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Deeper (Tunnels Series #2)

Deeper (Tunnels Series #2)

4.7 29
by Roderick Gordon

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The sequel to the New York Times Bestseller! Searching the bowels of the earth for his lost dad, Will stumbles across the Styx's diabolical plan to extinguish all Topsoilers. Dig DEEPER!

In TUNNELS, boy archaeologist Will Burrows went in search of his missing father--and discovered a sinister subterranean world. Now, wandering the dark, hot bowels beneath the


The sequel to the New York Times Bestseller! Searching the bowels of the earth for his lost dad, Will stumbles across the Styx's diabolical plan to extinguish all Topsoilers. Dig DEEPER!

In TUNNELS, boy archaeologist Will Burrows went in search of his missing father--and discovered a sinister subterranean world. Now, wandering the dark, hot bowels beneath the Colony with his best friend, Chester, and his brother, Cal, Will stumbles across the Styx's dastardly plan to exterminate all Topsoilers by unleashing a lethal plague. Slowly he begins to piece together the plot. But how can Will save the Topsoilers from annihilation when his own life is at risk--and his killer stepsister is still at large?

Editorial Reviews

In Tunnels, this series' first installment, youthful archaeologist Will Burrows went in search of his missing father and stumbled upon a huge, sinister subterranean world. In this stand-alone follow-up, the quick-witted Burrows pieces together more about the festering underground Colony and the ultimate goal of the insidious Styx: extinction for all the Topsoilers! A high-stakes fantasy adventure; a promising choice for reluctant male readers.
Children's Literature - Meagan Albright
Some sequels are slow-paced clunkers that serve more as a bridge between books one and three than as a work of quality literature. Deeper, sequel to New York Times Bestseller Tunnels, is not that kind of sequel. Instead it serves to enrich the world created by the first book with more complex plots, more sinister violence, more frightening fun and deeper connections between characters. The introduction of two new characters further expands the subterranean world. The enhanced character and plot development, combined with a darker and slightly more violent story, make Deeper a fast-paced and compelling read. It is a rare book that can create an entirely new fantastic, harsh, creative yet believable world for readers to visit. This book is not only sure to be a hit with existing fans of the series; it will also attract new readers to this dark and twisty world. Highly recommended for purchase by school and public libraries. Order multiple copies—this book will be popular! Reviewer: Meagan Albright
VOYA - Bonnie Kunzel
This sequel to Tunnels (Chicken House/ Scholastic, 2008/VOYA October 2008) begins with Will's biological mother, an escaped Colonist, evading the merciless Styx above ground, while Will, Chester, and Will's brother Cal are on the Miners' Train, headed into the Deeps, a place of dread for the people of the underground Colony. Chester, Will's friend from Topside, was tortured and then banished to the Deeps. Will, accompanied by Cal, has gone to save him and to look for Will's adoptive father, an archaeologist who is happily exploring the Deeps. He does not know that his daughter Rebecca is a changeling, a member of the Styx assigned to watch Will while he was growing up. Rebecca also leads the search for Will's mother, who after twelve years of freedom, is finally captured and, mislead to believe that Will is evil, that he (instead of the Styx) killed her brother, has kidnapped Cal, and must be destroyed. Soon Will's mother also is in the Deeps, armed and dangerous and after her son. Fortunately Will and company have met Drake, a Topsider brought below by the Styx for his engineering skills, who escaped and now battles against them, and Elliott, a teenage girl trained to be as deadly as he is, especially with explosives. Their mission is to survive and to stop the biological plague the Styx plan to spread topside. The cliffhanger ending leaves readers anxiously awaiting book three, Freefall. This page-turner has lots of action and deeds of derring-do for fans of dark, dystopian fantasies. Reviewer: Bonnie Kunzel
School Library Journal

