Deceptions (Laws of the Blood #4)

Deceptions (Laws of the Blood #4)

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by Susan Sizemore

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Olympias has long reigned as the Enforcer of Washington, DC, but now her devoted human servant is questioning her command. With no allies, Olympias must stand-alone against those bent on her destruction-no matter the personal cost.


Olympias has long reigned as the Enforcer of Washington, DC, but now her devoted human servant is questioning her command. With no allies, Olympias must stand-alone against those bent on her destruction-no matter the personal cost.

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Horror lovers will eagerly sink their fangs into this fourth installment of the Laws of the Blood series, which operates on the premise that vampires are a reality. A select group of vampires known as Enforcers must keep their kind unknown to the mortal world and maintain peace among them. Each volume focuses on a single locale in the United States, with its own Enforcer and cohorts. The focus in this book is Washington, D.C., whose Enforcer is the former Greek goddess Olympias. Olympias and her long-time mortal slave, Sara-here more like an administrative assistant-find themselves falling in love with two men who are more alike than they could ever imagine and who are creating complications in the women's already complex lives. Added to the two interesting and unsentimental relationship plots is the traitor among them, who has a huge bone to pick with Olympias and wants to bring her down in the worst way. This clever series makes the reader want to cheer for the vampires, usually seen as big and bad but here seeming almost sympathetic despite their savage appetites. As in previous books, Sizemore creates a real feeling of place, as she describes all the nooks and crannies of the city, making the setting another living, breathing character. The book is highly recommended for public libraries, although the graphic violence, sexual content, and hard-core language make it better suited for older high school and adult readers. VOYA Codes: 4Q 3P S A/YA (Better than most, marred only by occasional lapses; Will appeal with pushing; Senior High, defined as grades 10 to 12; Adult and Young Adult). 2002, Ace, 272p,
— Shari Fesko

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Laws of the Blood Series, #4
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Deceptions (Laws of the Blood #4) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
SusieMac More than 1 year ago
Love Susan Sizemore books when you start to read them you don't want to put them down then you just want the next one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Let us hop on over to Washington, D.C. Hey, it is the capitol of the USA's mortals, why not for the capitol for the USA's vampires as well? Olympias has long reigned as the Enforcer of Washington, D.C. She is the one ultimately responsible for every strigoi in the country. With 'the Enforcers' Enforcer' away on a long overdue vacation, Olympias has even more to deal with. .................. Sara, Maggie, and Gerry are Olympias's slaves. They are the ones that Olympias delegates most of the work to. Sara is the one considered to be Olympias's right hand person. And it is she that is sent to talk to Andrew, a suicidal vampire in the area wishing for Olympias to kill him. Why? Because Andrew thinks he is going insane. Andrew is convinced he is seeing ghosts. ............... The local vampires are upset at Olympias, who is demanding all the nests to vacate the area within a month. Rose, a local nest leader, is the most upset due to the fact that she has lived in that area longer than any other vampire. It is the only place she has ever considered to be 'home'. Her companion, Roger, sees potential and begins using everyone in an attempt to kill Olympias and eventually take over as leader. ..................... Then there is Colonel Mike Falconer, who is over a government project, the Walker Project. His group are very 'gifted' and walk the astral plane. And for the first time in centuries, Olympias is considering having a companion. It all adds up to trouble with a capitol T. ................. ***** Excellent! Very well executed! (Pardon the pun.) Book 4 is even better than the last, and that is definitely saying something. I hope to see these main and secondary characters again in future books. With all that I am seeing, this is shaping up to be series that fans will want to keep reading about for years! *****
Guest More than 1 year ago
Too much vampire politicking to suit me. Not enough space devoted to relationships, especially between Michael and Olympias. I got as much warmth from the dog Fluffy-LOL (I wasn't permitted to put her real name "Bi_ch") as I did from Olympias. I liked Michael but wanted more about him. I was captivated by Andrew and Sara and would have especially wanted to hear more about them. In fact, I thought that the development of their relationship was the best part of the book. That's why I gave it 3 instead of 2 stars. That and Michael. I thought the ending was too pat and too quickly thrown together as if the author had to meet the publication deadline. And what happened to the sex? It was a mere mention. Where was the heat? I missed the heat. Most of the rest of the characters just plain bored me.
harstan More than 1 year ago
She was the mother of Alexander the Great and Philip of Macedon¿s queen. She saw the rise and fall of Greece and Rome and other civilizations lost to the dust of time. Her name is Olympias and her age can be measured in millenniums but she prefers to live in the present where she is the Chief Enforcer of Washington DC. She insures that all vampires in her domain obey the laws of the council and keep their identities hidden from the mortals living along side them.

Olympias is going through the motions of her job, but she is not really paying any attention to the beings that are dissatisfied with her actions. Her ¿slave¿ Sarah wants her mistress to pay more attention to her, while a vampire¿s companion sets in motion a plan that will topple Olympias from power, and a black ops government backed psychic group is on the verge of discovering that vampires actually exist. To complicate matters even more the Enforcer is attracted to the head of the psychic group, a man whose vampire father lives in Olympias¿ territory.

Every book in this series seems better than the previous highly regarded predecessors as Susan Sizemore continues to develop the culture of the vampire society. The heroine of this novel has earned a sequel and the audience deserves learning the fate of some of the likable characters in LAWS OF THE BLOOD: DECEPTIONS. There are so many exciting subplots that tie into the main story line that readers will want to read this book more than once, but each time in one sitting.

Harriet Klausner