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Deceiving the Protector

Deceiving the Protector

4.5 11
by Dee Tenorio

After a series of murders is discovered along the trail of the Shifter Underground, wolf soldier Jensen Tate is assigned to find and protect a missing stray. But Lia Crawford doesn't seem to want his protection. When she eludes his watch and returns with mysterious injuries, Tate knows she's hiding something. To discover her secrets, Tate will have to win her trust


After a series of murders is discovered along the trail of the Shifter Underground, wolf soldier Jensen Tate is assigned to find and protect a missing stray. But Lia Crawford doesn't seem to want his protection. When she eludes his watch and returns with mysterious injuries, Tate knows she's hiding something. To discover her secrets, Tate will have to win her trust…and get closer to the woman he thinks may be his mate.

Lia has reasons to keep her distance. The killer is haunting her steps, determined to claim her. He will come after them both if he sees how drawn she is to Tate, though it becomes increasingly difficult to deny her attraction to him. Protecting Tate is vital—but will her deception cost her his love?

88,000 words

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Tate shifted the pack on his shoulders, the muscles under his shirt rippling with irritation. Sweat beaded on his forehead beneath the brim of his Stetson, threatening to drip down his brow and into his eyes. He'd lost track of how many miles he'd covered since sunup, but it wasn't enough. His prey was still ahead somewhere. Lurking in the abundant trees maybe, or skulking in shadows behind the thick shrubbery lining these empty Pennsylvania back roads. He couldn't be sure how far behind he was, but it couldn't be long before he found it. He could almost taste the scent now, faint as it was on the breeze.

Despite the impending capture, he felt none of his usual anticipation. This prey wasn't really his, a detail that set his sharpening teeth on edge. His orders had been to start where this old highway met the river and follow it on foot to track the stray. In fact, this whole journey to the next safe house had to be on foot, per the orders from the Sibile. The only thing that kept him from driving in rebellion was that he couldn't completely catch the scent even while walking. He'd miss it entirely if he moved any faster. Sometimes he couldn't even be sure if he'd simply imagined it other than the impression of something that didn't quite belong. Not until the next subtle taste…

Something about it made his spine itch. Made him feel like running, and not in human form. For the last five miles, it had teased him, occasionally slamming him to a full stop from his brain to his feet, trying to grasp the impact. Urgency set every hair on his body standing on end, but hell if he could figure out why. The few treads he found on the ground were even, unhurried. No blood scented the air. Not a thing out of the ordinary explained the strange need, but it was unmistakable. And getting stronger.

His senses rang with another marker on the wind, slightly stronger. Wolf. Distinctly female. A faint scent, tickling at his senses. Still too light to truly grasp, but he knew without a doubt he'd finally found the oracle's stray.

Get to her. Protect. Get to her.

He jolted in response to the Instinct's ruthless whisper. Usually, that Voice—the one every shifter grew up with—reserved itself for times of utmost urgency. Self-preservation, protection of a loved one. He'd never heard it while simply tracking.

The urge to rush pushed at his blood, but he discarded the prospect and the warning of the Instinct with it. He wasn't about to risk losing this female now, and rushing was a sure-fire way to lose his prey. Every step was measured, the sun overhead forgotten. The hunter he was shed every thought but what was necessary to find her.

He scanned the area carefully, taking in every shifted rock and leaf, positive he'd find something that gave her away. Next he searched the trees for any sign she'd cut through them or if she'd climbed up. He'd need every clue he could find to decide if she was friend or foe. Even steps and attempts to hide her trail indicated a rational thinker. Wild tracks, broken branches or gouges in the wood would tell him if he was dealing with a feral. She wouldn't be the first to snap from the horrors of life as a shifter, but hyper-aggressive females made for some vicious hunters. Some of them killed simply to feed their desire for blood.

Still, she didn't smell like a demented killer. No sickness overwhelmed the flavor, nothing foul to sting his nose. Just something fresh, enticing in its elusiveness. Almost…tempting.

Meet the Author

Dee Tenorio has a few reality issues. After much therapy for the problem—if one can call being awakened in the night by visions of hot able-bodied men a problem—she has proved incurable. It turns out she enjoys tormenting herself by writing sizzling, steamy romances of various genres spanning paranormal mystery dramas, contemporaries and romantic comedies. Preferably starring the sexy, somewhat grumpy heroes described above and smart-mouthed heroines who have much better hair than she does.

