Demon's Hunger

Demon's Hunger

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by Eve Silver

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The Compact of Sorcerers, a brotherhood sworn to protect the wall between the human and demon realms, is thrust into battle with an unseen evil that threatens to destroy them all...

Forensic anthropologist Vivien Cairn fears she's losing her mind. Her libido has kicked into overdrive, and she's blacking out, leaving hours of her life unaccounted for


The Compact of Sorcerers, a brotherhood sworn to protect the wall between the human and demon realms, is thrust into battle with an unseen evil that threatens to destroy them all...

Forensic anthropologist Vivien Cairn fears she's losing her mind. Her libido has kicked into overdrive, and she's blacking out, leaving hours of her life unaccounted for and no memory of where she's been or what she's done. But when a sexy stranger rescues her from a demon attack, Vivien realizes there's more than just her sanity at stake.

A seductive killer is luring victims, and Sorcerer Dain Hawkins finds himself walking a dangerous line between ancient duty and sizzling desire when the brotherhood—and Vivien herself—begins to suspect that her mysterious symptoms may connect her to the crimes. Can Dain save Vivien from the evil that threatens to claim her? Or will they both succumb to...


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"DEMON'S KISS is a lush, sensual and compelling read. Eve Silver makes magic in this novel about sorcerers, demons, and dangerous desires."—Cheyenne McCray, USA Today bestselling author

"Pure gold...A great tale from a writer who must be a mage as her novels entice human readers to become deeply involved."

—Harriet Klausner

"Hot romance and truly cool paranormal world-building make Eve Silver a welcome addition to the genre."—Kelley Armstrong, NYT bestselling author

"Top pick! This author rocks! Silver fills her tale with conflict, danger and passion. Based on this launch book, the Compact of Sorcerers series looks to be unputdownable."

Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine

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Eve Silver read her first romance novel when she was in her teens. She fell in love with these tales of love, honor, strength, and perseverance, these stories that transported her and helped carry her through the rough patches of her life. Eve holds two post secondary degrees. She teaches microbiology and human anatomy at a local college. After school she returns to romance, having found her own happily-ever-after with her husband and two sons. Her website is:

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Demon's Hunger 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book with some interesting characters and enough not said to keep you guessing till the end. Looking forward to the second in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Review by Jen: Let me start of by saying that I'm loving this series. I like this paranormal world that Eve Silver has created. It almost seems possible that there are demons and hybrids (half demon/half human, for lack of a better explanation) living among us. Her heroines are strong women and face their challenges and shortcomings head on with little complaint, which is quite refreshing. Demon's Hunger kept me enraptured and turning the pages. I didn't want to put the book down because I wanted to know what happened next without any delay. I highly recommend this series, and reading them in order (although the books do stand completely on their own).
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DChaching More than 1 year ago
This book is a continuation of The Compact of Sorcerers it is a great read with hot characters. Dain and Vivian are thrown together and they are great together. He is a sorcerer and she doesn't know it but she is a succubus lucky Dain (maybe). There is a murderer and demons and betrayal good story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago More than 1 year ago
Demon¿s Hunger
Eve Silver
Hachette Book Group, 12/2008
ISBN: 9780446618939
Reviewed by Dawn Janine Mitchell for, 12/2008
5 stars
Vivien Cairn thinks she is losing hours of time! What happens during those hours?

In Demon¿s Hunger, Vivien Cairn is a forensic anthropologist who has a collection of small bags filled with a variety of bones, known as gris-gris. Not so unusual, considering her occupation. However, strange things begin to happen, but she isn¿t ready to see a connection, not until Sorcerer Dain Hawkins comes knocking on her door, seeking her help. Dain also collects gris-gris bags with bones inside. He needs Vivien¿s help with identifying the origin of the bones in order to solve a series of killings that appear to be the work of what he and his peers believe is a rare succubus.

Vivien doesn¿t believe in sorcerers, demons or succubae, not even when they show up in her home. When Dain and his friends, Darqun and Ciarran, arrive at Vivien¿s door, they are attacked by a demon and hybrids. Dain kills the demon while his friends take care of the hybrids.
Vivien then begins to see things that are not her imagination and is forced to believe in something that is not scientific.

Vivien and Dain are attracted to one another from the first moment of meeting. Dain is afraid to feel again, since his wife and daughter were killed centuries before. Vivien already knows Dain but tries to fight the feelings that are too strong to fight. This book has everything: romance, good against evil, humor, drama, with all the many twists and turns that also make it a thriller. I liked the book so much that I just have to read her other books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Crystal_Adkins More than 1 year ago
Dr. Vivien Cairn is an anthropologist currently on a sabbatical. Right now things are a little difficult for Vivien, she is losing time, blacking out for 12 hours with no recollection of what she did while in her trance. She did know though, that she was always so hungry; but not always for food. Vivien had major trust issues, everyone had always left her, her father when she was 2, her mother came to visit less than a handful of times during the year, her one and only love passed away in a car accident¿ all she had was her good friend Amy that she met in college. Until now, until Dain Hawkins shows up on her doorstep looking for answers.

Dain Hawkins is a sorcerer, one of the Compact of Sorcerers, a brotherhood that is used to keep demons and hybrids at bay. Dain had discovered something strange going on that involved little red velvet gris-gris bags with bits of human hair, skin, and bone inside. The hybrids were collecting these little bags, but for what? Dain had lost his wife and daughter to the demons many years ago, so now he is hell bent on getting revenge by killing every one of them. When he meets Vivien, it is instant attraction and sexual heat, something he has never felt since his wife¿s death and this feeling could actually be stronger. As the days pass and she is in his care, he begins falling for her as well as finding out something is very wrong. The woman that his hardened heart is beginning to love could be something more sinister that he may have to destroy. Could he really destroy the creature that has stolen his heart? The worst part is¿ she doesn¿t even know what she is.

Eve Silver has rocked it out with this novel, Demon¿s Hunger. It took me until about chapter 4 to get really riveted, but once I was pulled in, I couldn¿t put it down. It was explosive, heated, and had just the right amount of romance and sex added to become astounding! As a stand alone book it could make it, but I have this urge now to go and add the series to my wish list, you should do the same. 4 Hearts
AuthorKellyMoran More than 1 year ago
Eve Silver is a best-selling author, with this book, Demon¿s Hunger, following her title, Demon¿s Kiss. Eve Silver holds two post secondary degrees. She teaches microbiology and human anatomy at a local college. After school she returns to romance, having found her own happily-ever-after with her husband and two sons.
Forensic anthropologist, Vivien Cairn, has come to the conclusion that she is losing her mind. Her sex drive is off the charts and she¿s blacking out; losing chunks of time with no memory of where or what she was doing. While examining one of many charm gris-gris bags, Vivien finds herself being rescued from a demon attack by a very sexy stranger, forcing her to question her sanity and what she always saw as reality. It was Dain Hawkins job to protect the wall between the human and demon realms, along with the Compact of Sorcerers known as the brotherhood. Torn between a seeded desire for Vivien and an ancient duty, Sorcerer Dain suspects that Vivien¿s mysterious symptoms are in connection to a series of murderous crimes. Can he save her from the evil that threatens to claim her? Better yet, should he?
I was a little put off by the immediate lust and sex drive when related to Vivien in the beginning of the book, as I found it unrealistic even for paranormal. After getting into the story and closer to chapter three, I quickly saw why and where it was going, and changed my mind. I mention this only because I don¿t want future readers to come to the same conclusion to brashly. I do believe that this book is the second in a series, however I had no difficulty picking it up and following the story. I love trilogy books or series books that give you closure and still prelude the next one. It makes for a very satisfying experience.
Eve Silver is just emerging into the paranormal romance scene, but I have no hesitation in stating that this is not the last we will see of her. She skillfully throws you into a world beyond possibilities and makes you believe it¿s reality- taking you away from everything but the pages you¿re captivated by and the characters you want to be. It was a very sound plot, with enough twists and questions to keep you glued. I didn¿t find any dead spots and I found the first and secondary characters relatable.
Demon¿s Hunger, by Eve Silver, is a tantalizing, dark, and magically fun read¿ sure to leave you satisfied in every way.

Kelly Moran
Author and Reviewer
LeahNewman More than 1 year ago
It's tough for me to pick up a new (to me) author when I know that I'll be comparing the intensity, romance, plot, and characters to authors like Kenyon and Feehan. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't find myself having to settle with this new series. Dain and Vivien take a passionate ride discovering their connection. Both are reluctant to love again, but in the world of paranormal, when your souls are destined there's simply no escape! Enjoy the world of demons and the sorcerers that are sworn to protect humans from them.
jjmachshev More than 1 year ago
Wow. Apparently I really missed a good read in Eve Silver¿s first book in her `Demon¿ series. At least I did if it was as good as ¿Demon¿s Hunger¿ which is the second in the series. Silver¿s writing has a gritty, almost haunting feeling. While it¿s usually more noticeable in her historicals, I could still sense it in this contemporary. Wizards and demons running around today, battling evil to save humankind. It¿s certainly been done before, but Silver does a great job of giving it her own touch and throwing in a succubus to boot!

Vivien is a forensic anthropologist who specializes in bones. She just finished a grueling investigation into a serial killer and really needs her break. Of course, right now she¿s thinking that was probably her last case since she¿s obviously going insane. She keeps `blanking out¿, losing time, and her sex drive seems to be stuck in overdrive. Then she opens her door to one of the most gorgeous men she¿s ever set eyes on and her libido goes nuts! He¿s gonna think she¿s crazy if she can¿t settle down. But then she¿s attacked by a full demon in her basement and Mr Hunky saves her¿with a magic staff? Surely he really doesn¿t expect her to believe he¿s a wizard? Where¿s the hat and the robes?

Dain is a Sorcerer. He has fought against demonkind for thousands of years. He¿s also a loner. After a demon killed his human wife and child, he retreated. And just when he was learning to interact with his own kind again, his mentor betrayed all sorcerers by turning to the dark. Trust isn¿t just an issue for Dain, it¿s about an impossibility. But there¿s just something about Vivien that calls to him. If he wasn¿t determined and hadn¿t learned his lesson about the frailty of humans, he¿d be all over her. But even so, once she becomes involved in their battle against a big demon trying to return to Earth, he just can¿t let her go. But there¿s also something not `right¿ about Vivien. Can he trust her enough to believe without evidence?

There¿s a whole lot going on in this story. There¿s Vivien and her relationship with her mother (bad news there). There¿s Vivien and her relationship with Dain. There¿s Dain and his relationship with his fellow sorcerers. And there¿s BOTH Dain and Vivien and the guilt they seem to carry like another body organ. Then add in the battle against the big demon dude, and a serial killer who may or may not be one of several people close to Vivien¿if not Vivien herself! See what I mean when I say a lot going on?

The mood and tone is dark, but not depressing. There are even a few spots of good humor thrown in which I adored. But the star of the book is definitely the interactions between Dain and Vivien. Their attraction is hot, hot, hot. Silver can write a love scene that¿ll make you sweat! But there¿s also beauty in the way these two come to care for each other. They take it in baby steps and each step reveals a little more trust and a little more care. Neither one did anything stupid that made me want to kick them and after the reads I¿ve had lately, that¿s a BIG plus.

So if you¿re looking for something a little different, pick up ¿Demon¿s Hunger¿ by Eve Silver. I myself plan to run right down to the bookstore and pick up ¿Demon¿s Kiss¿ first thing tomorrow. Now that I¿ve had a taste of this world, I want more.

Til next time
harstan More than 1 year ago
In New Orleans Dain Hawkins and his Compact of Sorcerer cohorts seek Hybrid humans who allow Demons to take over their bodies. They are concerned that the Solitary special demon is making an effort to cross the line between his realm and the human world; and has the help of Asher the Ancient Sorcerer who betrayed his oath. Dain collects gris gris voodoo bags with bones inside and plans to visit University of Toronto at Mississippi assistant anthropology professor Dr, Vivian Cairn for her take on his collection. He and his peers also seek a serial sexual killer, who they believe is a rare succubus.

Vivian feels relief that her mom¿s latest visit ended though she loves her single mom. Still she wonders why her dad left them when she was two years old leaving behind a velvet bag and a photo of him. Over the years she has found more gris gris bags. However, her big fear is once again twelve hours of her life vanished without her knowing what she did.

Dane and two other sorcerers arrive at Vivian¿s home to consult with her. Dane and Vivian are instantly attracted to one another, but he refuses to act on these feelings fearing the same fate for her as his human wife and daughter who were murdered centuries ago. Vivian realizes he is her dream lover. A demon and hybrids attack them; Dane kills the demon and his friends the hybrids. She is not sure what is going on, but uses her skill to stay emotionally detached though she desperately wants Dane, who insists she stay at his home so he can protect her.

This excellent romantic fantasy works because of the relationship between the lead couple and the belief that demons, half-breeds, sorcerers and succubus are genuine. The lost time is a brilliant spin that will leave readers marveling and there are other terrific twists involving the heroine and her mom. Although a pet peeve that the villain Asher boasts to one of his former cohorts much of his plan instead of acting, the audience will enjoy this superb thriller.

Harriet Klausner