Decision Support Systems / Edition 3

Decision Support Systems / Edition 3

by Ralph H., Jr.Ralph H. Sprague Jr., Hugh J. Watson

ISBN-10: 0130362298

ISBN-13: 9780130362292

Pub. Date: 02/28/1993

Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference

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Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Publication date:
Edition description:
3rd ed

Table of Contents

Introduction to Decision Support Systems: Putting Theory Into Practice
Pt. 1The Conceptual Foundation for DSS1
1A Framework for the Development of Decision Support Systems3
2DSS in Context29
Pt. 2Developing and Using DSS39
3A Framework for the Examination of Management Involvement in Decision Support Systems41
4Value Analysis: Justifying Decision Support Systems57
5An Experiment in Applying the Adaptive Design Approach to DSS Development74
6Computer Aided Train Dispatching: Decision Support through Optimization85
Pt. 3The Architecture for DSS97
7The Components of an Architecture for DSS99
8An Investigation of Database Requirements for Institutional and Ad Hoc DSS111
9A Technology Infrastructure for Document-Based Decision Support Systems125
10Intelligent Support Systems: Art, Argumentation, and Agents137
Pt. 4Creating the DSS Environment161
11Organizing for DSS Support163
12Issue-Based Decision Support Systems for the Egyptian Cabinet176
13DSS Software Selection: A Multiple Criteria Decision Methodology200
14The Mead Corporation226
Pt. 5Executive Information Systems233
15The Management Information and Decision Support (MIDS) System at Lockheed-Georgia235
16Executive Information Systems: A Framework for Development and a Survey of Current Practices253
17Avoiding Hidden EIS Pitfalls276
18Power Computing at the Top284
Pt. 6Group Decision Support Systems295
19Group Decision Support Systems: A New Frontier297
20Group Decision Support Systems309
21Building the Business Case for Group Support Technology327
22Here Comes the Payoff from PCs346
23Groupware: Future Directions and Wild Cards355
Pt. 7Expert Systems363
24Expert Systems: The Next Challenge for Managers365
25The Case for Integrative Innovation: An Expert System at Digital380
26Choosing an Expert Systems Game Plan400
27CoverStory - Automated News Finding in Marketing409
Vendors of Decision Support Software420
DSS Bibliography424

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