Death and the Quest for Meaning: Essays in Honor of Herman Feifel / Edition 1

Death and the Quest for Meaning: Essays in Honor of Herman Feifel / Edition 1

by Stephen Strack

ISBN-10: 076570014X

ISBN-13: 9780765700148

Pub. Date: 02/01/1997

Publisher: Aronson, Jason Inc.

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Aronson, Jason Inc.
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6.26(w) x 9.14(h) x 1.18(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Personal Memoir of Herman Feifel
1Death Attitudes in Contemporary Perspective3
2Death, Technology, and Gender in Postmodern American Society31
3Hospice's Path to the Future57
4Judaism's Import for End-of-Life Issues79
5Modernist Attitudes toward Death109
6Quality of Life in Patients with Life-Threatening Illness137
7Helping People Die153
8From the Very First Patient to the Very Last: Soul Pain, Aesthetic Distance, and the Training of Physicians163
9Children, Adolescents, and Death193
10Children and Questions about Death217
11The Quest for Meaning in Illness, Dying, Death, and Bereavement241
12Vicarious Bereavement257
13Ambiguity in Aging277
14Horrendous Death301
15Death, Society, and the Quest for Immortality329
16The Knowledge of Death as a Stimulus to Creativity345
17What Is the Future of Death?361
Herman Feifel - Then and Now381
AppHighlights of Herman Feifel's Career383
Print Bibliography of Herman Feifel389

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