Debt Politics After Independence

Debt Politics After Independence

by Thomas Millington

ISBN-10: 081301140X

ISBN-13: 9780813011400

Pub. Date: 01/01/1992

Publisher: University Press of Florida

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University Press of Florida
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University of Florida Social Sciences Monograph Series
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Table of Contents

1Frames of Reference1
Debt Concepts and Terminology3
Internal Debt Management after Independence11
The Spanish Debt-Disentailment Precedent: The Consolidacion de Vales Reales18
2Basis for the Debt-Disentailment Link in Bolivia: Rise and Fall of Church Credit in the Rural Sector32
Consolidacion de Vales Reales in Upper Peru (Bolivia)32
Rural Intensification and the Rise of Haciendas34
Church Wealth and Censos Penetration of the Rural Sector40
Liberation and Disentailment: Confiscation of Church Wealth by the Sucre Government46
Opposition Politics and the Funding Question63
3Debt Policy Conflict: Madero's Funded Debt versus Sucre's Floating Debt66
Funding Law and the Loan Float66
Derivative Conflict: The Mining Bank Debate81
Marketing the Treasury Vales: The June 12 Decrees85
Hacienda Sales for Debt Paper89
Censos Redemptions and State Welfare Dislocation93
Loan Pressure on the Public Credit Administration98
4National Significance of the Funding Failure103
Fenix Indictment of State Debt Policy under Sucre103
Assessment of the Infante-Madero Difference on State Debt Policy108
State Debt and the Growth of the Rural Land Market in the Nineteenth Century111
5Normative and Historiographic Dimensions of Internal State Debt130
The Nineteenth-Century Normative Debate on Internal Debt130
Latin American Fiscal Historiography133

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