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Deep in Crimson (A Return to Sanctuary Novel)
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Deep in Crimson (A Return to Sanctuary Novel)

3.9 10
by Sarah Gilman

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Deep in Crimson (Return to Sanctuary) by Sarah Gilman

Kidnapped by humans and raised in a research facility, Jett was taught to believe his own race of demons insidious and violent. But a friendship with the archangel Raphael shatters Jett's reality. Caught between two worlds, his first months of freedom find him lingering on the fringes of his home colony,


Deep in Crimson (Return to Sanctuary) by Sarah Gilman

Kidnapped by humans and raised in a research facility, Jett was taught to believe his own race of demons insidious and violent. But a friendship with the archangel Raphael shatters Jett's reality. Caught between two worlds, his first months of freedom find him lingering on the fringes of his home colony, Sanctuary.

When the human who stole Jett captures another demon youth from Sanctuary, Jett learns of the real plan—to steal Raphael's archangel grandchildren. Jett wants to bring his captor to justice, but he must overcome the lies from his past and join forces with the demon Guardians, and the demon child's older sister, Lexine.

Irresistible attraction grows between Jett and Lexine, but Lexine's prophetic dreams of being mated to a poacher make her wary. And if Jett goes through the all-consuming process of becoming a Guardian, he may forfeit any chance they have of being together.

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“Lovely, powerful, and soaring...a thoroughly delightful debut.” —Laura Bickle, author of Embers and Sparks on Out in Blue

“Filled with action, suspense and romance, Out In Blue is a unique take on the much explored angel and demon theme that will enthrall you with its emotion and element of surprise!” —Romancing the Dark Side on Out in Blue

“This captivating, fast-paced story is a brilliant start to what will be an astounding series.” —The Blog Farm on Out in Blue

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Entangled Publishing, LLC
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Return to Sanctuary Series
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5.54(w) x 8.07(h) x 0.76(d)

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Meet the Author

Sarah Gilman started her first novel in third grade. She never finished that story, but never gave up the dream. Her fascination with wings also began at that age, when images of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis captured her imagination and never let go. Now a paranormal romance writer, she employs her love of writing to bring the allure of winged creatures to the pages of her novels. Sarah lives in Vermont with her supportive husband and two spoiled cats.

