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Death: Beyond Whole-Brain Criteria / Edition 1

Death: Beyond Whole-Brain Criteria / Edition 1

by Richard M. Zaner

ISBN-10: 1556080530

ISBN-13: 9781556080531

Pub. Date: 05/31/1988

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
Publication date:
Philosophy and Medicine Series, #31
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6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

I / Historical and Conceptual Foundations.- Back from the Grave: Recurring Controversies over Defining and Diagnosing Death In History.- Does Anyone Survive Neocortical Death?.- Reexamining the Definition of Death and Becoming Clearer about What it is to be Alive.- II / Beyond Whole-Brain Criteria of Death: Legal Considerations.- Should the Law Define Death? — A Genuine Question.- Legal Issues Leading to the Notion of Neocortical Death.- III / The President’s Commission and Beyond.- The Report of the President’s Commission on the Uniform Determination of Death Act.- Whole-Brain, Neocortical, and Higher Brain Related Concepts.- Brains and Persons: A Critique of Veatch’s View.- Human Death and the Destruction of the Neocortex.- IV / The Cultural Context.- Beyond a Whole-Brain Definition of Death: Reconsidering the Metaphysics of Death.- The Many Times of Death.- The Element of Choice in Criteria of Death.- Person Perception and the Death of the Person: A New Role for Health Professionals in Cases of Brain Death.- Notes on contributors.

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