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Deep In The Shadows

Deep In The Shadows

by Billy D. Smith

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This book represents the third fiction in the Shadow series. The story takes place at Malta, where a conference between all the major countries of the world is trying to solve the problems that affect every nation. A disruptive element plans to stop or cause problems so the conference cannot complete its mission to find solutions to the problem. Clay and his comrades


This book represents the third fiction in the Shadow series. The story takes place at Malta, where a conference between all the major countries of the world is trying to solve the problems that affect every nation. A disruptive element plans to stop or cause problems so the conference cannot complete its mission to find solutions to the problem. Clay and his comrades go to Malta to prevent the terrorist from achieving their intended chaos.
The second part of the book takes place in Central America. A senator is kidnapped. Clay and the group go down to try to find and get the hostages safe and out of the country.

When you pick up any of his books, for a satisfying page turning experience, you will surely want to read them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Deep in the Shadows

A New Breed of Agents
By Billy D. Smith


Copyright © 2011 Billy D. Smith
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-4707-7

Chapter One

The Call

It had been several months since Clay and the Unit was in their last fight with the Russian KGB agents, on a Mediterranean cruise and in Alaska. The operation was very successful. Clay had disposed of his two main adversaries, but by removing them, he had created more enemies who had sworn out a blood vendetta on him.

There were also other foreign agents who were bound to avenge their comrades and friends. He had caused the KGB more problems and they had put out a contract, with a high bounty, to assassinate, locate, or identify him. The KGB had made sure that the word leaked out that they would settle the score for the trouble he had caused. Clay and Amy were not concerned however, because they knew that a double had been used, so the KGB didn't know who they are or what they looked like.

Amy and Clay were getting back into their routine, just taking care of business and loafing around the house, enjoying their retirement. They had been out and had gone to the electronic store, established by Clay's father and Clay had a part interest in the business, to visit with the "guys" there. Jim Kirby, one of the partners in the electronic store, told them that the part of the business that was doing some work with Lyn's manufacturing business was starting to pay off. It looked like it was going to be a good business. (Clay and Amy met Lyn and Dottie, his wife, on their last cruise. Clay had suspected them as being KGB Agents, but nothing had proved that they were spies.)

After a nice visit and a cup of coffee, they left and did some shopping. They stopped for lunch, and then returned home. But as they drove up, Clay saw a car in the driveway. He asked Amy if she recognized the car and she said that she didn't. Clay was always suspicious when any strange car was in the vicinity of their house. Both Amy and Clay knew that their identity must always be protected! They pulled in beside the car. Clay removed a 9mm automatic pistol from underneath the dash board and checked the clip to make sure it was fully loaded. He stuck it in his belt under his shirt and went into the house. Mae, their long-time housekeeper they referred to as part of their family, told them they had a visitor and that he was sitting out on the back porch, a completely glassed-in sitting room. So they put the bags down and went out back.

As they opened the door to the porch, Clay saw that it was General Massey. They shook hands and hugged.

Clay had a questing look and said, "It has been a long time, I haven't seen you since we retired. You sure look good. Retirement has been good to you. You remember Amy, don't you?"

Massey, with a big smile said, "Both of you look real good, and it has been awhile. I still have some friends at the Pentagon and they have kept me up to date with what you have been doing. You have been real busy and you keep Lane and Murray busy also. I have envied you for doing what you do. I knew when I put your name in that you would be good in that business." He added slyly.

Massey asked if he could talk to Clay privately and Clay suggested that they go down to the den. He wanted to show him his room that he had been working on, with all his memorabilia from his past military service and CIA missions. Clay thought that it probably is completed. He didn't think that they would be called out on any more assignments! When they went into the room Clay removed the pistol from his belt, unloaded it, and put it in a drawer of his desk.

Massey looked around and said, "You have quite a display here, and it's just about your entire life. You have had your share of excitement, and I have something that I need to ask you." Clay started to get the feeling that something serious was about to be asked of them.

Massey said, "Do you remember that after the Korean War, the Marine Corps were having a hard time getting funded to continue doing our job? There was a group of men, called the Berger Committee, whose main hatchet man was a Junior Senator Hathaway. He was trying to get the Marines disbanded. They took up where the group after the Second World War left off, and the thing that saved us then was the Korean War. Again, the one thing that saved us from the Berger Committee that time was the Viet Nam war. These same men tried to make me fire you when you, against orders, went with the CIA group, and the Special Marine Unit, followed the North Viet Cong spies to their camp and was involved in that fight with a large group of Viet Cong regular army."

Massey took a drink of coffee and continued, "I went to the President, on your behalf, and convinced him that you were a big part on the entire operation, and he took my advice not to fire you. I had to reprimand you for your action, because you got so much publicity. I think it came from the CIA. You got more publicity than the army was getting, and that upset those people. But even when I was chewing you out, I had to smile and wished that I could have been with you. I had to make it look good. When you got your promotion it really burned those people!"

Clay, trying to understand what Massey was getting to, said, "I never did find out who sent the information to the papers and magazine. I had an idea but don't think that I really ever wanted to find out. I think it was either Robert the head of the CIA, or Ray one of his agents. They knew that I was in trouble, and did it to make it hard for you or someone to make a big deal out of it, especially since it was a good operation and a successful outcome."

Massey cut in, "Well a few years ago the same people were trying to get the CIA disbanded and wanted to form a central unit that would be under the control of the FBI. The Director of the FBI didn't want to go along with that idea. The CIA and the FBI were always fighting but knew that each one had their particular expertise. As we are all realize, they just fight when one agency crosses over into the other's area. Underneath it all they do work together, but they just don't want anyone to know that. Recently our new President has called Hathaway back in as an advisor. He is not a senator now but everybody still refers to him as 'Senator.' Point in question, apparently some of those men that will help with his cabinet are back at their old tricks of stirring up trouble. Some people have gone to the President and asked him not to bring in certain people, but they have some knowledge that will help him with his decisions. These men are trying to work up a summit meeting with some other countries to stop some problems around the world before they happen and form a joint unit, mainly against Iran and North Korea to make them do what the President and some other world leaders wants. The location of the meeting hasn't been decided."

Clay asked, "What are you trying to achieve here? I know that these people want to keep everything quiet and they don't want to give the CIA the credit they deserve, but I have nothing for those people!"

Massey, sensing Clay's uneasiness, said, "The President called me to his office and he told me that they had received information that someone, or a group of people plans to disrupt the meeting and to assassinate the men going to the summit meeting. The terrorist groups don't want this meeting to take place. The President knows that the CIA is still upset with Hathaway and his group, and he doesn't want the CIA involved because of the difference between them. He wanted to know if I could find some good men who have the training to go to the area and make sure nothing happens. The reason he called me was that the previous President told the new President that I knew some good people. I know that you are trained for this and that you too know some people who can help you. Can I count on your help?"

Clay said, "You and the President underestimated Robert and his group of professionals. You know him, and you should have known that he does his job without personal feelings! My advice to you is to go back to the President and tell him that he has the best men in the world in this type of work. He is the President over everybody and he should be willing to trust the people that have our security to look after. I will however be willing to help, if Robert is running the operation. Because even though they are my personal enemies, they are still American citizens so we will do our job to protect them. Maybe they will understand what the CIA does and get off Robert's back and give him the respect and the support he needs to do his job; just like the Marines need funding and support to do their jobs."

Massey clarified, "The President wants to keep Robert out of this situation. He wants someone to take a group of mercenaries in, and eliminate those people who plan to assassinate our people."

Standing up, Clay angrily responded, "I am NOT an assassin! I am offended that he or you would suggest something like that! Yes, I have killed people, but I have never murdered anyone and I don't plan to start now. If the President wants someone murdered, send him to the mafia and see if they will do it. I certainly will not take on a job where they think I will murder anyone. If I am confronted and I have to protect myself, yes I will protect myself and my men. We did use snipers in the war, but this isn't war. You go and tell the President if he wants me to take some action to protect his henchmen and hatchet men, the only way I will participate is if he, or you, contacts Robert and he wants me to be involved. Then I will be available. To take on a job like this, sure I could find some good men, but I wouldn't have the authority to use The Unit and I wouldn't have the support people in the area in which we would be working. Robert has the best people scattered around the globe, and wherever the problem is, he already has people there, so there is no way that I could do an operation like this without his help. Even if I did have the authority to get the people, I wouldn't undertake this job without Robert agreeing to do it, and only if he wants me to help." At that, Clay sat down with a bang.

Massey comforted Clay, saying, "Okay, I will go and talk to the President. If he will go that route, will you go to Robert and talk to him? We only have a little information to work with; we should soon know when and where the meeting will be scheduled. If we can get some people in the location a few weeks before the meeting, the people that are planning the trouble will not have the information more than two weeks before it takes place. So you would have a couple of weeks jump on them. I knew that you wouldn't do what the President wanted and I told him as much, but he wanted to see what you would say and get your opinion on the situation. You go ahead and call Robert and start getting the plan organized. Get the people you want, knowing that you have a blank check to take care of the situation, and that you will be in charge of the operation. I will tell the President that I gave you the green light to do whatever you deem necessary, and authorization to use anyone that you want. That includes the CIA and Robert. If I should get any negative response from the President, I will call the whole thing off and let him handle it himself. I am proud of you for taking your stand and sticking to it. I know that I trained you well. You stood up to ranking people in the Korean and Viet Nam War, and you haven't changed. You still stand up to them bitterly." He laughed.

They then went back upstairs and saw that Amy had a pot of coffee on. They got a cup, and then went out on the porch. Shadow, Amy's Siberian husky dog, was checking everything in the back and he came up and lay down at Amy's feet. She reached over and patted him on the head and scratched behind his ears. Massey asked where they got him, and Clay told him that he found him in a trap on the trail in Alaska, and brought him home. He seemed to be such a happy dog.

Clay could tell that Amy was curious about what they had talked about so he said, "Something is up, but it will only be a guy operation. They may need some back-up people somewhere but not to be active in the operations. There isn't enough information to make any definite plans."

Clay told her that he will tell her when they know more information. Massey excused himself and told them that he had to get back to the airport and fly to D.C. He said that he would call them after he gets there and have more information. He would go and see Robert there, but Clay should call him and let him know the situation. He shook both their hands and left.

Amy went back out of the porch and Clay went down to the den and placed a call to Robert. When Robert came on the line, he explained what Massey and he had talked about.

Clay told him, "I got a little upset about what they wanted me to do, but I don't think it was Massey, as he was just relaying the message. I told him that I would only be involved if you are running the entire operation."

Robert said, "I am aware of the problem but I have kept my hands out of it, because the people involved have been a thorn in our sides for many years and have tried to have the CIA disbanded. I personally wouldn't care if the Russians did assassinate them, but if they do come to me, I will do my job. But I will still need you and some of the men we have used before, and some agents that I can bring in. Ray has told me that he wants to be in on the next big assignment and this time he wants to be in the middle of the project and not a telephone operator just to relay messages."

Clay said emphatically, "Massey told me that he would come and talk to you, and hopefully have more information. If we are going to do this, we need to get started with deciding who we want to use, and start getting information, so we know what we are going to be up against. Do you have any idea who and why they are going to try this thing?"

Robert shrugged, saying, "The only thing that I have heard is that this summit is supposed to draw several countries together for a common goal. The people that it is mainly against have some radical groups that can do what they want because of fear. The union of the countries would help to stop them, but there are some high-up Russian government officials who want to keep the dissatisfactions going. They are able to sell weapons and other supplies to them. And they have other people helping them. I have heard that the last two operations that you were on cost them a lot of money and several top agents. Some Russian officials were related to some of the men that were killed, and they still want to get even with you. If this thing draws you out and gives them another chance to even the score, that would be a big plus for them. The Director of the KGB didn't like the letter you sent with Boris and Chekhov, because it made them look bad. But they don't want to get involved with this operation, and the Russian government people will decide if they will be used. The KGB is like our group and they are the only ones who have the network to do this type of operation."

Clay thought for a second and said, "When Massey gets in touch with you, let me know. I have told Amy that this will be a guy's operation but I know that if and when this does take place that she and Barbara will want to be in on it. On that last operation I wouldn't let them be a part of it. I had two angry women on my case, and it took them a long time to get over it. If we decide to use them, I want to keep them out of the main area that we will be working. I know we can use the Unit but we will have to get an authorization to get them. The men who were wounded in the last operation will want to go also. I think Al went back in on active duty and I know he will want to be in it, and we will need several of your top agents. Teddy and George will probably want in, and Fran and Mark (Clay's daughter and son by June, his first wife). I just don't know how to use them. Maybe when we get more information we can decide. Hopefully it will be in an area that they can work out without being in danger. I will wait until you call me before I talk to Amy and you can talk to Fran and Mark." He then ended the call and hung up the phone.

A week after his conversation with Robert, Clay was in his den looking at some papers. The phone rang and he impatiently picked it up.

Massey, on the other end advised, "I have talked to Robert and I have talked to the men that are involved, and Robert told me that if the President requests our help he would do his job. I then talked to the people involved and they still want to go a different route and not use the CIA. They would like you to get a team of men and handle the problem. I talked to Robert again and he told me that you are retired and can make your own decision as to what to do about the situation and he won't interfere."


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