Defected in the House: Eivissa 07 [CD/DVD]

Defected in the House: Eivissa 07 [CD/DVD]

by Simon Dunmore

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In The House Uk

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Disc 1

  1. Get Down /The Movement
  2. Given Me Joy
  3. Guessin Again
  4. It's Gonna Work Out
  5. Pillow Talk
  6. U Don't Know
  7. Through the Rain
  8. Muevete Mama
  9. My Guitar
  10. Kiss the Moon
  11. The Sun Can't Compare
  12. What God Has Chosen
  13. Hang Around
  14. Listen to the Drums
  15. Touched the Sky
  16. Shine

Disc 2

  1. Poor People /Jus' Dance
  2. Time After Time
  3. What's Your Name? /Ta Riene
  4. Sweat
  5. All Woman
  6. Basic
  7. Mixdown
  8. Drums of Ghodrat /That's How Good Your Love I [Louis Benedetti Main Mix
  9. Put Your Drink Down
  10. Cabo Parano
  11. My Reflection
  12. Moon Bounce/I'm Inspired
  13. Rise from Your Grave
  14. Everybody Feelin
  15. Music Saved My Life
  16. I Wanna...
  17. Cool It

Disc 3

  1. Jus' Dance
  2. Limit
  3. I Pray
  4. The Movement
  5. Da Bump
  6. Church Lady
  7. All Woman/Give You /I'm Inspired
  8. What God Has Chosen /Love Generation [RC Acapell
  9. He's Getting on My Nerves /Discopolis
  10. I Feel for You /That's How Good Your Love Is [
  11. Drums of Ghodrat
  12. Shake Dat Booty

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Simon Dunmore   Primary Artist
Jim Morrison   Background Vocals
Jocelyn Brown   Vocals
K. Scott   Background Vocals
Brian Allen   Background Vocals
Gary Hudgins   Keyboards
Guy N'Sangue   Bass
Roy Davis   Background Vocals
Mitch Williams   Vocals
Danny Rampling   Musical Direction
Roland Clark   Track Performer
DJ Pierre   Background Vocals
Ralphie Muniz   Background Vocals
Peter Lerner   Guitar
Johnny Dangerous   Vocals
"Little" Louie Vega   Keyboards
Bob Sinclar   Background Vocals,Human Whistle
Dennis Ferrer   Keyboards
Fred Jackson   Saxophone
Louis Benedetti   Keyboards
Mamani Keita   Background Vocals
Michele Chiavarini   Keyboards
Osunlade   Track Performer
Martin Solveig   Vocals
Heather Johnson   Vocals
Irvin Madden   Guitar,Keyboards
Jay Juniel   Keyboards
Abigail Bailey   Vocals
JB Gaudray   Guitar
Alix Alvarez   Keyboards
K.T. Brooks   Background Vocals
Tasita D'Mour   Background Vocals
Gary "Nesta" Pine   Vocals
Ben Westbeech   Vocals
Laurent Meyer   Baritone Saxophone,Soloist
Alessandra Volanthen   Vocals
Stephy Haik   Vocals,Background Vocals
Marc Evans   Background Vocals
B. Cutee   Keyboards
Shinji Nakamura   Keyboards
Tom "Tom" Naim   Guitar
Irfane Khan   Vocals
Waleed Issacs   Background Vocals
Ivor Chrichlow   Vocals

Technical Credits

Kevin Fisher   Composer
Todd Terry   Producer
Oscar G.   Producer
Kerri Chandler   Producer
Dave Darlington   Programming,Vocal Engineer
Mark Grant   Arranger,Producer
Gary Hudgins   Composer,Vocal Arrangements
Bill Klatt   Engineer
Stefano Pulga   Composer
Sean Spencer   Composer
Hubert Tubbs   Composer
Roy Davis   Producer
DJ Sneak   Producer
Francis Poulet   Composer
Jon Ciafone   Composer
Danny Rampling   Producer
Roland Clark   Composer
Larry Heard   Composer,Producer
Rafael Hernandez Muniz   Composer
DJ Pierre   Producer
Kenny Dope   Producer
Cevin Fisher   Producer
Lem Springsteen   Composer
John O'Donnell   Engineer
Guido Caliandro   Composer,Engineer
Stacy Kidd   Producer
"Little" Louie Vega   Arranger,Producer
Bob Sinclar   Producer
Jose Burgos   Composer
Martin Buttrich   Composer,Producer
Dennis Ferrer   Arranger,Producer,drum programming
Danny VanWauwe   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Luciano Ninzatti   Composer
Mikael Delta   Arranger,Producer
Uovo   Producer
Louis Benedetti   Arranger,Producer,drum programming
Simon Dunmore   Author
Shuya Okino   Composer
Claas Brieler   Composer,Producer
Osunlade   Creation
Martin Solveig   Composer,Remixing,Horn Director
Paul Timothy   Programming,Producer,Instrumentation
Dino Angioletti   Composer,Producer
Monique Bingham   Composer
Yas Inoue   Engineer
Irvin Madden   Composer
Duce Martinez   Composer
Georg Levin   Remixing
Steffen "Dixon" Berkhahn   Remixing
Chris Avdel   Engineer
Jay Juniel   Introduction
Adam Unsworth   Composer
Sam Holt   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Spencer Gray   Composer
Ben Johnson   Executive Producer
Graham Lord   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Diviniti   Composer
Alix Alvarez   Producer,drum programming
Jean Guy Schreiner   drum programming,Creative Consultant
Quentin Harris   Composer,Producer
Gary Deane Ahrens   Composer
Yannick Labbé   Producer
Thommy Davis   Arranger,Producer
Andy Ward & Deep Josh   Programming,Producer
Ben Westbeech   Composer,Producer
Laurent Meyer   Horn Director
Alessandra Volanthen   Arranger
Kevin Brooks   Engineer
Marc Evans   Vocal Arrangements
Cordell McClary   Composer
Roy Rox   Composer,Producer
B. Cutee   Engineer
Adam Rios   Engineer
Mikael Nybom   Composer,Producer
Shinji Nakamura   Composer
Craig Loftis   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Sven Kirschner   Producer
Irfane Khan   Composer,Programming,Producer
Yves Jorgen   Producer
Michael Beim   Composer,Producer
DJ Rame   Producer
Steve Barian   Engineer
Ivor Chrichlow   Producer
Yves Galliard   Composer,Producer
Christophe Hoeffel   Composer,Producer
Lifelike   Composer

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