Death and Mortality in Contemporary Philosophy

Death and Mortality in Contemporary Philosophy

by Bernard N. Schumacher

This book provides a critical analysis of the philosophy of human death.See more details below


This book provides a critical analysis of the philosophy of human death.

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Bernard N. Schumacher received his Ph.D. in philosophy and his Habilitation from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, where he currently teaches. He has also served as a visiting professor at the University of Chicago, Providence College, Rhode Island, and Lugano. He is the author of A Philosophy of Hope (2003) and has edited and co-edited numerous scholarly works, including L'humain et la personne (2008), Der Mensch und die Person (2008) and A Cosmopolitan Hermit: Modernity and Tradition in the Philosophy of Josef Pieper (2009).

Table of Contents

Part I. Human Personal Death: 1. Introduction; 2. Biological death; 3. So-called 'personal death'; 4. The anthropological challenge of neocortical death; 5. Ethics as the criterion for defining death; 6. Diversity of definitions of death in a secular ethic; 7. Conclusion; Part II. Theory of Knowledge about Death: 8. Scheler's intuitive knowledge of mortality; 9. Heidegger's being-towards-death; 10. Is mortality the object of foreknowledge?; 11. Inductive knowledge of death and Jean-Paul Sartre; 12. Knowledge of mortality is inseparable from the relation to the other; 13. Death as the object of experience; Part III. Does Death Mean Nothing to Us?: 14. The 'nothingness of death': Epicurus and his followers; 15. Discussion of experientialism and the need for a subject; 16. Death: an evil of privation; Conclusion.

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