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Den of Deception

Den of Deception

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by Richard Alan Nelson

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Den of Deception 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Den of Deception is a fast-paced story that reads like it was written with the big screen in mind. The scenes are all so visual and easy to picture being played out to the accompaniment of a dramatic score, sound effects, and lighting. Jon Roman is definitely leading-man material. He's rich, good-looking, witty, and trained as a highly efficient killing machine by the Army's Special Forces. When he's hired by beautiful doctor Brianne Richard to help find her mother's killer, he soon discovers that he needs all his training for the job. He stumbles onto a decades-old conspiracy involving government agencies, organized crime, and Brianne's family. Jon and Brianne are kidnapped as a warning to drop the investigation, and they barely manage to escape with their lives. When Brianne is hurt in the process, the case becomes personal for Jon, because he and Brianne have fallen in love. Richard Alan Nelson writes with a voice that manages to be witty and engaging even when writing nail-biting, violent scenes, and his storyline never drags. He made me genuinely like his characters and I hope he'll let me visit them again in future books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mr. Nelson has done it again, with a twist that distinguishes this second book from his first, Hiding Places. What makes this second book different is the extra added spice of romance. That's right. Macho good guy action, seriously bad bad guys, and romance all rolled into one tight package. I enjoyed it! Jon Roman runs a successful firm that can and does investigate or research anything his clients need doing. The handsome and self-confident Roman comes from an accomplished military background. What he can't do himself is reliably accomplished by his friends Buck Winston and Maxwell Funk. The skirt chasing but skilled Buck and the computer geek / hacker Max work hand in glove with Jon on every project. When Dr. Brianne Richard hires Jon to solve her mother's twenty-year-old murder, that's when all hell breaks loose both literally and figuratively. Brianne sets off quiet fireworks in Jon from minute one, and she is not immune to his masculine good looks and quiet strength. It might have been a match made in heaven from first meeting, if not for fighting for their lives. The man Brianne always believed was her mother's murderer is killed. Both Buck's knee-caps are shot out and Brianne's fingers - priceless posessions to a surgeon - are broken by thugs. CIA spooks are dogging the couple, and the New York Mafia is not far behind. Such vicious attacks on his friend and the woman he secretly desires bring out the warrior in Jon. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. In Den of Deception, nothing is what it seems. Tangled cover-ups that date back to World War Two, dark family secrets, and a complex mystery set the pace. It's not a good time for the capable Jon Roman to have his mind on the pretty surgeon if he wants them both to survive. The author does quiet macho heroes and contemptible bad guys very well. Action and intrigue is Richard Alan Nelson's hallmark. That he has added romance - and done a fine job of it - brings tasty flavor to an already fine mix. Good job, Mr. Nelson. Bring on number three!
Guest More than 1 year ago
From Chapter 30 ¿ Den of Deception Jon pulled into the parking lot adjacent to the small police station. Hilton Head is barely above hamlet size, but does offer a great deal of security because of the resorts and the need to protect their lifeblood, the tourists. Jon got out of his car cautiously, looking around the area, seeing nothing suspicious. He went quickly into the station and approached the man behind the first desk. ¿I want to report a shooting. We might need an ambulance right away.¿ The officer looked at Jon, as if disinterested, and said, ¿Your name, sir?¿ as he pulled out his daily log. ¿I¿m Jon Roman, but you need to get someone out to that house right away. The man is dead, I¿m sure, but . . .¿ he let the last trail off, thinking the officer understood the obvious. The policeman said, ¿Just one minute, sir.¿ He then stood and yelled out, ¿Captain Roberts, Jon Roman is out here.¿ Jon was totally stunned. The policeman sounded like he was announcing that Jon had arrived for an appointment. What was this? My God, are these guys part of all this? . . Mr. Nelson has masterly weaved a novel of suspense and romance that will keep his readers on the edge their seats until the very last page. Within the pages of Den of Deception is a twisting, turning plot that will constantly make the reader wonder who did the horrible deed and why. Were the police involved? The CIA? The FBI? You won¿t know until you read all one hundred and seventy three pages of this action packed, fast paced book of intrigue and this is a must read novel!