Decision Making Under Stress: Emerging Themes and Applications

Decision Making Under Stress: Emerging Themes and Applications

by Rhona H. Flin, Eduardo Salas, Lynne Martin, Michael Strub

ISBN-10: 0291398561

ISBN-13: 9780291398567

Pub. Date: 01/01/1998

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Table of Contents

2The current status of the naturalistic decision making framework11
3In search of naturalistic decisions29
4Stress and naturalistic decision making: Strengthening the weak links43
5Merging paradigms: Decision making, management, and cognitive control67
6Critical incident management simulation85
7A framework for building and testing models of recorded team decision making95
8Decision making patterns in major fire-fighting and rescue operations107
9Psychological research and development in the London Fire Brigade116
10Design of the natural: An engineering process for naturalistic decision making126
11Head-mounted video recording: A methodology for studying naturalistic decision making137
12On-line coping with uncertainty: Beyond the reduce, quantify and plug heuristic149
13Improving critical thinking161
14Team adaptation and co-ordination training170
15Dynamic decision making in non-routine situations185
16Surrender at Perevolochna: A case study of perspective and action control in decision making under stress193
17Enhancing effective decision making by information management techniques205
18Military decision support215
19Military pilot performance - dynamic decision making in its extreme225
20Understanding expert aviator judgment233
21Decision making training for aircrew243
22Selection for stressful jobs: Is the defence mechanism test the solution?252
23Pilot mental workload and situational awareness - psychological models of the pilot261
24Strategies for adapting to time pressure271
25Emergency decision making - A wider decision framework?280
26Decision making in complex situations: Cognitive and motivational limitations291
27Differentiation and consolidation theory301
28Analysing team skills315
29Toward an understanding of stress on organizational social systems in complex, dynamic environments326
App. 1Decision Making Under Stress Conference - participants and affiliations335

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