Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo

by Nina Kushner

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Children's Literature
This book in the "Countries of the World" series includes the things an upper elementary or middle school reader looks for in report writing�convenient headings and a presentation of generously illustrated sections. While content is similar to that presented in the "Welcome to My Country" series, this series is longer with more fully presented topics suitable for older readers. An overview presents the geography (and a map at the end, with states or provinces named and many cities identified, plus a blank map to be reproduced), a short history, people and lifestyle, the economy, arts and leisure, and food. In " A Closer Look" section the book covers in more detail Congo life, crafts specific to the area, the Jungle and the Congo River and their role in life, occupations such as mining, and a final section discusses relations with North America. The politics are discussed, including sections about the explorer Stanley, King Leopold II, Patrice Lumumba and Laurent Kabila, plus an interesting double-page spread about Paul Simon and his collaboration with Congolese musicians. Fresh pictures, two to a double-page spread, are all in full color except for archival material, and useful, for instance, when a reader wants to know what money or the flag look like. A three-part glossary of African, French and English words, a section of varied books to read including a few trade books, videos, web sites and an extensive index conclude each volume in this well-planned and current series. 2001, Gareth Stevens, $26.60. Ages 10 to 14. Reviewer: Susan Hepler

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Gareth Stevens Publishing
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Countries of the World Series
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8.07(w) x 10.33(h) x 0.50(d)
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11 Years

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