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The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book

The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book

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by Jill Sherwin

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1. How many tribbles did Spock calculate had bred aboard Deep Space Station K-7?
2. What type of life-form was the Caretaker?
A. Sporocystian B. Solanagen C. Silicon D. Unidentifiable
3. In which episode is a


1. How many tribbles did Spock calculate had bred aboard Deep Space Station K-7?
2. What type of life-form was the Caretaker?
A. Sporocystian B. Solanagen C. Silicon D. Unidentifiable
3. In which episode is a deaf mediator the key to ending a war that has persisted for fifteen centuries?
4. Match the ship with its appropriate registry number:
A. U.S.S. Voyager i. NX-74205
B. U.S.S. Defiant ii. NX-2000
C. U.S.S. Pegasus iii. NCC-74656
D. U.S.S. Excelsior iv. NCC-53847
5. Name:
A. Sulu's daughter C. Kira's father
B. Troi's older sister D. Tuvok's wife
The answers to those questions and many others are just pages away in The Definitive Star Trek Trivia Book, the ultimate collection of memory testers, brainteasers, and mind-bending minutiae from thirty-four years of movies and TV series. More than two thousand fill-in-the-blanks, multiple-choice questions, and matching questions are organized into themed chapters such as "Galactic History," "About the Crews," "Alien Species," "Star Trek Science," and "Command Questions." This jam-packed, fun-filled illustrated trivia book is just what devoted Star Trek fans have always wanted: the means to test themselves and one another on one of the richest and most complex fictional universes ever created.

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SECTION ONE: STAR TREK®: The Original Series


1. In "Where No Man Has Gone Before," what member of the U.S.S. Enterprise crew is mentioned to have attended Starfleet Academy with Kirk?

(a) Gary Mitchell (b) Lee Kelso

(c) Mark Piper (d) Elizabeth Dehner

2. Who was Kirk's nemesis at the academy?

3. What ship was Kirk's first assignment after graduating from the academy?

4. A transporter mishap created an evil duplicate of Kirk in which episode?

(a) "Balance of Terror" (b) "The Devil in the Dark"

(c) "The Enemy Within" (d) "Mirror, Mirror"

5. What did Kirk make from the raw materials on hand in "Arena"?

6. What creature's poison nearly killed Kirk in "A Private Little War"?

7. What name did an amnesiac Kirk go by in "The Paradise Syndrome"?

8. What disease did Kirk nearly die from as a child and later passed on in "The Mark of Gideon"?

(a) Xenopolycythemia (b) Vegan choriomeningitis

(c) Synthococcus novae (d) Rigellian Kassaba fever

9. In "The Enterprise Incident," what species did Kirk have himself surgically altered to look like?

10. Of whom did Abraham Lincoln say Kirk reminded him?

11. In "The Tholian Web," which two officers listened to Kirk's last taped orders?

12. As a young man, Kirk survived the massacre of 4,000 colonists on what planet?


13. True or false: Spock served aboard the Enterprise longer than Kirk, Leonard McCoy, or Montgomery Scott.

14. What was Spock's dual position aboard the Enterprise?

15. The Horta found what aspect of Spock's appearance most appealing?

16. In "Return to Tomorrow," where was Spock's consciousness hidden when Henoch destroyed the globe-shaped vessel that contained it?

17. What is Spock's blood type?

18. What was Spock's mother's profession?

19. Name Spock's fiancée.

20. Whom did she wish to marry instead?

21. Who opposed Spock's choice to serve in Starfleet?

(a) T'Pau (b) T'Pring (c) Amanda (d) Sarek

22. Spock was blinded in what episode?

(a) "Is There in Truth No Beauty?"

(b) "Operation: Annihilate!"

(c) "A Taste of Armageddon"

(d) "The Alternative Factor"

23. What level computer expert classification does Spock hold?

(a) A7 (b) B9 (c) A12 (d) Delta Vega

24. In which episode did Spock first wear an IDIC symbol?

(a) "Journey to Babel"

(b) "Amok Time"

(c) "The Savage Curtain"

(d) "Is There in Truth No Beauty?"