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Deep in Crimson (Return to Sanctuary, #2) 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
There were some parts of this book that I completely enjoyed. I loved the twists about the demons and angels which is not something that you read about frequently when it comes to paranormal reads. But there were also parts of this story that seemed to drag on for me. Parts of the story dragged on for me. It felt like there were times that the author was unsure what she wanted to say and went in a roundabout way to do it. The characters in the story were really well written out. One of the problems that I had with this book was the fact that Jett was confused about his past. It felt like the people who did know what was going on, didn’t seem to want to help him remember his past at all. But it was really great when things started to come back and he was able to find out more about his past. Lex’s character, I go back and forth between whether I like her or not. Just solely because she didn’t seem to really add anything to the story itself. While I am happy that she cared about Jett enough that she was willing to go through training to be with him. I still felt like she was lacking. I fell let down with this book because I had hopes that it was more interesting than it was. It felt like the ending was rushed and the overall story didn’t go as far as I thought it was.
Vivi_Dumas More than 1 year ago
Deep in Crimson is an interesting world where demons and angels intermingle in co-dependent world where they need each other to remain safe from humans. In this world, archangels are hunted by humans for their feathers. Humans also hunt the demons. Demons live in colonies and work together to protect the angels. I like the unique concept of this world. We meet Lexine in a terrible scene where she loses one brother and the other gets kidnapped. Lexine is plagued with premonitions about her mate. She's tough and spunky, but the dreams have crippled her ability to open her heart to Jett. Jett is damaged from years of torture and lies from the humans who stole him when he was a young demon. He finds himself in an unable to escape him true nature, which is to serve as a Guardian, protector of the archangels and the colony. Jett falls hard for Lexine and fights to win her from her fears stemming from her dreams. To come from a background of hatred, Jett is caring and truly wants to love. I enjoyed the interaction between him and Lexine. Their relationship takes a rough path through an emotional jungle. Deep Crimson takes a fresh approach to the concept of angels and demons. The writing is well paced and keeps you wanting to know more. The world is layered with depth and complexity. The story is well worth the read. ********book provided by publisher for honest review**************
Eloise_In_Paris More than 1 year ago
I really wanted to love this book, but I only sort of liked it. I loved that in this world Angels and Demons live and work together in the same community. I loved that they lived on Reservations for their own safety. I loved that humanity knew about their existence. It meant that we didn’t have to read about the usual hiding events from humans, and choosing which humans to be revealed to. It was a nice change. Most of all I loved that the two leads fell in love over a decent amount time. We got to see them initially meet and be physically attracted to each other, get to know each other, date, and fall in love. Which made complete sense considering his past and her fears for her future. Also she was the one who had dated and been with men, while Jett was the completely inexperienced virgin. Unfortunately the actual plot of the book was full of holes. Starting with the initial action, Lex’s older brother and two children were killed. Her other five year old brother was kidnapped, why didn’t they just kill him too? Jett’s main focus throughout the story was being able to maintain his freedom after spending 20 years of his life a prisoner. But he spent this book training to become a Guardian to the Archangel Raphael and his family. While it’s not slavery it is definitely indentured servitude. His new job would mean that he would have to put protecting the Archangels above all else. Including himself and all things in his life. Extremely limited free time, if he had a mate or family and they were in danger at the same time as his charges he would have to put the Angels first. Basically for the rest of his life these Angels would have to be his first and main priority, but it would not be mutual. It reminded me of a slightly nicer version of the way the Vampires treated the Werewolves in Underworld, and we know how that ended. Also the Angels and Demons have no idea where they came from. Centuries ago Demons fell from the sky (literally) and landed in the Americas. Long before the Europeans came over, the Demons and the Indigenous people got along. Years later the Angels also fell from the sky, but their feathers and wings became collectors items and they were hunted to near extinction. So the Demons gave them sanctuary and became their protectors. What bothered me was there was no concern about their origins. Where did they all come from? Are they truly Angels and Demons in the biblical sense or are they something else? There was no push from any of the characters to find out who and what exactly they are. The humans either showed indifference towards them or hatred. To me that was odd. If there were religious people who viewed them as fallen, wouldn’t there have also been those who viewed the Angels as saviors come to earth. “Satanists” who wanted to get in good with the Demons. Atheists and Scientists who want to prove they are something else all together. Should the Demons be risking themselves for the Angels? Should the Angels trust the Demons? What if the Demons were sent to earth because they are near extinction, and the Angels are the ones who should have been protecting them? I would really give this book 2.5 starts. There is a lot of potential there, so while I may not be eagerly anticipating the next book in the series I would probably read it.
