Deep-Sky Companions: Hidden Treasures

Deep-Sky Companions: Hidden Treasures

by Stephen James O'Meara

An original selection of 109 deep-sky objects for observers worldwide.See more details below


An original selection of 109 deep-sky objects for observers worldwide.

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'...many people know of author O'Meara as an eagle-eyed observer and wonderful writer. This book confirms his award-winning reputation. ...With is penchant to observe each object to the fullest, and a flair for creative description, O'Meara provides a great guidebook to these 109 beautiful objects. ...Highly recommended.' - J.R. Kraus, CHOICE

'...packed with detailed information and written in a most approachable style by a highly experienced and skilled visual observer...valuable and enthusiastically told entries for these deep sky marvels will enhance my observing.' - Journal of the British Astronomical Association

'Deep-Sky Companions: Hidden Treasures succeeds on several levels. It provides a well-written and well-researched guide to objects often overlooked by observers. The emphasis on objects accessible to those with modest instruments means it will appeal to most telescope owners and binocular observers. In describing his experiences observing these objectsm Mr O'Meara includes advice on observing techniques that will surely appeal to beginners ... But perhaps of greatest importance is the sense you get, while reading the book, that this is a joyful pursuit.' - Thomas Watson, Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews

Praise for Deep-Sky Companions: 'Steve O'Meara has done it again. [This book] is a beautifully written, personal guide for observing 109 of the most beautiful objects in the night sky, plus 20 more personally chosen deep-sky treasures. Coupled with O'Meara's own meticulous observations, the rich observational history and current scientific knowledge of each object bring this book to life, and the depth of O'Meara's writing makes it a real gem.' David H. Levy

'An indispensable guide for anyone who observes the night sky with a quality amateur telescope from a reasonably dark place. Here are tips for viewing - and understanding! - more than one hundred entrancing galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae available to the backyard enthusiast. With its wealth of scientific and historical information, and its poetic sensibility, the book gave me immense pleasure even before I left my easy chair.' Chet Raymo

'… there is no better guide than Stephen O'Meara's book. For each object there is a photograph, a finder chart, basic data, a discussion of what is seen through small telescopes, and some history of telescopic ideas. This is not a treatise on astrophysics, but an observer's guide, a worthy and superior successor to previous attempts.' Stephen P. Maran, Nature

'Steve O'Meara says the purpose of the book is to provide new and experienced observers with a fresh perspective on these objects. He has succeeded brilliantly.' Astronomy Space

'… impressive … contains careful descriptions of each object, finder maps, telescopic drawings, and photographs. The text is spirited and informed, and the result is a must-have on the bookshelf of deep-sky enthusiasts.' Astronomy Magazine

'… packed with useful advice, historical facts, and interesting anecdotes.' Robert Argyle, The Observatory

'… this is an excellent book and it deserves a place on the bookshelf of both the novice and experienced amateur astronomer.' Journal of the British Astronomical Association

'All in all, the book lives up to the author's claim about offering a new perspective and is thoroughly up to date and very readable book on the subject. I feel that it offers all deep sky observers something. Highly recommended.' Faith Jordan, Webb Society Quarterly Journal

'Hidden Treasures is not the sort of book you would pick up and read from cover to cover. Instead, you'll just keep it and delve into it when you need to, which you will do repeatedly. In fact, it's such a quality addition to your library that you may be reluctant to take it out at all, in case you accidentally ruin it.' BBC Sky at Night Magazine

'Anywhere on Earth labelled 'hidden' or 'undiscovered' can brace itself for an influx of visitors. The 'hidden treasures' described in this book will undoubtedly experience an upsurge of interest too, the difference being that you can visit them all without seriously enlarging your carbon footprint. Given the size it is remarkable that the publishers have kept the price down to an affordable level.' The Observatory

'… new and exciting observing guide … stunning photographs …' Spaceflight

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Deep-Sky Companions Series
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