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Death of Desire

Death of Desire

by Michael Guy Thompson

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Library Journal
This is dense, difficult book that attempts to challenge psychoanalytic theory from an existential/phenomenological point of view by placing ``desire'' on the center stage of an individual's experience. The sophisticated reader, steeped in the works of existentialists such as Sartre and Heidegger but in particular Lacan, may find this a valuable effort to enrich the phenomenological point of view with Freudian insights about the unconscious. However, the lay reader and even those in psychology or psychoanalysis may find this work as obscure as Lacan's original writings and overly abstract in its virtual absence of clinical vignettes. Further, the author might be faulted for an overly narrow view of Freud, paying lip service to his accomplishments while emphasizing negatively his efforts to cloak psychoanalysis in scientific respectability. Paul Hymowitz, Psychiatry Dept., Cornell Univ. Medical Ctr., New York

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New York University Press
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Psychoanalytic Crosscurrents Ser.

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