25. What was Kirk's nickname for McCoy?

26. What was Nancy Crater's nickname for McCoy?

27. What was McCoy's position aboard the Enterprise?

28. In which episode did McCoy require Kirk to eat a salad?

(a) "The Corbomite Maneuver" (b) "Arena"

(c) "Balance of Terror" (d) "Charlie X"

29. In which episode did McCoy "finally get the last word"?

(a) "A Private Little War" (b) "This Side of Paradise"

(c) "Journey to Babel" (d) "The Enterprise Incident"

30. What two characters from a children's novel did McCoy see in "Shore Leave"?

31. By whom was McCoy apparently killed in "Shore Leave"?

32. Name the gladiator McCoy fought in "Bread and Circuses."

(a) Septimus (b) Flavius

(c) Claudius (d) Merikus

33. With what medication did McCoy accidentally inject himself in "The City on the Edge of Forever"?

34. McCoy delivered a baby on what planet?

(a) Capella IV (b) Omega IV (c) Omicron Ceti III

(d) Sarpeidon

35. What particular piece of Enterprise equipment was McCoy especially disdainful of using?

(a) Shuttlecraft (b) Phaser (c) Transporter

(d) Computer

36. Name the woman McCoy married during The Original Series.


37. What was Scott's position aboard the Enterprise?

38. Scott was always concerned about the condition of his

(a) Captain (b) Shipmates (c) Engines

(d) Employment

39. In what episode was Scott struck by what looks like a lightning bolt?

(a) "Charlie X" (b) "Wolf in the Fold"

(c) "The Apple" (d) "Who Mourns for Adonais?"

40. In what A&A officer was Scott romantically interested?

(a) Lieutenant Mira Romaine

(b) Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas

(c) Lieutenant Marla McGivers

(d) Lieutenant Uhura

41. Which two officers took Scotty down to Argelius II for shore leave?

42. What killed Scott and then returned him to life?

43. What are Scott's favorite reading materials?

44. What do the Klingons insult to provoke Scott in "The Trouble With Tribbles"?

45. What is Scott's weapon of choice against Tomar in "By Any Other Name"?

46. In "Whom Gods Destroy," what security code did Scott use, per Kirk's orders?

(a) King to King's Level Three

(b) Queen to Queen's Level Three

(c) King to Queen's Level Three

(d) Queen to King's Level Three

47. In which of these episodes was Scott heard but not seen?

(a) "City on the Edge of Forever"

(b) "All Our Yesterdays"

(c) "Court Martial"

(d) "The Cage"


48. Scott was

(a) Icelandic (b) British (c) Irish (d) Scottish


49. Name the episode in which Sulu first appeared.

50. In that same episode, Sulu's job was

(a) Helmsman (b) Physicist (c) Transporter chief

(d) Security officer

51. In which episode did Sulu almost die of exposure to subzero cold?

(a) "The Enemy Within" (b) "The Naked Time"

(c) "All Our Yesterdays" (d) "Space Seed"

52. Name Sulu's plant in "The Man Trap."

53. In "The Naked Time," Sulu ran around the ship with what weapon?

54. By what machine was Sulu "absorbed"?

(a) M-5 (b) Norman (c) Nomad(d) Landru

55. In "Shore Leave," Sulu is chased by

(a) Strafing airplanes (b) A large white rabbit

(c) A samurai (d) A knight on horseback

56. Which episode opens with Sulu running for his life?

57. What physical feature distinguishes the mirror universe Sulu from the Sulu of our own universe?

58. In "Tomorrow Is Yesterday," Sulu joins Kirk on a mission to steal what?

59. In which one of the following episodes is Sulu seen commanding the Enterprise?

(a) "Balance of Terror"

(b) "Errand of Mercy"

(c) "The Squire of Gothos"

(d) "A Taste of Armageddon"

60. Sulu was saved by a few drops of cordrazine in what episode?


61. Besides English, what other language was Uhura known to speak?

62. Which was the only episode in which Uhura wore a gold uniform?

(a) "Mudd's Women"

(b) "Court Martial"

(c) "The Corbomite Maneuver"

(d) "The Man Trap"

63. Which crew member does Uhura tease with a song in "Charlie X"?

64. What did Nomad do to Uhura?

65. With whom does Uhura flirt in "Mirror, Mirror"?

66. With what do the androids tempt Uhura in "I, Mudd"?

67. While on leave on Deep Space Station K-7, Uhura wanted to go

(a) Swimming (b) Dancing (c) Shopping

(d) Rock climbing

68. Who went along with Uhura to K-7?

69. Who was Uhura's drill thrall in "The Gamesters of Triskelion"?

(a) Shahna (b) Galt (c) Lars (d) Tamoon

70. To whom did Uhura lend her cabin in "Elaan of Troyius"?

(a) Elaan (b) Petri (c) Kryton

(d) The ruler of Troyius

71. What fear of Uhura's is shown in "And the Children Shall Lead"?

72. Who did Uhura kiss in "Plato's Stepchildren"?


73. What was Chekov's job aboard the Enterprise?

74. Chekov firmly believed that everything was a ________ invention.

75. According to Chekov, Scotch whiskey was invented by a little old lady from ________ .

76. What frightened Chekov in "The Deadly Years"?

77. With whom did Chekov flirt in "The Apple"?

(a) Yeoman Tamura (b) Yeoman Rand

(c) Yeoman Mears (d) Yeoman Landon

78. In "The Trouble With Tribbles," who was assigned to keep Chekov out of trouble on Deep Space Station K-7?

79. On the bridge, whose station did Chekov often man when it was vacated?

(a) Kirk's (b) Spock's (c) Scott's (d) Uhura's

80. Who was Chekov's drill thrall in "The Gamesters of Triskelion"?

(a) Shahna (b) Galt (c) Lars (d) Tamoon

81. Name the episode in which Chekov was apparently killed.

82. Who was his love interest in the same episode?

83. What was the name of Chekov's phantom brother in "Day of the Dove"?

(a) Yuri (b) Misha (c) Piotr (d) Boris

84. Name the Starfleet cadet with whom Chekov was romantically involved before she dropped out of the academy.


85. With which crew member was Christine Chapel infatuated?

86. Name Chapel's long-lost fiancé.

87. What was Chapel's job?

88. Chapel was blond in every episode she appeared in except one, in which her hair was brown. That episode was

(a) "The Lights of Zetar"

(b) "Turnabout Intruder"

(c) "Spock's Brain"

(d) "The Gamesters of Triskelion"

89. Name the two episodes in which Kevin Riley appeared.

90. Riley was very proud of his ________ heritage.

91. While infected by the Psi 2000 virus, Riley locked himself in ________ and declared himself captain of the Enterprise.

92. Where were Riley's parents killed?

(a) Tarsus IV (b) Deneb V

(c) Gamma Hydra IV (d) Earth Colony 2

93. Dr. M'Benga was a

(a) Psychiatrist (b) Physician (c) Dentist

(d) Anesthesiologist

94. Where did Dr. M'Benga intern?

(a) Vulcan (b) Altair (c) Deneva (d) Mars

95. Name the two episodes in which Dr. M'Benga appeared.

96. Who was under Dr. M'Benga's care after receiving a gunshot wound?

97. What was Harry Mudd's full name?

98. In which two episodes did Mudd appear?

99. The first time Mudd appeared, what alias did he use?

100. What was Mudd's wife's name?

(a) Alice (b) Trudy (c) Stella (d) T'Pring

101. In "The Cage," which of the following does Captain Pike not come up with as a possibility for a career change?

(a) Go home (b) Go into business on Regulus

(c) Sell tribbles (d) Become an Orion trader

102. Who was left in command of the Enterprise while Captain Pike led the landing party?

103. Who was the only survivor of the S.S. Columbia when it crashed on Talos IV?

104. In "Where No Man Has Gone Before," the Enterprise's chief medical officer was

(a) Dr. Van Gelder (b) Dr. Boyce (c) Dr. Dehner

(d) Dr. Piper

105. In "The Corbomite Maneuver," who was the crewman who stayed on Balok's ship for the purpose of cultural exchange?

106. Name the civilization to which Balok's ship belonged.

107. Into what animal did Charlie transform Yeoman Tina Lawton?

(a) Iguana (b) Cat (c) Tribble (d) Monkey

108. Name the episode in which a shipboard wedding ceremony was interrupted.

109. Who was prejudiced against Spock in "Balance of Terror"?

(a) Stiles (b) DeSalle (c) Tomlinson

(d) Tormolen

110. What destroyed the Old Ones of Exo III?

111. What was the name of the female android built by Dr. Roger Korby?

(a) Alice (b) Andrea (c) Rayna (d) Lethe

112. Name the android that transferred Dr. Korby's mind into an android body.

113. Who killed Anton Karidian?

114. Whom did Kirk suspect Anton Karidian to be?

115. What was the name of Ben Finney's daughter?

116. For whom was she named?

117. Kirk served under the command of the father of which Enterprise crew member?

118. Name the twentieth-century U.S. Air Force pilot who spotted the Enterprise in Earth's atmosphere.

119. How many "witches" tried to warn off the landing party in "Catspaw"?

120. In "Space Seed," who was the Enterprise historian who chose to join Khan?

(a) Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas (b) John Gill

(c) Dr. Helen Noel (d) Lieutenant Marla McGivers

121. Khan was the absolute ruler of how much of Earth?

(a) Three quarters (b) One half (c) One third

(d) One quarter

122. In "Wolf in the Fold," Mr. Hengist came from what planet?

(a) Alpha Carinae V (b) Alpha Majoris I

(c) Argelius II (d) Rigel IV

123. By what name was the Redjac entity known on Earth?

124. By whom is Yeoman Tonia Barrows attacked in "Shore Leave"?

125. Whom did Kirk fight in "Arena"?

126. Who set up the battle in "Arena"?

127. Which of these items did Cyrano Jones not try to sell to the bartender on Deep Space Station K-7?

(a) Spican flame gems (b) Kevas and trillium

(c) Antarian Glow Water (d) Tribbles

128. In "Metamorphosis," with whom did the Companion merge?

129. In "Who Mourns for Adonais?" which Greek god captured the Enterprise?

(a) Zeus (b) Artemis (c) Ares (d) Apollo

130. In "The Apple," who was the leader of the people who fed Vaal?

131. In "Assignment: Earth," who were the two agents whose progress Gary Seven was sent to check?

(a) 806 and 912 (b) 201 and 347 (c) 14 and 007

(d) 86 and 99

132. For whom is "Gary Seven" a code name?

133. In "Plato's Stepchildren," which Platonian did not have telekinetic powers?

134. In "Requiem for Methuselah," what was the name of Flint's android?

135. In "All Our Yesterdays," who operated the atavachron?

136. Who condemned Zarabeth to exile?

137. Which of the following women was not attracted to Spock?

(a) The Romulan commander (b) Leila Kalomi

(c) Helen Noel (d) Droxine

138. Who commanded Starbase 11 in "Court Martial"?

(a) Commodore Stone (b) Commodore Mendez

(c) Commodore Stocker (d) Commodore Wesley

139. Who was described as a "work of art" in "The Cloud Minders"?

140. In "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" Dr. Miranda Jones was

(a) Deaf (b) Mute (c) Blind (d) Paralyzed


141. How many people were aboard the Enterprise when Pike was captain?

(a) 203 (b) 428 (c) 430 (d) 1,012

142. Which class of starship was the original Enterprise?

(a) Constellation (b) Constitution (c) Excelsior

(d) Galaxy

143. When the Enterprise travels faster than the speed of light, this is called ________ speed.

144. Warp propulsion was made possible in part by crystals.

145. In "Mudd's Women," these crystals were referred to by a slightly different name. What was it?

146. Scotty was often climbing into access tunnels known as ________ .

147. What was the weapons storage area aboard the Enterprise called?

148. From what room could the ship be run in an emergency?

149. With what Enterprise facility did Khan threaten Kirk's life?

150. In "The Apple," what emergency procedure does Kirk order for freeing the Enterprise if all else fails?

(a) Warp engine implosion (b) Slingshot maneuver

(c) Saucer separation (d) Impulse engine overload

151. In "Is There in Truth No Beauty," one of the original designers of the Enterprise comes aboard. The engineer's name is

(a) Commander Orfil Quinteros

(b) Dr. Laurence Marvick

(c) Dr. Leah Brahms

(d) Dr. Miranda Jones

152. Which of the following was mentioned to exist aboard the Enterprise?

(a) Racquetball court (b) Dance hall

(c) Bowling alley (d) Firing range


rd153. In "The Doomsday Machine," who was the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Constellation?

