Death's Awakening

Death's Awakening

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by Sarra Cannon

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Life is about to become a nightmare...

Sixteen-year-old Parrish Sorrows lives in the shadow of her prodigy sister, ignored by her parents and shunned as an outsider at her private school.

But today, everything changes.

An ancient evil awakens, spreading a virus that will kill millions in a matter of weeks. When the dead begin to rise,


Life is about to become a nightmare...

Sixteen-year-old Parrish Sorrows lives in the shadow of her prodigy sister, ignored by her parents and shunned as an outsider at her private school.

But today, everything changes.

An ancient evil awakens, spreading a virus that will kill millions in a matter of weeks. When the dead begin to rise, survivors must battle an enemy they can't even begin to comprehend. But as the world is dying, a mysterious power inside Parrish is reborn. A power that reveals she's the key to saving what's left of the world.

And she's not the only one.

Told from alternating points of view, Death's Awakening is equal parts fantasy and horror, witches and zombies, love and loss. It is the story of five extraordinary survivors struggling to realize their destiny as they fight against the darkest evil this world has ever seen.

Praise for Death's Awakening:

"Imagine Stephen King's The Stand hooks up with a dark fairytale and begets The Walking Dead." ~Goodreads Review

"A Brilliant, different take on a zombie apocalypse." ~Goodreads Review

"This book is action packed, hair raising, spine tingling, and completely awesome. I loved every single minute of it and couldn't put it down!!!" ~Nerd Girl Reviews

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Sarra Cannon
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Eternal Sorrows , #1
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Meet the Author

Sarra Cannon writes contemporary and paranormal fiction with both teen and college age characters. Her novels often stem from her own experiences growing up in the small town of Hawkinsville, Georgia, where she learned that being popular always comes at a price and relationships are rarely as simple as they seem.

Her best selling Young Adult paranormal series, Peachville High Demons, has sold over 125,000 copies and been featured on Amazon's Top 100 eBooks for Children & Teens. The first book in the series, Beautiful Demons, will be adapted into a graphic novel by Sea Lion Books later this year, and a spin-off series will begin in 2014.

She is a devoted (obsessed) fan of Hello Kitty and has an extensive collection that decorates her desk as she writes. She currently lives in North Carolina with her amazingly supportive husband and her adorable son.

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Death's Awakening 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
AmandaMarie5187 More than 1 year ago
Recently, I read The Trouble With Goodbye, Sarra Cannon’s debut new adult novel. When I learned that she would also be releasing Death’s Awakening, a young adult paranormal thriller, I was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to read it. This novel chronicles the lives of three teenaged neighbors: Parrish (one B-A chick who easily became one of my favorite characters), Noah (the adorable boy next door who has a heart wrenching past), and popular cheerleader Karmen (who’s character I cannot wait to see develop further). We also meet Crash, a young man who is beyond prepared for the apocalypse and a young boy who is out on his own in a big city. Sarra Cannon has created a cast of very diverse characters whose secrets and desires are revealed over the course of the novel. Death’s Awakening changes perspective quite often throughout the book. When I first began reading, this was slightly confusing as I was so drawn in by the prologue that when it switched to a different perspective it threw me for a loop. As more connections were made and as we learned why other characters were connected to this story I found the multiple perspectives to give a complete and cohesive view of the terrors that were going on in the story. While reading this novel, I was constantly surprised. There were so many twists and turns that I wasn’t even remotely expecting. This book has everything that a young adult (or adult) paranormal thriller fan can want: a terrifying virus that has the whole world suffering, romance, mysterious witches, great characters, and so much more (I don’t want to give too much away). The pacing of the whole story was great with plot twists and character/plot development. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and finished this book wanting to know when the next one will be out Sarra Cannon has once again made me a huge fan of her writing. She is an extremely talented writer and she is self-published which is a feat in and of itself. After reading two of her novels, I highly recommend Death’s Awakening (or any of her other books). Death’s Awakening was a wild ride and I look forward to reading the rest of the Eternal Sorrows Series as it’s released. 4.5/5 stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not alot of romance more action in the book. Well written
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just finished reading this book yesterday and I loved how Sarra has written each character to have different personalities. This is another excellent book to read. I recommend this book to every young adult/ teenager.
MommaSaysRead More than 1 year ago
By Momma on September 5, 2013 It’s no secret how much I love Sarra Cannon’s books. Death’s Awakening was different. Sarra shows an amazing ability for range in her writing. Her characters always have dimension and real personality I love and/or hate them just like she intends for readers to feel. I also happen to love zombies so this one is a real bonus for me: Zombies, Young Adult AND Sarra Cannon I was in heaven for the duration of this read. I really can’t think of anything I didn’t like about the story except that it ended and I have to wait for the next book. The characters connected to me and one another in meaningful ways, there was nothing too crazy or outlandish about how things went down and how these kids ended up totally on their own, which is often a plot folly for a lot of YA books. Another thing that I really appreciated is that Sarra explains exactly why there are zombies. Often times in zombie books/movies/shows there’s no explanation as to why people are suddenly eating one another. The reason for the zombie apocalypse is fully explained in very satisfying way – it’s a great plot point and Sarra took what is typically the weakest part of a zombie flick and made it one of the strongest parts. I enjoyed the parts where there was a lot of potential for grossness and gore and it was well done. I didn’t spend a lot of time cringing or skimming past any ickiness. I absolutely recommend this book for all ages and I think everyone should read it. Even if zombies aren’t your thing, I’d be willing to bet you’ll enjoy it anyway. What does Momma Think? Death's Awakening by Sarra Cannon 4 cookies and a glass of milk!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago