Debate 08

Debate 08

by William Howard Taft

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Archeophone Records

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  1. Roosevelt Policies
  2. An Ideal Republic
  3. Foreign Missions
  4. Imperialism
  5. The Philippines
  6. The Trust Question
  7. Unlawful Trusts
  8. Swollen Fortunes
  9. Republican and Democratic Treatment of Trusts
  10. The Tariff Question
  11. The Farmer and the Republican Party
  12. The Railroad Question
  13. The Rights of Labor
  14. The Labor Question
  15. Jury Trial in Contempt Cases
  16. Guaranty of Bank Deposits
  17. Enforced Insurance of Bank Deposits
  18. Popular Election of Senators
  19. Rights and Progress of the Negro
  20. Immortality
  21. Irish Humor
  22. The Function of the Next Administration

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