Defect-Interface Interactions: Volume 319

Defect-Interface Interactions: Volume 319

by Alexander H. King

ISBN-10: 1558992189

ISBN-13: 9781558992184

Pub. Date: 03/10/1994

Publisher: Materials Research Society

The MRS Symposium Proceeding series is an internationally recognised reference suitable for researchers and practitioners.  See more details below


The MRS Symposium Proceeding series is an internationally recognised reference suitable for researchers and practitioners.

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Materials Research Society
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MRS Proceedings Series
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Table of Contents

Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings
Misfit Dislocations at Metal/Ceramic Interfaces3
HREM Investigation of Al-MgO Interface15
Structure-Property Relationship of Metal-Ceramic Interfaces Produced by Laser Processing21
HREM Observations, Peels Analysis and Numerical Simulations of Au/Ni MBE Multilayers33
Molecular Statics of a Ni/Zr Heterophase Interface39
The Nature of Oxygen-Related Polytypoids in the Aluminum Nitride-Aluminum Oxide System45
Interfaces in Silicon Carbide Whisker and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Calcium Phosphate Composites51
The Use of Thin Film Substrates to Study Enhanced Solid-State Phase Transformations57
Observation of the Phase-Boundary Controlled Formation of NiAl[subscript 2]O[subscript 4] from a Single-Crystal NiO Thin Film and a Single-Crystal [alpha]-Al[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] Substrate63
Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of a Complex Oxide System69
Second Phases and Impurity Segregations in MgO- and NiO-Co-Doped Alumina75
TEM Analysis of Interfacial Reactions Between TiWN, WN Gate Metallizations and GaAs in Mesfet Devices81
Characteristics of PdAl Schottky Contacts to n-GaAs87
The Development of Solid Phase Regrowth on GaAs and Its Applications93
Interdiffusion Enhancement in AlGaAs/GaAs Superlattices in the Presence of Carbon105
Atomic Scale Interface Structure of In[subscript 0.2]Ga[subscript 0.8]As/GaAs Strained Layers Studied by Cross-Sectional Scanning Tunneling Microscopy111
TEM Studies of Impurity Induced Defects in GaAs Grown by CBE117
Determination of the State of Deformation in Epitaxial Layers Using High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction123
TEM Investigation of CdTe/GaAs(001) Interfaces129
Relationship Between Crystal Defects, Ge Outdiffusion and V/III Ratio in MOVPE Grown (001) GaAs/Ge135
A Novel Approach for the Production of Low Dislocation Relaxed SiGe Material141
Nucleation of Dislocations in SiGe Layers147
Simulations of the Dislocation Array at Ge/Si Interfaces153
Behavior of Damage in Selectively Implanted SiGe/Si159
Dissociation of Misfit Dislocations in GeSi/{111}Si Interfaces165
Defect Growth Interruption Phenomena Related to Impurity Atoms in Growing Multilayer Si-Si[subscript 1-x]Ge[subscript x] Systems Deposited by APCVD171
Observation of Open-Ended Stacking Fault Tetrahedra in Si[subscript 0.85]Ge[subscript 0.15] Grown on V-Grooved (001) Si and Planar (111) Si Substrates177
Diffusion of Ge Along Grain Boundaries During Oxidation of Polycrystalline Silicon-Germanium Films183
Formation of Extrinsic Defects at the Amorphous-Crystalline Interface in Ion-Implanted Silicon189
Microstructural Examination of Extended Crystal Defects in Silicon Selective Epitaxial Growth (SEG)195
On In-Situ Study of Dislocation/Grain Boundary Interactions Using X-Ray Topography and TEM203
In-Situ IMEV TEM and HREM Study of the Deformation and the Transformation of Symmetrical Tilt Grain Boundaries in Ge and Si215
The Morphology of Grain Boundary Interactions with Twins in [actual symbol not reproducible]227
Atomic Scale Structure and Chemistry of Interfaces by Z-Contrast Imaging and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy in the Stem233
Atomistic Calculations and HRTEM Observations of An {001} Tilt Boundary in Rutile239
Crystallite Rotation Experiments Revisited: The Contribution of Free-Surface Interactions245
A Modified Approach to the Modelling of Grain Boundary Structure in Materials with an Hexagonal Crystal Structure251
A Multi-Plane Model for Defect Nucleation at Cracks257
The Slip Transfer Process through Grain Boundaries in HCP Ti263
Migration Dynamics of a [Sigma] = 3 {112} Boundary in Aluminum273
Interactions of Dislocations and Deformation Twins with Interfacial Boundaries in Titanium Aluminides279
The Interaction Between Dislocations and Lamellar Grain Boundaries in PST [gamma] TiAl285
Structural Evolution and Deformation in an Aluminum-Based Solid Solution Alloy with Submicron Grain Size293
Experimental Measurement of the Local Electronic Structure of Grain Boundaries in Ni[subscript 3]Al299
Nearly Dislocation-Free APB Termination at Pure Grain Boundary Step Defects in Ll[subscript O] Alloys305
On the Mechanism of Transformation of [gamma]-TiAJ from [actual symbol not reproducible]311
Computer Simulation of Creation of Dislocations in Copper Small Crystals319
Computer Simulation of Tensile Deformation of Titanium Small Single Crystals with Stacking Faults325
Computer Simulation of Creation of Dislocations in Titanium Small Crystals331
Sans Measurements of Deuterium Trapped at Grain Boundaries in Palladium339
Localized Influence of Solute on the Stacking Fault Energy of Dilute Al-Based Solid Solutions345
Growth of Grain Boundary Precipitates as a Function of Misorientation in an Al-5 WT% Cu Alloy351
Grain Boundary Precipitate Density as a Function of Time and Misorientation in an Al-5 Wt% Cu Alloy357
Effect of Boron and Hydrogen on the Electronic Structure of Ni[subscript 3]Al363
Effect of Molybdenum on the Electronics Structure of Iron Grain Boundaries with Phosphorus and Boron369
Computer Simulation of Vacancy Segregation at Antiphase Domain Boundaries During Coarsening375
Interface Controlled Amorphization of Crystalline Ni/Ti Multilayers381
Diffusion-Induced Grain Boundary Migratio

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