
Ralston Bowles   Vocals
Sparky Rucker   Vocals
Elizabeth Laprelle   Vocals
Rhonda Hicks Rucker   Harmonica,Vocals,Claw Hammer Banjo
Dan Schatz   Guitar,Vocals
Dick Swain   Vocals
Cory Younts   Mandolin,Vocal Harmony
Emily Miller   Vocals
Bryn Davies   Bass,Vocal Harmony
Elwood Donnelly   Guitar,Vocals
Eamonn O'Rourke   Fiddle
Kathy Reid-Naiman   Dulcimer,Vocals
Robin Williams   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Erik Wendelken   Bass
Steve Peavey   Banjo,Mandolin,Vocals
Hannah Naiman   Vocal Harmony
Natalie Royal   Vocals
Lisa Preston   Harp
Emily Bankester   Vocal Harmony
Mara Levine   Vocal Harmony
Kyle Triplett   Mandolin
Ken Jackson   Fiddle
Judy Ritchie Hudson   Vocals
Joy Powers   Vocals
Jeffrey Neimeier   Violin
Jeff Fellinger   Vocals
Geeta Shivde   Vocals
Dominic John Davis   Bass
LaNelle Davis   Bass,Vocals
Cathy Clasper-Torch   Cello,Vocals
Bobb Head   Guitar
White   Fiddle,Guitar,Mandolin,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Avery Book   Vocals
Alice White   Bass,Vocals
Alysha Bankester   Vocal Harmony
Torrin Ryan   uillean pipes
Tiyi Schippers   Vocals
Suzannah Park   Vocals
Susie Ritchie   Vocals
Steve McAlpine   Percussion
Sarah Pilzer   Vocals
Sarah Allard   Vocals
Sandy Newlin LaPrelle   Vocal Harmony
Patty Tartar   Vocals
Nathan Morrison   Vocals
Nancy Mattila   Vocals
Melissa Triplett   Vocal Harmony
Mary Lou Rinke-Lane   Vocals

Technical Credits

Alison Brown   Producer
Dolly Parton   Liner Notes
Joan Baez   Liner Notes
Oscar Brand   Arranger,Composer,Adaptation
Cathy Fink   Engineer
Jean Ritchie   Arranger,Composer,Adaptation
Ritchie Family   Arranger
Rick Cunha   Engineer
Marcy Marxer   Engineer
John McCutcheon   Producer
John Roberts   Engineer
J. Oscar Bittinger   Engineer
Sean Boyd   Engineer
David Correia   Engineer
David Ferguson   Engineer
Rob Gal   Engineer
John Jennings   Engineer
Robbie O'Connell   Composer,Producer
Charlie Pilzer   Producer,Engineer,Liner Notes,Mastering
Alan Silverman   Engineer
Doug Wood   Engineer
Dan Berggren   Engineer
Ken Whiteley   Producer
John Caldwell   Engineer
Garry West   Producer
Doug Crider   Engineer
Robert Hakalski   Graphic Design
Pat Broaders   Engineer
Mark Thayer   Engineer
Nik Tjelios   Engineer
Mick Lane   Producer,Liner Notes
Paul Burch   Engineer
Dennis Cahill   Engineer
Traditional   Composer
Jim Cooley   Engineer
Kathy Westra   Proof Reading
David Bernz   Engineer
Derek Pisano   Engineer
Joseph DeJarnette   Engineer
Rik Barron   Engineer
Whitney Beard   Proof Reading
Dan Schatz   Producer,Engineer,Liner Notes
Justin Francis   Engineer
Jay Lipschutz   Engineer
Bob Stevenson   Engineer
Jesse McQuarters   Engineer
Dave Tilley   Engineer
Lisa Preston   Arranger
Joshua Smith   Engineer
LeBron Iver   Engineer
Tom Skidmore   Producer,Engineer
Mish Pharoan   Engineer
Thompson   Engineer

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