The Decision to Trust: How Leaders Create High-Trust Organizations

The Decision to Trust: How Leaders Create High-Trust Organizations

by Robert F. Hurley

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Globally we face an unprecedented crisis of trust. The numbers are sobering: just one in three Americans believes individuals can trust the government, big business, and large institutions, and in most countries, that figure is even worse. Yet high-performing, world-class companies are almost always high-trust environments. Without this elusive, important

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Globally we face an unprecedented crisis of trust. The numbers are sobering: just one in three Americans believes individuals can trust the government, big business, and large institutions, and in most countries, that figure is even worse. Yet high-performing, world-class companies are almost always high-trust environments. Without this elusive, important ingredient, companies cannot attract or retain top talent, and it is almost impossible to manage an organization well if its people do not trust one another.

In this groundbreaking book, Robert Hurley reveals the Decision to Trust Model (DTM), a proven method for building trust based on Hurley's more than twenty years of research and hands-on work with individuals and teams at the world's top organizations. Step by step, Hurley explains how to create, measure, and repair trust, even in environments where change, uncertainty, and risk exist.

This dynamic framework outlines the ten key factors, both personal and situational, that determine quite simply whether one person will trust another. By diagnosing these points of breakdown in trust, and offering ready solutions on how to repair them, anyone becomes better equipped to improve relationships with colleagues, managers, and employees. Through firsthand stories, Hurley shares how high-trust organizations—such as Daimler, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Microsoft, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Whole Foods, Zappos, and others—have fostered trust to achieve top-notch productivity, profits, and influence.

Covering trust building in teams, across functions, within organizations, and across national cultures, The Decision to Trust shows how smart leaders at all levels can improve trust and the bottom line—changing an organization's entire culture from one of suspicion to one of trust and inclusion.

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“Robert Hurley's remarkable book, The Decision toTrust, provides brilliant, original insights on how leadersbuild trust in themselves and in their organizations. In leadershiptoday, nothing is more important than regaining the trust we havelost in recent years. Trust is the essential ingredient to buildingauthentic organizations that sustain peak performance.”
—Bill George, professor, Harvard Business School; formerchair & CEO, Medtronic; and author, True North

The Decision to Trust presents a comprehensive andengaging analysis on the elements of trust. Dr. Hurley's frameworkranges from heightening personal awareness to extendingorganizational effectiveness and is extremely relevant fororganizations and teams that endeavor to maximize their brandcapital across our interconnected world.”
—James S. Turley, chairman and CEO, Ernst &Young

“Credibility is the foundation of leadership, and trust isthe most important factor in determining whether or not you haveit. That makes The Decision to Trust a very timely must-readfor every leader. Robert Hurley offers compelling data, real-worldexamples, and practical advice on how we can more intelligently andcompassionately build trust between individuals and across groupsand organizations. He also offers hope. While the challenges aregreat, The Decision to Trust is a book that will betterequip you to successfully meet them.”
—Jim Kouzes, coauthor, The Leadership Challenge andCredibility, and The Dean's Executive Fellow of Leadership,Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

The Decision to Trust is essential for all leaderslooking to build better organizations and to take their companiesto the next level. With a robust and comprehensive model forbuilding trust, this book provides the tools you need to make yourteam extraordinary.”
—Keith McFarland, author, The Breakthrough Companyand Bounce

“Perhaps at no time in our history has trust become such avalued and scarce commodity. It is an essential element of everyleader's moral compass and a necessity for business growth andinternational leadership. Robert Hurley has given us a perspectivethat is clear, actionable, and can help restore this bedrock of allproductive relationships.”
—General Anthony C. Zinni, Marine Corps, retired;chairman, BAE Systems; and author, Leading theCharge

“This book provides an invaluable perspective on whatorganizational trust really is all about, and how it can beinfluenced by individuals, teams and leadership systems. Dr.Hurley's research is both comprehensive and compelling. Moreimportantly, it offers the reader practical guidelines andtools.”
—Jon R. Katzenbach, coauthor, Leading Outside theLines, and senior vice president, Booz & Company

“For executives and managers who aspire to createhigh-trust organizations, Robert Hurley's The Decision toTrust is the book to read. The framework he proposes iseminently sensible and powerful. The Decision to Trust willhelp leaders reap the myriad benefits of trust within their ownorganizations.”
—Roderick M. Kramer, William R. Kimball Professor ofOrganizational Behavior, Graduate School of Business, StanfordUniversity

“Nothing much happens within an organization unless thereis a foundation of trust between its members. Robert Hurleymakes building that fundamental trust very actionable. For a leaderwho is attempting to build a team, this model is invaluable. We'veseen a lot of books on trust, but none come close to examining theissue of trust in working relationships with the rigor that Dr.Hurley has provided.”
—Doug Lennick and Fred Kiel, PhD, authors of MoralIntelligence

“This well-researched book provides valuable informationfor individuals, as well as for leaders of organizations, onhow they can increase the trust that others have ofthem.”
—Morton Deutsch, E.L. Thorndike Professor Emeritus ofPsychology and Director Emeritus of the International Center forCooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR), Teachers College,Columbia University

“Dr. Hurley's deep experience in research and in thetrenches of organizational practice allows him to offer somepowerful ideas on how to manage trust. The Decision to Trustis full of useful insights and should be required reading forleaders and anyone seeking to earn and keep others'trust.”
Chester Cadieux, chairman and CEO, QuiktripCorporation, retired

“In these times, when working with organizationalexecutives, the issue that constantly tops the list istrust—that is, the lack thereof. Mistrust is pervasive,cutting across all kinds of organizations, and is highly stable,whereas trust is delicate and can be destroyed in a nanosecond.Trust, therefore, can never be taken for granted, as Hurley makesabundantly clear in this excellent book. His invaluablecontribution has been to provide a model (a) for how to understandthe nature of trust and (b) what the key criteria are in decidingabout whether to trust in the first place. Hurley has addressed oneof the most important issues in human relationshipstoday.”
—W. Warner Burke, PhD, Edward Lee Thorndike Professor ofPsychology and Education, Teachers College, ColumbiaUniversity

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