154. What was his rank?

155. What ship captain became first citizen of a parallel Roman Empire in "Bread and Circuses"?

156. In "Whom Gods Destroy," the shape-changing technique used by Garth of Izar was called

(a) Cellular metamorphosis (b) Shape-shifting

(c) Metagenesis (d) Molecular realignment

157. Garth proclaimed himself

(a) Lord Garth (b) King Garth

(c) Emperor Garth (d) The Divine Garth

158. Garth's followers did not include

(a) An Andorian (b) A Vulcan (c) A Tellarite

(d) An Orion

159. In "The Omega Glory," Ronald Tracey was captain of what starship?

(a) U.S.S. Endeavour (b) U.S.S. Excelsior

(c) U.S.S. Exeter (d) U.S.S. Excalibur

160. Tracey violated what Federation law?

161. Tracey believed that planet Omega IV held the key to ________ .

162. In "Turnabout Intruder," who fulfilled her dreams of starship command by forcibly switching bodies with Kirk?

163. In "The Enemy Within," the "evil" Kirk demanded what from McCoy?

164. In "The Enterprise Incident," a seemingly insane Kirk was apparently killed by Spock with what bogus technique?


165. In "The Return of the Archons," which of the following characters was not absorbed by Landru?

(a) Kirk (b) McCoy (c) Sulu

(d) Lieutenant O'Neil

166. If you were absorbed by Landru, you were

(a) Of the Mind (b) Of the Body

(c) Of the Collective (d) Landru's children

167. Name the two planets that fought a war via computers in "A Taste of Armageddon."

168. In "The Changeling," who was revealed to be Nomad's creator?

169. What alien robot probe did Nomad encounter after being damaged?

(a) Ba'ku (b) Mab-Bu (c) Gomtuu (d) Tan Ru

170. In "The Apple," what computer relied on the primitive people of Gamma Trianguli VI to provide it with sustenance?

171. What computer system used a humanoid brain to sustain the subterranean environment of the Eymorg?

172. Whose brain was stolen to run this system?

173. What was the name of the multitronic computer that took control of the Enterprise?

(a) B-9 (b) K-7 (c) M-4 (d) M-5

174. In "The Ultimate Computer," who created a computer system intended to replace starship captains?

175. In "For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky," name the computer who enforced the laws of Yonada.

176. In "Tomorrow Is Yesterday," it was revealed that the Enterprise computer had been provided with a female personality by the technicians of what planet?

(a) Ingraham B (b) Cygnet XIV

(c) Berengaria VII (d) Talos IV


177. In "Dagger of the Mind," Dr. Adams placed the suggestion in Kirk's mind that he was in love with which crewmate?

(a) Janice Rand (b) Marla McGivers

(c) Helen Noel (d) Marlena Moreau

178. What centuries-old adolescent developed a crush on Kirk when he visited her planet?

179. In "The Deadly Years," an aging Kirk is helped by his former girlfriend. She was

(a) Janet Wallace (b) Ruth (c) Areel Shaw

(d) Dr. Carol Marcus

180. What was Areel Shaw's profession?

181. In "Mirror, Mirror," who was the "captain's woman" of the alternate Kirk?

182. In "Shore Leave," which of Kirk's ex-girlfriends does Kirk seem to encounter?

183. Who was starring in the movie Edith Keeler wanted to see with Kirk in "The City on the Edge of Forever"?

(a) Errol Flynn (b) Spencer Tracy

(c) Clark Gable (d) Humphrey Bogart

184. In "By Any Other Name," Kelinda's people came from what galaxy?

185. What was Elaan's title as leader of Elas?

(a) Empress (b) Duchess (c) Dauphin

(d) Dohlman

186. In "The Mark of Gideon," with whom was Kirk trapped on a phony Enterprise?

(a) Odona (b) Deela (c) Vanna (d) Kara

187. Who thought Kirk would be an ideal mate in "Wink of an Eye"?

(a) Odona (b) Deela (c) Vanna (d) Kara

188. In one episode of The Original Series, Kirk got married. Name his wife.


189. Who was the only character to cross over from the original pilot, "The Cage," to the regular series?

190. What was the duration of the Enterprise's original mission under Kirk?

191. Which of the following did not happen because of the disease contracted on Psi 2000?

(a) Spock cried. (b) Sulu fenced.

(c) Riley sang. (d) Uhura danced.

192. In "The Man Trap," the M-113 creature needed ________ to survive.

193. How many colonists did Kodos the Executioner condemn to death?

194. What creature did Spock imagine he saw in the clouds of Omicron Ceti III?

195. Match the following Enterprise crew members with the alien consciousnesses who possessed them in "Return to Tomorrow":

(a) Kirk

(b) Spock

(c) Dr. Ann Mulhall

i. Henoch

ii. Thalassa

iii. Sargon

196. Which Enterprise crew member had been to Capella IV prior to events in "Friday's Child"?

(a) Kirk (b) Spock (c) McCoy (d) Scott

197. In "Plato's Stepchildren," the Platonians' gift to Kirk was a ________ .

198. With what game did Kirk distract his captors in "A Piece of the Action"?

199. In "The Cloud Minders," by what name were the miners of Ardana known?

200. What color shirt did you not want to be wearing if you were part of a landing party?

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Meet the Author

Jill Sherwin is the author of Quotable Star Trek, a contributor to The Lives of Dax, and a former assistant to the writers/ producers of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She is currently working as a freelance writer. Along with her books, she counts her proudest achievements as being her mom's kid and her dog's dad.

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