Gr 5-9

This volume begins exactly where Tunnels (Scholastic, 2008) ended-with Will, Chester, and Cal on a train taking them away from the Colony to the deeper underground wilds. The authors waste no time with backstory and leap straight into the plot; they maintain a frenetic pace throughout via short chapters and nonstop action. The Styx, who tortured children in the last book, prove to be even more malevolent in this one. After teaming up with two renegades in the Deep, Will discovers that the Styx are planning to kill all of the humans living Topsoil so that the Colony can reclaim the Earth. Determined to stop them and to find his father, who is wandering lost in this underground world, Will is constantly running for his life, enduring hardships or caught in skirmishes with the militant Styx. There are dark moments in this book-references to torture, drug use, and intense violence-and several important characters die, but the pace is so rushed that readers have no time to dwell. Purchase where Tunnels is popular or where there is a need for action/adventure for readers who aren't afraid of the dark.-Caroline Tesauro, Radford Public Library, VA

Product Details

Recorded Books, LLC
Publication date:
Tunnels Series , #2
Age Range:
9 - 12 Years

Meet the Author

RODERICK GORDON and BRIAN WILLIAMS are coauthors of the international bestsellers TUNNELS, DEEPER, FREEFALL, and CLOSER. Williams divides his time between London and his native Liverpool; Gordon lives with his wife and children in Norfolk, England.

