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Death's Servant

Death's Servant

4.6 45
by C. J. Ellisson
Jonathan Winchester has clashed with his alpha one too many times. After another argument he leaves the Manitoba pack, his only home since the werewolf attack that changed his life. He returns to his home state of Virginia to start a new life free of pack politics. Jon finds work and meets a young waitress, Raine, who appears to be a lone werewolf, too.



Jonathan Winchester has clashed with his alpha one too many times. After another argument he leaves the Manitoba pack, his only home since the werewolf attack that changed his life. He returns to his home state of Virginia to start a new life free of pack politics. Jon finds work and meets a young waitress, Raine, who appears to be a lone werewolf, too.

As their relationship progresses, Jon's embroiled in more intrigue than he bargained for and a danger bigger than he can handle. He's running scared until his own alpha tendencies surface, making him unable to leave the pretty werewolf's problems behind. The young man is desperate to save Raine--even if his efforts may lead him straight to death.

Journey along in this first prequel novel involving the favorite characters from the bestselling V V Inn series. Written at reader demand, this stand-alone story explains how the beloved Jonathan came to serve the deadly redheaded vampire, Dria.

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V V Inn, First Prequel Book , #1
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Meet the Author

C.J. Ellisson is the USA Today Bestselling author of the NYT Bestselling book, Vanilla on Top, the bestselling V V Inn series, and several erotica shorts. She lives in northern Virginia with her husband, two children, two dogs, and a fluffy black cat who makes her sneeze. Unlike most full-time authors, she's also battling severe chronic illness. C.J. works daily to put her Lupus into remission and continues to fight numerous bacterial infections while her immune system slowly attacks her body. She turned to writing when she could no longer work outside the home and claims the escape of penning contemporary fantasy, erotica, and erotic romance has helped save her sanity.

To learn more about C.J. and her other books, please stop by the author's website () or visit her on facebook at She's also available via Skype for interviews and book club Q&A sessions, please email admin @ cjellisson.com for more details.

Do you miss signed books? C.J. offers free, full-color signed 4x6 postcards of all her novels to readers who've left honest reviews on any retailer or book reviewing website. To obtain yours, please email your review URLs to the previously stated email addy with your mailing address--international readers welcome!

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Death's Servant 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 45 reviews.
kph21 More than 1 year ago
Loyalty- the Pack or a Deadly Vampire, that is the Question! A long time ago, in a land far away from the frozen north, a young werewolf found himself on a journey fleeing the pack that took him in and sheltered him as he learned about his transform from ordinary mortal  to alpha werewolf. This is the story about one of the favorite characters of the Vampire Vacation series. Vivian’s servant, Jon and how he came to be a part of Dria and Rafe’s life. After leaving Romeo’s pack Jon met a beauty and fell head over heels in love. But treachery lurked, and Raine’s own trials and tribulations with her own pack pulled Jon into a situation where his youth and his  budding alpha didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t go back to his old pack. He’d burned those bridges. He had to find someone that could help Raine and her pack. C. J. Ellisson has woven a story that answers the questions that I’ve wondered about. How did a young  southern werewolf end up being a servant to a vivacious, death dealing vampire that owns a resort in Alaska? What could a very happily married vampire do to earn an alpha werewolf’s supreme loyalty?  I honestly couldn’t put the book down.  Death’s Servant was a quick read that works well as a stand-alone book.  If you haven’t read Vampire Vacation, The Hunt, or The Big Game I’ll bet you’ll want to pick them up to see what happens next to Dria, Rafe and her loyal were, Jon.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It jumps from page 42 to page 67
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was absolutely great read. I cant say if I'm happy Ive read the VV books before this or upset I had. I loved reading it with a freshness, there was just a fresh citrus feel. Sort of the special refreshing feeling that washes over at the start. The other books had a great feel but it was a bit more fierce, like citrus mixed with eucalyptus or dragons blood. It was with a bit of a darker bite. Anyways this was great it was fantastic and absolutely enchanting. Reading her as Dria rather the Viv was interesting and showed me that a name has some power. She was still the same woman I knew from the other books, but she was different enough. Jon sorta seemed to have this. . . fresh grass feeling. XD I'm stuck on sent relations at the moment. Overall this is a great read, I loved the characters before, I love them more now. It was great to see them, to learn answers to questions. Ive got more questions now. As well as it fuels my ideas for what may or may not happen in future of the VV novels.
Kim-Engstrom More than 1 year ago
C.J. Ellisson has a way with telling a story that captivates the reader.  You get caught up in the characters and what is happening to them.  You can feel what they feel, see what they see and hurt when they hurt...ultimately never wanting to put the book down.   Death's Servant is the prequel to her VV Inn series.  This book takes you into the world of Jon...a werewolf that decides to leave his pack and venture out on his own.  She explains the different challenges he faces, the trials and tribulations he goes through and finally what leads him to meet up with Dria and Rafe from the VV Inn.  Even though this is Jon's story of how he came to the VV Inn, you don't have to have read the series to understand the story line.  I promise, this is a read you will not regret!
Ali_Var More than 1 year ago
Loved this story! After I read Vampire Vacation the first book in The VV Inn Series and found out there was a prequel to that story I read this one right away. Really enjoyed this story because it centers on Jon the werewolf. In this story you find out that due to things not working out well for Jon with his werewolf pack he decides to leave and go back to Virginia where is originally from. While there he meets Raine another werewolf and proceeds to fall for her. He finds out she and her pack are in trouble and wants to help them but knows he needs help. He ends up looking for help from a vampire and meets Dria and her mate Rafe. You will find out how he ends up Dria’s servant. All in all loved this story because it answered some questions you will have when reading the Vampire Vacation.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just bought the next book...very excited!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm a little torn on how to rate and review this book. I really like the characters; Jon is great, and the relationship between Rafe and Dria is fascinating. On the other hand, the narrative is clunky in a few places, and there are a number of grammatical and typographical errors (Raine is written as Riane more than once). Passably entertaining, but I won't be tracking down the rest of the series. -- lyradora
Melzer More than 1 year ago
This story is well written and has all factors a story should have, action, drama, and the supernatural! The story moves at a good pace and will keep you enticed.
Cherri-Anne More than 1 year ago
Terrific read!!!  5 Stars This story is the prequel to the V V Inn series.  It is told from Alpha Wolf Jonathan Winchester’s point of view and how he came to be working with vampire Dria & her husband Rafe.  I had not read any of these books yet, so this is the one I started with and I loved it!  Having a vampire series starting off told from a Wolf’s perspective & story was very original.  I found it very entertaining and was surprised at how quickly I fell for these characters!  I was like an addict needing their next fix as it is very well written and held my interest all the way through.  I am sorry that it took me so long to discover C.J. and her books, but I am glad that I did get here eventually!  All in all – this is a must-read book and one that I will be reading over & over again.
payton_sage More than 1 year ago
Death’s Servant is about a young alpha werewolf name Jon.  Jon leaves the pack that first took him and drives for two days landing in Northern Virginia.  At a tiny dinner he meets a female were named Raine.  They get along fairly well, but there is something off, as far as Jon can tell, about Raine’s body language.  His inner alpha directs him to continue to go after her despite her telling him to get lost.   After following Raine home Jon learns that Raine has been keeping secrets.  He’s the only one who can help her but in order to do that he has to come up with a plan.   Overall, I liked this story.  The characters are well developed and the plot holds your attention.  Now, I’m going to admit I had a hard time reading this story at first.  Here’s why.  It’s written in present tense.  Most of the novel’s I read were in past tense.  So, it took my brain a few pages to get used to it.   My biggest issue with the story is the missing pages.  It jumps from page 42 to a blank page 58 then proceeds to page 72.  Next it jumps to page 77 followed by another jump to 83.  So, yeah, I have no idea what actually happened during the second half of the story…
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the first I heard about this series so this is my first read. Loved it. Nothing is resolved and I'm hoping it does in the next story. There was some viewing issues with the books format. I on to the next.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DelphinaReadsTooMuch More than 1 year ago
I have read the entire V V Inn series and have always had this desire to know more about Jon.  Why did he work for Dria?  Why did she let him in to her world when she is so closed off?  What exactly are his feelings for her and why does her husband put up with it?  Basically, I wanted to know everything, so when this novella came out I knew I had to read it.  Not only did it answer so many questions I had rolling around in my head, but it answered a bunch I never thought to ask.  Plus, it was a great story! If you have read any of the V V Inn stories, you are going to want to read this novella ASAP!  If you have not read any of them, this might be a great place to start.  You certainly do not need to have read the other books to enjoy this story and it will let you see if you enjoy her writing style and the world of V V Inn.  This is an 18 plus read, as is the series.  
BookwormBrandee More than 1 year ago
This prequel novella is an excellent introduction to Ms. Ellisson's V V Inn series. It provides a lot of the back story and important details leading up to the start of the series. And let me tell you, I was hooked from the first page! In Death's Servant, we are introduced to Jon, Dria, and Rafe, the main characters of the V V Inn books. Jon is a relatively new werewolf, having been turned in the last couple of years. Since he's an alpha, he was having problems in his adoptive pack, so he left. He returns to Virginia, his home state, and it's there he discovers a group of vampires who are abusing the local werewolf pack. In order to help, he got in search of a vampire who can assist him. He meets Dria, a vampire, and her husband, Rafe. The three band together top stop the "bad" vampires. Getting to know Jon and how he became bound to a vampire, literally Death's servant, was fascinating. Watching his struggle with his alpha tendencies, his emotional reactions and his inner turmoil towards Dria made for an exciting read. I adore this book! I love Ms. Ellisson's writing. It sucked me in with it's charm. This little story packs quite a wallop! It was exciting, and action-y, suspenseful, philosophical, heartwarming and humorous. I laughed quite a bit but this story is actually more serious than I was expecting. I can't wait to read the first full book in the series! Favorite Quotes: "Looks like I'm headed to Washington DC to find me a bloodsucker. The irony of such a statement regarding a town full of politicians is not lost on me."  -Jon "'Being an alpha means I don't get to wear blinders when times are tough, right?' 'Yes, Jon' 'Well then, it's about time I face the world with my eyes wide open.'"  -Jon and Dria "Peace courses through me and I realize I'd follow this woman into the gates of Hell itself. And fight with every ounce of strength and cunning in me to bring us back alive."  -Jon
VivianaEnchantressofBooks More than 1 year ago
This was my first introduction to the VV Inn series though I have them on my TBR List (and sitting on my book shelf), but I have read C.J.'s other book "Vanilla on Top" (review here).  "Death's Servant" is a prequel to the VV Inn series, so it’s definitely a good place to start if you haven’t yet read the series. C.J. Ellisson wrote this prequel at the request of her fans and she does not disappoint. I love it when authors are involved with their fans and truly take to heart what fans like/love.  “Death’s Servant” begins with action right off the back. We meet Jon as he's suppressing his urge to fight the Alpha in his current pack and encounters yet another moment where he needs to keep his cool head. Not going to spoil things for you.  Jon is different from his pack and knows it. What I enjoyed is that though he’s different, he doesn’t wallow in the “Oh, I’m a monster. I hate being a werewolf. No one will ever….” Well, you guys get the idea. His difference is that his thinking more “current times” and wants to bridge that communication gap between packs. Not surprising considering he’s 21 yrs old and this is the type of thinking we have now a days. Unfortunately, no one else seems to agree with his idea (well, at least none vocalize otherwise) and the pack master isn’t having it. This wouldn’t be much of an issue if Jon was a regular wolf, but he’s not. He’s an alpha and the alpha is beginning to emerge.  The synopsis tells you what happens next and you’ll have to read to find out how it all plays out. Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m ‘evil’. I’m not, truly. And here’s why –  I’m going to share with you what the synopsis doesn’t tell you.  Many have reviewed that they loved it from the first page. Honestly, I didn’t “Love” it from the first page (keep reading). I had a little bit of difficulties with it because it’s in first person and Jon seemed a bit whiny at first. Here is where C.J.’s talents lie: I fell in love with it. As I turned the page and got to know the characters, I fell for them. The interaction between them both verbal and non-verbal provides the reader with insight to the characters making you fall for them. It can’t be helped! Sorry, I’m warning you. You’re going to fall and fall hard! C.J. brings her characters to life, well, you actually wished they existed for real. I mean, Dria is a literally a killer who gets the job done. But in getting to know her, you’ll be like “Hey, I can so see us being bffs!”. That’s how C.J. draws you in and now you’re hooked.  I actually met C.J. earlier this year at the Olde City, New Blood convention held at St. Augustine, Florida. Extremely friendly, open and honest. She immediately made me feel like an old friend and took me into her fold. This translate into her stories. I saw it in Dria because I know it’s part of who C.J. is. Can't wait to read the series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just LOVE this series. Excellent character development, interesting characters and story.
noneEV More than 1 year ago
i love here books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book from a great author! She never disapoints!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
We all loved the V V Inn series, this is a look at the start of the relationship between Jon & Dria.We wondered and CJ has answered! A lone Alpha Were meets the powerful and beautiful Vamp and her husband. From the very first page to the last, this does not dissapoint! It has romance,adventure along with vamps & weres. Once you start this book, you will not put it down until its finished. Thank you CJ for another winner!
Duckwheat More than 1 year ago
This long awaited prequil to the VV Inn series was sooo worth the wait.  We learn all about how Jon becomes Vivians loyal servant.  She also answers many questions including why Jons blood taste like chocolate!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What can I say? C.J. has out done herself yet again with a phenomenal book. Keeps you wanting more and more. Jon's existence to how he comes to know Daria and Rafe is far better than I could have imagined. It has a lot of emotions in the book, well for me it did. Life, Love, Hatred, Humor. All balled together to create a super awesome story line that I will be waiting on pins and needles to read future books in the series. Thank you C.J for doing it again. Rachel Ann 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ever since I picked up each of her books, I have been hooked. She writes beautifully! Now , with this book it really sets up how the beginning of our favorite triad come to life. Jon 's back story really puts a different perspective and gives this character more depth. 5 stars people...pick up her books today and join her seethe on FB YOU TOO WILL BE HOOKED ON CJ ( check out the reviews of Vanilla on top, her step away from para-romance! )
jamielynns More than 1 year ago
Another truly awesome book by C.J. Ellisson!!! This is a prequel to how Jon and Dria’s relationship started.  C.J. is an amazing author!!! She keeps you wanting more and more of her phenomenal sexy suspenseful stories!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love all of C.J. Ellisson's writing and this piece is no exception. Jon, one of her characters in the VV series, shares his story of how he got involved with Vivian and became a lone werewolf. It was a book that I could not put down and read until the wee hours of the night. I recommend this book without hesitation.