LITERALADDICTION_MLO More than 1 year ago
Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION'S Nocturnal Nymph - Michelle M: *eARC received from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review Deep in Crimson was the first book that I have read of Sarah Gilman's and this book was excellent!  Demons and Angels together?! Who would have thought that they would be working on the same side?  I certainly didn't...  This book pulled me in by the first couple of pages. First we meet Jett, a demon that highly distrusts other demons after he was raised in a lab.  Jett smells something off, and after debating on whether or not he wants to find out what's going on, he runs to investigate. While there, we meet Lexine, a demon with a rare demon deformity whose brother has just been kidnapped.  Lexine has had dreams about who her mate is, but then meets Jett and wonders if it's possible to change fate?  Will Jett stay in Sanctuary and take a chance at love? Sarah's writing is great, and keeps the reader engaged with the storyline.  The Guardians are trying to find Lexine's kidnapped brother and looking for the place where the lab is, all while things are happening in Sanctuary.  It's all a very exciting ride of emotions and trying to find where one demon fits when he didn't know if he could ever fit in anywhere. Also, is it possible to find love?  I will for sure go back and read number 1 and then I will be re-reading this book because it is that good!  I found myself wondering about  some of the characters and hope there are more coming for this series!  I want to know more!! A well deserved 5 skulls and highly recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I started reading this book not knowing that there was a book one featuring the same world and the really great characters introduced. Suffice to say I was intrigued enough to buy book one. I needed to explore Wren and Ginger’s story as I found myself in love with the glimpses I received of them. The book started with action that pulled me in. I appreciated how Sarah blended the world building with the plot. I love the world and I desire to know more about Sanctuary, and understand more of the bond between the demons and the archangels they protect. It was a bit different from what I have read before in Paranormals, yet, I was drawn into the world, and wanted to understand their struggles. From the beginning I found the hero to be compelling. I love tortured heroes and Jett is definitely one. Everything about him captivated me. His past, his present and how he would evolve as a guardian. I wanted the heroine, Lexine, to be a little more kickass, but the strength that she displayed as the book progressed was enough to sooth and kept me turning the pages. I liked the sexual tension, but, I was a bit disappointed by the sex scenes. I wanted more intensity, I wanted their coming together to sizzle off the pages and that did not happen for me. It was more sweet and tender. I was also a bit disappointed by the convenient way in which they found the villain. Overall, Deep In Crimson was intriguing and I found myself drawn into the plot. Even though there were aspects of which I wanted more, I could not put it down. The rich imagery of the world, the intensity of Jett and the gentle strength of Lexine pulled me in. I adore the secondary characters and the teasers I got of their personalities. I am eagerly awaiting Lark’s story and crossing fingers and toes that Raphael will have one too. So even though different from the dark intensity that I adore in paranormals, it was pretty satisfying and I would recommend it.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Sarah Gilman has written a great sequel to Out in Blue. This is the demon Jett's story. He has escaped from his captors and now lives in the woods near Sanctuary (Vermont). He is learning more about himself and his family. He has know pain and abuse from his human captors. Now he wants to change his life. He wants to be a dedicated Guardian to Raphael and his family. He loves Lexine and wants her to be his mate, but she fears her dream of his death will come true. Will he find contentment and the love he so desires? The characters are so well written that you feel their thoughts and emotions. I love this story of the Guardians and the Archangels. The action is non stop and filled with danger and suspense. I was sad to see it end. I want more stories in the Return to Sanctuary series.
RomanceQueenatHeart1 More than 1 year ago
Need an escape? Then venture no farther and step into this world and enter into Sanctuary. Honor and loyalty are found here. Battles filled with danger and maybe death. Always those living here must be on guard-because they are the hunted and the hunters are human. They are hunting demons and angels who live there. No place would be worth going to of course without the love filled with passion so hot resulting to last a lifetime. They are persecuted,enslaved at times due to hatred and greed. Could it get anymore gripping than this? You are certainly the one enslaved while reading this seeing Jett and Lexine and their quest with each other after the rescue of her brother. Wonderfully written in that you are right there with them and when it is done you are saying time to go already?
AlwaysYAatHeart1 More than 1 year ago
After reading Out in Blue, I have been looking forward to reading Deep in Crimson, which is Jett's story.  We met Jet in Out in Blue.  He is the demon who helped to save the Archangel Rapheal, was mortally wounded, and then healed by Raphael.  He has deep rooted trust issues, stemming from his abduction from Sanctuary at the age of 5 and being held captive until he escaped in adulthood.  During his captivity he was put through all kinds of testing, he was abused, he was brainwashed, yet he never gave over entirely to his captors, a flicker of some kind of remembrance buried deep inside.  Since his escape, he has spent his time outside of the boundaries of Sanctuary, refusing to interact with them, despite their invitation to join them.  He wants to leave, yet he feels compelled to be there and make sure no harm comes to the Archangels Rapheal, his son Wren, Wren's wife Ginger, and the two new Archangel twins recently born.  When tragedy strikes, he can't help but intervene, and this brings him face-to-face with Lexine, the female demon he has been admiring from afar.  Despite his initial reservations, he partners with the Guardians, as they have a common goal, a common enemy, which must be taken care of.  He also finds himself drawing closer to Lexine.  When Jett learns who and what he really is and is meant to be, and his feelings for Lexine deepen, he faces a very difficult decision, one that is not to be taken lightly, a choice between love and duty.....or are love and duty one in the same? I enjoyed Deep in Crimson.  I find Sarah Gilman's take on angels and demons very interesting and unique.  Archangels are protected by demons from the outside world and poachers, who seek to destroy them, as their feathers are like gold in the black market.  The Archangels also posses special gifts.  The demons also have special abilities, some more than others, especially the Guardians, those that are called to protect the colony and the Archangels, and then their are those special Guardians who are called to be protectors, special body guards, willing to lay their lives down for and protect the Archangels at any cost.  Book one, Out in Blue was Wren and Ginger's story, with many of the secondary characters playing important roles.  In this sequel, Deep in Crimson, the focus is on the demons, Jett and Lexine in particular, with the secondary characters also playing a big part in the story.  I enjoyed the interaction between the characters, which were all well written and well developed, as well as the story line itself, which was interesting, suspenseful, and entertaining. I especially enjoyed the romance between Lexine and Jett, and seeing how Sarah Gilman developed that over the course of the novel.  If you enjoy paranormal romance, especially that involving angels and demons, then The Return to Sanctuary Series is something that is different from many out there, and something I would recommend checking out.   3.5 stars
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
This is actually Book 2 of the Return to Sanctuary Novels, but my first time reading the series. After reading it, I'm very tempted to go looking for the first- just to get my fill of a few more angles and demons! Ms. Gilman has introduced us to a very different perspective of the fallen archangels and their demon protectors on earth, and I must say it was very enjoyable. Jett is the male protagonist, a demon recovering from the tortured life mentioned above. He is just learning to trust others of his kind, and after saving Lexine's brother, he tries harder to join their colony, Sanctuary. The chemistry between Lexine and Jett is obvious from the get go, and when they finally got together, it was fiery hot!! (literally and figuratively!) I definitely have a soft spot for guys with a past like Jett's, and their stories of redemption and re-learning how to love always become my favorites. Their women always have to be so patient, loving and understanding, and it’s always a better story to me to have to overcome something like that. This couple is no exception. This series is a must-read for any paranormal fan and I can't wait to read more about this world and these beautiful creatures! Rating:4.5 HEAT Rating: Hot Reviewed By: Daysie W. Review Courtesy of: My Book Addictions and More
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
From the moment I began reading this book I knew I was in for something special, the author immediately pulls the reader in when she starts the novel with action from the first page, Jett, a demon living on the outside of known Demon civilization, picks up on a scent he does not wish to ever smell – demon blood and humans intertwined – she immediately throws us into Jett’s subconscious trying to block it out while intermingling his overriding innate need to protect.  He fights with himself to try and not go after whatever it is, however, he is unable to win that battle and ends up going after the group.  From that moment onward his path with Lexine, a female demon whose younger brother, Bryce, the demon he smelled, collides and it would seem that fate has pre-determined these two are destined to be together.  He is trying his hardest to avoid falling for Lexine, but finds her mere presence soothing to the battles raging inside of him – she is trying to run from her prophetic dreams – together they may be able to overcome seeming odds and be one. I really enjoyed this novel, it is one I would readily re-read in a heartbeat and it left me wanting more – I want to know more about the archangels that reside within Eden.  I want to know more of Jett’s history – who were his parents?  We get some small insight into who they were as people and how they perished, but I would love nothing more for the author to go back in time and tell us their story.  Tell us the story of Raphael and his mate!  In a nut shell I was left wanting more! I am thankful to see there’s more from this group of characters, but to me that’s not enough! I crave more!  I highly recommend this book to anyone who is into the paranormal romance/adventure genre.  This series looks at the world where the humans have their pre-conceived notions and the demon/archangel populations are trying to undo those notions in hopes of living peacefully within their sanctuaries.