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Deeper 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
GuardianOverwatch More than 1 year ago
I would recommend this book to anybody who likes fast, exciting action. Good for any age (<12), and it is so exciting! I can visualize this book so well in my mind, it's awesome. YOU MUST READ THIS SERIES!!!
alexis121 More than 1 year ago
As the ending of Tunnels, Deeper is the next chapter of the main character, Will. Will finds himself inside the earths crust. Will, Chester his friend, and Cal his brother, finds themselves in the deeps where they meet two new friends, Drake and Elliot. They had to fight the evil creatures named Styx. They plan to kill all man kind above by they call "Top Soil/" They plan to kill us with the Dominion virus. But to find out what happens, start from the beginning, to the end. Tunnels, Deeper, Freefall, and closer.(When Closer comes out next year) Beware what lies underneath us, for it may be our worst nightmare! But for now we can only wait till we have to fight! Self Info: I think this book was great1 I loved the first book "Tunnels" and "Deeper!" I've already finished Freefall which is the third one of these series! A while ago, I sent the authors an e-mail, a few months later, they e-mailed me back! But to warn you all, these books have a lot of sadness and death in them as well as adventure and mystery.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this series of books! The authors have created such a unique and thrilling storyline. This is a definite page-turner and I would recommend it to anyone. The uniqueness will keep you wanting to read more. I cannot wait until Freefall comes out!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is awesome. I loved how the artwork was done, how they wrote it, and most of all the whole story. If you see this book you have to buy it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book, although I was disappointed in Will's behavior at the end of the book. I thought that he would have been more proactive about his actions and follow thorough with what Elliott had planned. Throughout the book, he was always there to protect his little brother Cal and he just wasn't there for him at the end. Very sad...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was hooked with Tunnels, and this book picks up right where that one left off. It also has new things to add, and definately some surprises, some even sad. I cannot wait for the next release!
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
After digging through the subterranean world of modern-day London in search of his father, fourteen-year-old Will Burrows ended up on the run from the diabolical Styx army with his best friend, Chester, and his newly discovered brother, Cal. As they travel deeper into the earth, they find dangers none of them ever dreamed possible. And the worst danger of all is the one from Will's murderous sister, Rebecca, who is leading the Styx army in an evil plot that threatens to wipe out those living above ground. But with their lives at risk far below, can Will and his small band of friends stay alive long enough to save those above? I enjoyed reading DEEPER even more than I enjoyed the first book, TUNNELS. The dark caverns of this book wound me along at a quick pace as it led me deeper and deeper into the story. I found myself happily submerged in the deeper and darker lives and trials of these characters. It wasn't as slow going as the first book since Gordon and Williams excavated and laid the groundwork for a solid underground world in TUNNELS. As a result, the plot and character development moved along at a much smoother pace in DEEPER. I am looking forward to the sequel so I can FREEFALL further into the depths of these characters' lives.
Lindsey_Miller More than 1 year ago
This sequel heightens the drama and the underlying story in far more detail. The first book is mostly about setting up the world and the characters, but Deeper reveals that there's a much larger world with powerful players and much at stake. It also sets up what should prove to be an interesting plot in the book after this one. As such, there are more layers of conflict and more elements of social commentary. Will unwittingly stumbles upon a war that's been going on for hundreds of years, and doesn't yet realize that he probably has a part to play for good. In addition, the themes of power and oppression from a ruling class who doesn't care about human life as well as the effect that religion has to blind its followers to a great tragedy going on around them or through them gives this fantasy tangible elements to the real world. On the other hand, Tunnels is an exclusively original fantasy, which makes it engaging and imaginative in other ways. The elements throughout and the back-story on how this underworld was created are unique to this tale. Certainly, this isn't the first time that a story has been told about people going down into the earth's crust, Journey to the Center of the Earth being the most popular. However, the world created in the Tunnels series is entirely unique to this subterranean fantasy. There are no elves or dragons, no vampires or werewolves and the only magic that shows up is through scientific discovery. I recommend this to any readers 11+. -Lindsey Miller, lindseyslibrary
LorenAnnesde More than 1 year ago
This was an extremely interesting book. I read Tunnels last year, and was immediately caught up in the intense plotline. Will's relations with both the Topsoil world and the Colony bring together a deep, dark, intriguing underworld and a normal, bright, London above. Gordan and Williams have certainly made a splash with this series. This book was full of fantastical creatures and unbelievable circumstances. This is definitely a story for science fiction/fantasy readers, though it may be enjoyable for other readers as well. It is located in the teen section of Barnes and Noble, and, being a teen, I found it to be one of my favorites. This would be a great gift to a son or daughter, niece or nephew for their birthday or Christmas (but I would suggest that you purchased Tunnels first). I would recommend this book to any teen. It was a great read, and I hope that others can enjoy it, too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KLK-Montana More than 1 year ago
The first book, "Tunnels," brings the characters to life. This second book, "Deeper," pits the characters not only against good and evil, but also each other. The authors have done a great job of creating a very interesting setting for this second book. I look forward to the third book in this series, as each book seems to draw you in further with the lives of the characters. Great fun reading for the whole family.
lifesawhirl More than 1 year ago
This sequel finds 14 year old Will Burrows, his younger brother Cal and friend Chester journey further underground into The Deeps; a place where those banished from the Colony are not expected to survive. They try to find Will's stepfather Dr Burrows, who wanders alone compiling a journal of it's hidden depths and seeking clues to a lost civilisation - quite oblivious to any danger, even when a large arachnid takes a liking to him! The boys struggle with the many adversities they face, in a world of everlasting darkness, exhausting heat, prehistoric creatures, deadly caves and vast expanses of desert, lava tubes and sea - to name but a few! They are befriended by renegades Blake and Elliott (girl), who are resilient and inventive in surviving the dangerous and difficult conditions. However, when they find that a small army of Styx is closing in on them, pursuing them day and night, they soon realise that it is `Will' who they are hunting - but why and by whom takes them by surprise. In The Deeps the Styx have been devising a weapon that will cleanse the world of the sinners who live above ground (Topsoilers - us!), enabling them to return to the surface and regain what they see is rightfully theirs. Will eventually comes face to face with his adoptive sister Rebecca and realises that she is at the heart of the plan, but - she is not alone!! I would say this sequel is suited to ages 11+ (fluent readers). I see it appealing to children, teens and adults who enjoy a fast paced, action-packed `dark' adventure, nail biting suspense and a few surprises along the way - some more grisly than others! Deeper gets off to a flying start and retains it's momentum with three contrasting stories of Will, Sarah Jerome and Dr Burrows. After the frantic journeys to exotic places in the far reaches of the Deeps, I was ready for the dramatic finale at The Pore. A thrilling end, not without death and sorrow (will say no more!), with also a flavour of what may follow. The characters are believable and compelling, pushed to extremes their insecurities are heightened and their courage and friendship tested. I particularly enjoyed the stories of Sarah and Cal, who both faced such diverse emotions. Sarah with her strength and survival instincts, but what a contrast when she opens up about losing her baby - a mother and a heroine for me. The early exuberance of Cal was soon eroded by his time in The Deeps, despite Will's best efforts to protect his young brother, and I found myself wanting to rescue him from the physical and emotional pain he endured. The fluent and descriptive writing made this menacing and oppressive subterranean world below the streets of London, come alive for me. The attention to detail and vivid imagery so meticulously formed in Tunnels has paid off, making this sequel a sensational and rewarding read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago