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Deep in the Darkness

Deep in the Darkness

4.3 15
by Michael Laimo

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Dr. Michael Cayle wants the best for his wife and young daughter. That's why he moves the family from Manhattan to accept a private practice in the small New England town of Ashborough. Everything there seems so quaint and peaceful at first. But Ashborough is a town with secrets. Unimaginable secrets. Many of the townspeople are strangely nervous, and some speak


Dr. Michael Cayle wants the best for his wife and young daughter. That's why he moves the family from Manhattan to accept a private practice in the small New England town of Ashborough. Everything there seems so quaint and peaceful at first. But Ashborough is a town with secrets. Unimaginable secrets. Many of the townspeople are strangely nervous, and some speak quietly of legends that no sane person could believe. But what Michael discovers in the woods, drenched in blood, makes him wonder. Soon he will be forced to believe, when he learns the terrifying identity of the golden eyes that peer at him balefully from deep in the darkness.

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Deep in the Darkness 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read 'Atmosphere' by Liamo a summer or two ago. I thought it was interesting, but a 'near-miss' --- but I made a mental note to check out his next book, which is 'Deep in the Darkness'. Wow! I'm glad I did. Liamo easily swings for the fences and provides all the creepy thrills & chills one could want from a horror novel. His golden-eyed Isolates that live in the woods sent chills up my spine & raised gooseflesh with the familiar, yet unsettling setting. Folks, save the money you were going to spend on a movie tonight. Instead, treat yourself to a couple hours of horror novel bliss.
ronnies4 More than 1 year ago
Started reading, and realized this was a movie I had seen. Didn't like the movie, so, stopped reading the book. About 280 pages
UGGUS More than 1 year ago
It truly was a struggle to get through this book. I got half way through and quit reading it. A few days later I picked it up again just to see what happened to the "hero". Just got through last night by skimming through quite a bit of it. IMHO, MEH!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very suspenseful and creepy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Imagine being stalked by something dark and evil, hungry for your tender muscles and soft skin, something that lives deep in the darkest shadows of the forest outside of your cozy new home. Something that is part beast, part man, part myth and living folklore, deadly, conniving and consciously set on making your life a little piece of hell. Such is the tale of Dr. Michael Cayle and his family who unknowingly move to Ashborough to escape the gray city life but instead they walk right into the lion's den. From the start something is off about the quiet place, the neighbors act strange, Cayle's new patients seem to have bizarre problems that leave them disfigured and the absence of pets and animals is truly alarming. Terror starts to build when Michael stops feeling welcome and starts to feel like a prisoner in his own home. He feels trapped by something lurking in the shadows, something that has glowing gold eyes watching him from the darkness. And so the battle begins, to save his sanity and his family, Michael Cayle must do some unthinkable acts and dirty his soul in the process. With each chapter being more outlandish than the last, the reader is almost scared to see what awaits on the next page. The climax of the novel seems to flow without ceasing as more chills and thrills continue to build up. The author does a great job of building up the chill factor, I felt the terror, the cold iron grip on Cayle's throat and chest, the suffocating feeling of hopelessness and isolation, the feeling that end is near and there is no way out but to surrender to the hunger that waits in the deep dark woods. The scenes in the quiet, eerie woods were marvelous, I had the pleasure to spend many hours in various forests in my native country and they can be scary even in daylight with no monsters running around. The best part of the book, other than how damn creepy it was, must have been the writing. The words melt of the pages and sink right in, reading this book almost didn't feel like reading at all, everything felt as if it was happening before my very own eyes. Of course this is horror, so things go from dandy to rotten in a matter of moments and the book flows fast, it's a real luxury to enjoy a good book and breeze though it at the same time. With so many books out there and so little time to actually read any of them I find myself being more picky and critical. After reading 'Deep in the Darkness' my cynicism for finding good writers out there melted and my list of favorite authors opened its cob webbed door, and trust me, it's hard to get into my tightly woven list of favorites. Michael Laimo writes with passion and heart, humor and wit, not overshadowing his talent for gruesome and creative ways to raise the hairs on the readers flesh. Each page was skillfully woven with words that send electricity though my system, I can't remember the last time I had such an incredible time with a book. Another great thing about his writing is how real the characters are I couldn't help but side with Michael Cayle, I could feel his humanity though the pages, his sorrows and slow crumble were achingly realistic. When things hot hairy between him and the once loving wife, I felt tormented that he was being stalked by a deadly force out in the wild and an angry wife at home, they both matched up pretty well drilling through the main character form both sides, taking him apart. Once I love a character his suffering becomes my suffering, and man, this book packs a punch, so watch out! There is something for everyone in this book and I'm really looking forward to the sequel it's set up to be a hell of a ride. - Kasia S.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I started reading this book one afternoon and couldn't stop. I finished the book by the end of the day. I literally read and read and read. The only way I was going to put it down, was by finishing it. And once I did just that, as I was getting ready for bed, I found myself looking out for golden eyes glowing in my backyard. I'm dead serious. I bought this book thinking it was going to be somewhat interesting, but it was so much more that. You have to read this book!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I haven't read a book that just would not let me leave it and had a great horror story, original, scarey and just so well crafted. This guy will definitely be in line for the best horror novel of the year.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Author Michael Laimo evokes a heartfelt empathy for his characters and draws the reader into their situations right from the very start. DEEP IN THE DARKNESS tells the tale of a doctor and his family who move from Manhattan to Ashborough, NH, a remote, rural town where secrets harbor an unusual and ugly truth from which there is little hope of escape. A wild ride, this novel is a fear-frothed trip through one man's mind as he struggles to protect his family from a deep-rooted evil. Once I started reading, I couldn't put this book down!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is, quite simply, one of the best horror novels to be published in the last fifteen years. The characterizations, the setting, the incredible suspense...everything works in this one. There were times when I actually had to remind myself that I was reading fiction, so concerned was I about the plight of the main characters. A modern variation of sorts on H. P. Lovecraft's 'The Lurking Fear,' this is the sort of 'old-fashioned' horror that I think works best. There is no agenda other than to frighten the reader using atmosphere and an ever-tightening noose of suspense. By 'old-fashioned,' I certainly don't mean to imply the novel is genteel or quaint. On the contrary, it is gut-wrenching and graphic, but not gratuitously so. Mr. Laimo has a great talent for painting vivid pictures with few words. Even the minor characters are well fleshed-out. The entire book is quite cinematic. The novel also ends in a way that I think is most effective in horror fiction...not a happy, everyone's fine and the evil is destroyed-type ending, but one of dread and ambiguity that will haunt you. Don't miss this one. Great ones like this don't come along very often.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I certainly expecting a top notch horror book when picking this up, and I was too disappointed. I found the story to be a little weird, but I loved how the story was so gory and things you would least expect happen would happen. It was a lot scarier than a lot of horror books on the market today.