The best part is, no more therapy bills!

Well, not for Dee, anyway. Her husband and kids, on the other hand…

If you would like to learn more about Dee and her work, please visit her website at deetenorio.com or her blog at deetenorio.com/Blog/.

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Deceiving the Protector 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
rascal26 More than 1 year ago
After reading Tempting the Enemy (Resurrection 1) I suspected there was a whole world left to explore. This book was just a fresh as the first one and, I hope, a taste of more to come. If you have not yet read Tempting the Enemy, this book speaks for itself.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NiinaCs_Blog More than 1 year ago
Lia does not want to be found, she doesn't want to be noticed, she want to be left alone to stay as alone as she is possible, but two things stand in the way of that, one a masked in black government designed shifter soldier who is her homicidal shadow linked to her with fear and violence, two Tate Jensen a wolf shifter like her who is sent to protect her and bring her into a shifter safe house. Every chance she gets she lies to keep him safe, she lies to try and drive him away but the man is resilient, talking to her until she's blue in the face and her guards crack little by little - which will be the end for Tate as her shadow of death is convinced she's his and Tate stepping on his territory sends him to a rage. Tate on the other hand only sees a scrawny, starving young woman who reveals nothing and lies through her teeth to keep him literally at arm's length. It doesn't take too long to figure out something is wrong, she has bruises and something is shadowing them, someone even his shifter senses can't pick up, someone who has Lia incapacitated with fear. But as much as she ducks away from him and scowls, she grows on him, even if it wasn't his mission to protect her he'd still do it because what he begins to feel is the real her and having all of her. The one thing they truly shouldn't do if they wish to survive is fall for each other. This book is amazing! Even without having read the first book I slipped into this story immediately, got hooked immediately! Lia is truly burned and tortured character but still strong everything that has happened to her hasn't broken her - Tate wonderfully charming but just as damaged emotionally, wearing masks to cover any real emotions and watching him coach Lia to open up is wonderful to read, as is watching her fight against his charm with a snarky attitude and silent treatment. He literally talks until she's blue in the face and snaps at him! Deceiving the Protector is addictive, you literally can't wait to be finished and at the same time really don't want to finish but... thank god there is a third book coming! For all Paranormal Romance fans, this series is a must read! Get it you won't be sorry!
LASR_Reviews More than 1 year ago
I'll admit it, I was all but frothing at the mouth to read this book. I loved the first book in this series (Tempting the Enemy) with a passion I usually reserve for 85% dark chocolate, so leaped upon the opportunity to review this one the moment it was presented. That's a lot of pressure for any book to live up to. Thankfully, Deceiving the Protector was a really good book. I'm pretty sure I'd be happy to read Ms. Tenorio's shopping list. Her writing is strong and descriptive and she is one of the most talented authors I've had the privilege to read. Her world-building skill is incredible, especially how she meshes the world we know with the world she creates and has me looking over my shoulder for the beings she says exist here. There's a murderer on the loose. And not just any murderer... nope. He's killing "strays" and other shifters in a truly bloody and graphic manner. There appears to be pleasure in the killing, as well as an implied warning to other shifters: No one is safe. Tate is sent by the Sibile to protect one particular stray, Lia, who has a treasure. That's pretty much all he knows as he heads out to guide her to safety. Problem is, Lia wants nothing to do with him. At first, we can't understand why. Tate is quiet, calm, safe. He oozes trustworthiness. And still, she either ignores him or snaps at him, and looks for any chance to get away. Soon we discover why .... she has a secret that could endanger not only Tate, but the entire shifter society and the only way she believes she can protect them is to make them all just GO AWAY. Deceiving the Protector had me constantly nervous. The villain would show up when we least expected it, leaping from the shadows, lurking around corners, the monster under the bed. Despite the slower pace of the time Lia and Tate spend together as they get to know each other and eventually fall in love, there's always an edge of fear and worry. In a way, that dichotomy is what gave the book its strength. Tate is every woman's dream hero: smart, handsome, sweet, thoughtful, strong and fearless. It's no wonder that Lia finds herself slowly giving into him. Who wouldn't fall in love with such a man? I know I did! And Lia is a good partner for Tate, despite our worries at the beginning. Deceiving the Protector has what it takes to make readers sit up and take notice. It has that special something that grabs hold and doesn't let go until the last page. Readers are in for a treat that will have them thinking about it long after the last page is read. It's so worth the time to read, and I'm looking forward to the next book. I'll be first in line to grab a copy. Originally posted at the Long and Short of It Romance Reviews
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
iheartyabooks More than 1 year ago
Deceiving the Protector is one of the most passionate romances I've read this year. Dee Tenorio took me into the heart of romance, and the most amazing paranormal world. The love betweenTate and Lia was breathtaking. Tate works for the underground. His job is to go after female stray shifters and bring them to Resurrection where they'll be safe. He's sent to track down Lia and protect her. Well Lia's not going to surrender herself to a man, or should I say wolf. This is a blow to Tate's male protecting ego, but Lia has been protected herself from the worst kind of evil, Asher, who's a killer, and who's torchered Lia and wants to claim her for himself. Lia's just the kind of strong-willed woman that's going to teach Tate she's his equal. Tate is just beautiful. The way he wants to protect Lia and win her trust. I love it. Lia's just as determent to show him she can protect him. These two are made for each other, and their love will save them both. The storyline is amazing. The depth that Dee Tenorio takes you into this world of the wolf shifter and the characters . . . It will blow your mind. I've always loved wolf shifter Paranormals with the mating and bonding for life. The passion between Tate and Lia is just beyond beautiful, and when Tate explains the bonding of mates to Lia, that did it for me. Tate was my man lol. I didn't know about this series, so this is the second book in the Resurrection series, but you better believe I'll be getting the first book Tempting the Enemy. I highly recommend Deceiving the Protector as a must read!
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: There are books that make me so happy that I am a book reviewer because I never would have found them otherwise. This is one of those books. This is book #2 in the Resurrection series. I have not read #1 (at the time of writing this review- by the time you read this, I can guarantee that has been remedied) but I got an offer of an ARC by the author, Dee Tenorio, so I jumped on it I am so glad that I did. This is another of those books that I can pretty much guarantee you is going to make my Top 10 list for 2011... such a good book! Lia is a stray and Tate has come out to help protect her and to get her to safety because there is a serial killer that is targeting the Shifters in the area. What Tate doesn't realize is that Lia is well aware of the serial killer because he's her own personal stalker and murders anyone that shows her any kindness which means that Tate is next on his list of people to kill and chop up. After years of torture and medical experimentation, Lia is trapped in her circumstances. She has lost all hope for herself, but contact with Tate has re-awakened that hope. As with all shifters, Lia & Tate have an instant connection, but Lia knows that her connnection to him simply threatens his life further. Tate is unwilling to let her go especially as he realizes that she is being hurt and is absolutely terrified. He can't stand by while anyone is being hurt, but add in his attraction to Lia, and there is no way that she is going to get rid of him. These are both extremely strong people, but Lia is... Wow, just incredible. Most people have died or gone insane after the treatments that she's had to endure, but she has never given in and never relented to the demands made of her regardless of the extra pain that meant she had to endure. There were so many details to this story that made it really exceptional: *the entire shifter world is really amazing. They are being hunted so Tate & his brother Pale (the alpha and hero from book #1, Tempting the Enemy) have set up a pack in California (Resurrection) as refuge. *under high emotions, the wolf shifters' eyes change color to the wolfen golden yellow...very cool detail. *Lia knows that she is never going to have a normal life, so she grabs whatever happiness she can with Tate. It's a heartbreaking desperation. *BOTH of these people are willing to do ANYthing to save the other. *a fabulous cash of characters: Pale & Jade (couple from book #1, Tempting the Enemy) and Betha (who is so freaking funny with her comments and observations.) These are Tate's family and they love him even when he's driving them insane. The entire book simply throbs with emotion. There is so much desperation and futility to Lia's circumstances. What Tate is willing to give up to help her...*sob*...just so gorgeous. The entire books reeks of action & suspense, passion & love, heartache & desperation, and it is ALL so good!! From the moment that I started it, I simply could not put it down. Now I am off to read book #1, Tempting the Enemy. If it is even half as good as this book, then I am up for a long night of happy reading.