The Democracy Reader

The Democracy Reader

by Sondra Myers

ISBN-10: 0970213034

ISBN-13: 9780970213037

Pub. Date: 05/28/2002

Publisher: International Debate Education Association

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International Debate Education Association
Publication date:
Edition description:
New Edition
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

An Album of Civic Stories
from "Thinking and Living"23
"Where, After All, Do Human Rights Begin?"25
The Democratic Legacy of Genghis Khan26
"The Project of Democracy" from The Right to Vote29
"A Blood American" from Jefferson's Pillow30
from Long Walk to Freedom33
The Monteiseinos Virus33
"What Kind of Justice?"40
"Nomonde Calata"44
Make Justice a Reality45
Eleanor Roosevelt's Call to Action46
"What the Protesters in Genoa Want"48
Peter Eigen's Crusade Against Corruption50
Coming of Age as a Citizen in Tajikistan52
from "Who Really Brought Down Milosevic?"54
Dissent in the University: Azerbaijan, 200058
"Richer Than Rockefeller"60
Parent Education of the Civic Kind63
"Three Skills That Students Need to Become Citizen-Leaders"64
You Can Create a New School67
"Iranian Village Shapes a Model of Democracy"69
Sicily Says "Enough!"74
Newark Confronts Its Past - and Chooses Its Future82
Newark Now84
Togliatti, A Russian Town on the Move87
A Letter of Sympathy89
"Notes on Prejudice"90
"What Terror Keeps Teaching Us"93
"Nowhere Man"95
from "This Is a Religious War"97
"Terror's Aftermath: U.S. Strengths Are Terrorist Opportunities"99
The Globalization of Justice101
"My Islam"102
The Handbook
1Democratic Imperatives: Trust, Goodwill, Idealism
from "The Faces of Democracy - Looking to the Twenty-First Century"111
"Black Africa's Open Societies"117
2The Role of Citizens: Rights and Responsibilities
from Democracy on Trial122
from "The Infrastructure of Democracy: From Civil Society to Civic Community"126
from "Welfare Rights at Home and Abroad: A Learning Process"129
3The Free Flow of Ideas: An Independent Press and the Public Sphere
from "Opinion - the New Authority"133
from "Breaking Censorship - Making Peace"134
4The Democratic Rule of Law
from "The Literary Impact of the American and French Revolutions"139
from The Haunted Land: Facing Europe's Ghosts After Communism143
from The Morality of Consent144
5Understanding a Civil Society
from "On Civic Society"148
from Jihad vs. McWorld151
from "In Pursuit of Global Civic Virtues"157
6Resolving Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Conflicts
from "Ethnic Conflict and War"163
from India: From Midnight to the Millennium165
from On Toleration169
7Shaping the Political Structures for Democracy
from "The Rise of Illiberal Democracy"173
from "Beyond the Liberal Paradigm"179
8Democracy and the Free Market
from "The Crash of Western Civilization: The Limits of the Market and Democracy"185
from Habits of the Heart190
9Adapting to the Culture of Democracy
from "Gray is Beautiful: Thoughts on Democracy in Central Europe"193
from "The State of the Republic"197
from "Is Culture Destiny? The Myth of Asia's Anti-Democratic Values"199
10Rapid Growth of the Civil Sector
from "Power Shift"205
from "Capitalism Without Work"210
11A New Vision for Education
from "Tossed into a New Frame: Learning before Teaching"217
from "Textbook Citizens: Education for Democracy and Political Culture in El Salvador"220
12The Moral Factor in the Democratic Equation
"The Challenge Facing South Africa"225
from Freedon's Law: The Moral Reading of the American Constitution229
from "Beyond the Marshall Plan: Wanted: Somebody to Take Responsibility for the Civil before the War"234
from the keynote speech at the conference "Reconciliation and Community: The Future of Peace in Northern Ireland"237
13The Globalization of the Market Is Not Enough
On Globalization241
On the Compatibility of Political and Economic Rights243
from "Why Do They Hate Us?: The Politics of Rage"244
"Strategies for Emerging Democracies"248
14Creating the Political Context for Civic Globalism
from "An Emerging Global Civil Society"251
"On Global Democratization"254
"Toward a Global Open Society"257
"Today's News Quiz"259
Islam and Democracy: The Hopeful Sign of Indonesia261
15Signs of an Emerging Global Consciousness
"Globalization Recognizes a Common Humanity"265
Faith-Based Initiatives268
On Globalization and Human Rights271
On Interdependence272
from "the 2001 Nobel Lecture"275
Declaration of Independence281
The Preamble to the United States Constitution, and Bill of Rights282
Gettysburg Address284
The Universial Declaration of Human Rights285
Charter 77 Declaration286
Preamble to the Constitution of Mongolia288
The Ten Commitments: Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action, World Summit for Social Development, 1995288
Constitution of the Republic of South Africa - Founding Provisions290
The La Pietra Recommendations291
A Joint Civil Society Statement on the Tragedy in the United States292
Web Sites302

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