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Delius Edition

Delius Edition


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Disc 1

  1. Brigg Fair
  2. In a Summer Garden
  3. The Walk to the Paradise Garden (A Village Romeo and Juliet)
  4. 1. Autumn
  5. 2. Winter Landscape
  6. 3. Dance
  7. 4. The March of Spring

Disc 2

  1. Molto moderato
  2. Poco più vivo ma moderato
  3. Andante
  4. Molto moderato
  5. Con moto
  6. Lento e molto tranquillo
  7. Andante con grazia
  8. Lento sostenuto e tranquillo
  9. Allegro alla marcia
  10. Marcia: Molto lento maestoso
  11. With quiet easy movement
  12. Slow and solemnly
  13. Over the Hills and Far Away

Disc 3

  1. Once Paumanok
  2. Till of a sudden
  3. Yes, my brother, I know
  4. O rising stars!
  5. O reckless despairing carols
  6. O brown halo in the sky
  7. 1. Daybreak
  8. 2. By the river
  9. 3. Sunset
  10. 4. At night

Disc 4

  1. Violin Concerto
  2. 1. Lento, ma non troppo
  3. 2. Gaily, but not quick
  4. On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring
  5. Summer Night on the River
  6. Fenimore and Gerda: Intermezzo
  7. Irmelin Prelude
  8. Dance Rhapsody No. 2
  9. Dance Rhapsody No. 1

Disc 5

  1. Cello Sonata
  2. 1. Caprice
  3. 2. Elegy
  4. 1. With animation
  5. 2. Quick and lightly
  6. 3. Late Swallows
  7. 4. Very quick and vigorously
  8. Four Part Songs: Midsummer song
  9. Four Part Songs: Craig Dhu
  10. Four Part Songs: To be sung of a summer night on the river
  11. Four Part Songs: The Splendour falls on castle walls

Disc 6

  1. Intermezzo and Serenade
  2. A Song before Sunrise
  3. Air and Dance
  4. La Calinda (Koanga)
  5. 1. Caprice
  6. 2. Elegy
  7. Piano Concerto
  8. Paris: The Song of a Great City

Disc 7

  1. Scene 1. Prelude
  2. Scene 1. A shame it is
  3. Scene 1. How strange the wind sounds
  4. Scene 1. 'Twixt us, methinks, will lie the bidding
  5. Scene 2. Prelude
  6. Scene 2. Vreli!...Sali!
  7. Scene 2. Interlude - Prelude to Scene 3
  8. Scene 3. I knew we'd meet again
  9. Scene 3. O Sali, I'm afraid!
  10. Scene 3. Shameless hussy!
  11. Scene 4. Prelude
  12. Scene 4. Ah, the night is approaching
  13. Scene 4. Dearest, I'll leave you no more
  14. Scene 4. The Dream of Sali and Vreli
  15. Scene 4. Ah, it was a dream!

Disc 8

  1. Scene 5. Prelude
  2. Scene 5. O Sali, see
  3. Scene 5. Well, well, gracious me
  4. Scene 5. The Walk to the Paradise Garden
  5. Scene 6. Dance along
  6. Scene 6. So you want to know
  7. Scene 6. 'Tis almost night
  8. Scene 6. Come and live with us
  9. Scene 6. Halleo! Halleo!
  10. Scene 6. See, the moonbeams

Album Credits

Performance Credits

London Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Thomas Hampson   Baritone (Vocal)
Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields   Performing Ensemble
Julian Lloyd Webber   Cello
Neville Marriner   Conductor
Ian Partridge   Tenor (Vocal)
Anthony Collins   Conductor
Andrew Greenwood   Choir Master
Charles Mackerras   Conductor
Kimberly Barber   Vocals
Alexander Gibson   Conductor
Tasmin Little   Violin
Vincent Pirillo   Vocals
Bengt Forsberg   Piano
ORF Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Welsh National Opera Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Welsh National Opera Chorus   Choir, Chorus
John Antoniou   Vocals
Arthur Davies   Vocals
Elizabeth Dobie   Vocals
Barry Mora   Vocals
David McShane   Vocals
Andrea Mellis   Vocals
Robert Lucien Demers   Vocals
Gareth Jones   Choir Master
Maria Venuti   Vocals
Peter Hoare   Tenor (Vocal)
Helen Field   Vocals
Arnold Schoenberg Choir   Choir, Chorus
Patricia Caya   Vocals
Fitzwilliam String Quartet   String Quartet
Louis Halsey   Choir Master
Jean-Rodolphe Kars   Piano
Stafford Dean   Vocals
Louis Halsey Singers   Choir, Chorus
Rebecca Evans   Soprano (Vocal)
Daniel Washington   Baritone (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Frederick Delius   Librettist,Composer
Simon Eadon   Engineer
John Stein   Orchestra Leader
Jeremy Tilston   Art Direction
Chris Hazell   Producer
Fabian Watkinson   Liner Notes
Peter Wadland   Producer
John Pellowe   Engineer
Anna Barry   Producer
Andrew Cornall   Producer
James Mallinson   Producer
David Ylla-Somers   Liner Note Translation
Eric Fenby   Arranger
Christiane Frobenius   Liner Note Translation
Andreas Klatt   Liner Note Translation
Colin Anderson   Liner Notes
John Culshaw   Producer
Jacob Kramer   Cover Portrait

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