Deep Shadows: Best of Kent Ballads

Deep Shadows: Best of Kent Ballads


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Kent Records Uk


  1. Cry To Me  - Loleatta Holloway
  2. I've Done It Again  -  Charmels
  3. What Have You Got To Gain By Losing Me  - Jeanette Jones
  4. Gotta Find a Way
  5. There's Another In My Life  - Phillip Mitchell
  6. You Must Leave Her Because You Love Her  -  Paramount Four
  7. Showdown  -  Shaladons
  8. Seeing Is Believing  - L.V. Johnson
  9. You Didn't Love Me Anyhow  -  Act I
  10. Whether It's Right or Wrong  - Delores Hall
  11. You Got Me  -  Jaibi
  12. I Won't Be Such a Fool Anymore  -  Modettes
  13. No More Like Me  - Ray Pollard
  14. It Can Happen To You  -  Quotations
  15. Can't You See I'm Busy  - Austin Taylor
  16. No One Can Take The Place of You  -  Ravins
  17. I Love My Baby  -  Tommy & Eddie
  18. Tag Tag  - Sam Dees
  19. Sweet Loving Woman  - Garland Green
  20. You Make Me Feel Like Someone  - Johnny Gillam
  21. You Must Be Losing Your Mind  - Jimmie Raye
  22. I'm a Lonely Man  - Bobby Burn
  23. How Long Can This Last  - Debbie Taylor
  24. Deep Shadows  - Little Ann

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ed Bland   Conductor
Phil Medley   Conductor
Jimmy Bailey   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Don Julian   Producer
Dave Hamilton   Composer,Producer
Gerry Goffin   Composer
Barry Goldberg   Composer
Ray Dahrouge   Composer
Bob Babbitt   Composer
David Blake   Composer,Producer,Photo Courtesy
Ed Bland   Arranger
Milan Bogdan   Engineer
Sam Dees   Composer
George Kerr   Producer
Irwin Levine   Composer
Tim McQueen   Composer
Phil Medley   Arranger
Miss Ray   Arranger
Arthur Mitchell   Composer
Earl Nelson   Composer
Bob Relf   Producer
Brad Shapiro   Producer
Floyd Smith   Producer
Billy Terrell   Composer
Carl Williams   Composer
Thomas Williams   Composer
Phillip Mitchell   Composer
Ady Croasdell   Liner Notes
Eddie Jones   Composer
Edward Schell   Composer
Perry Boyd   Composer
Bob Holmes   Producer
Raeford Gerald   Composer,Producer
Gilles Petard   Photo Courtesy
Bill Haney   Producer
Zell Sanders   Composer
Eddie Singleton   Composer,Producer
Milton Bennett   Composer
Billy Clements   Composer
Edward Jones   Composer
David Camon   Composer
Eddie Williams   Composer
Rony Darrell   Composer
Jimmie Raye   Composer
James Carmichael   Arranger
David Flynn   Photo Courtesy
David Sanford   Composer
Gary Sherman   Arranger
Paul Robinson   Producer
Phillip Springer   Composer
Robert Relf   Composer
Stanley "Mike" Ossman   Composer
Jimmy Bailey   Arranger
Andrew Smith   Arranger,Composer
Lawrence Banks   Composer
Herman Wesley Kelley   Composer
Bobby Wilburn   Composer
Ann Bridgeforth   Composer
Palao Pétard   Photo Courtesy

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