Dental Terminology / Edition 1

Dental Terminology / Edition 1

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by Charline M. Dofka

ISBN-10: 0827390688

ISBN-13: 9780827390683

Pub. Date: 07/12/1999

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Proper use of medical terminology is essential to the success of dental professionals. Learn the terms of the trade with this unique book. Terms are organized by specialty area for quick and easy reference. A variety of exercises are offered following each chapter providing ample opportunity to review and refresh. Whether you are new to dental terminology or simply


Proper use of medical terminology is essential to the success of dental professionals. Learn the terms of the trade with this unique book. Terms are organized by specialty area for quick and easy reference. A variety of exercises are offered following each chapter providing ample opportunity to review and refresh. Whether you are new to dental terminology or simply need to brush up and review, this book is essential!

Features: New chapters on pain management and cosmetic dentistry, Free CD-ROM provides additional opportunities for practice and review of pronunciations and definitions. Games and activities such as Hangman, Crossword Puzzles, Flash Cards, Matching, and Spelling Bee allow interactive and fun review of the terms. "Sounds like" pronunciations help users learn to pronounce difficult terms.

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Table of Contents

Preface     viii
Introduction to Dental Terminology     1
Locate the Dental Word     1
Pronounce the Dental Word     3
Analyze the Structure of the Dental Word     3
Define the Meaning of the Dental Word     13
Pluralize the Dental Word     14
Use the Dental Word     15
Anatomy and Oral Structures     18
Anatomy of the Skull     18
Anatomical Features of the Skull     22
Landmarks and Features of the Mandible     25
Muscles of Mastication     27
Trigeminal Nerve Location and Functions     28
Blood Supply of the Cranium     31
Locations and Purposes of the Salivary Glands     33
Functions and Agents of the Lymphatic System     34
Important Structures in the Oral Cavity     35
Tooth Origin and Formation     42
Classification of the Human Dentition     42
Histological Stages of Tooth Development     43
Tissue Structure of the Teeth     46
Tissue Composition of the Periodontium     49
Odontology     51
Tooth Surfaces     54
Practice and Facility Setups     60
DentalProfessionals     60
Places of Employment     63
Dental Hand Instruments     63
Rotary Dental Instruments     71
Dental Facility Operative Equipment     76
Infection Control     81
Disease Conditions     81
Causes of Disease and Infection     82
Port of Entry for Disease     84
Immunity Factors     85
Disease Prevention     86
Agencies Concerned with Disease Control     90
Emergency Care     95
Emergency Prevention Techniques     95
Emergency Prevention Equipment and Materials     98
Airway Obstruction and CPR Protocol     99
Classification of Shock     100
Common Medical Emergencies     101
Common Dental Emergencies     105
Examination and Prevention     110
Procedures Involved in the Initial Examination     110
Examination of the Oral Tissues     112
Examination of the Teeth     114
Charting Methods     117
Aliginate Impressions     119
Home Preventive Techniques     120
Dental Facility Preventive Practices     121
Pain Management/Pharmacology      126
Description of Pain and Methods to Relieve Distress     126
Local Anesthesia     128
General Anesthesia     132
Pharmacology and the Science of Drugs     134
Drug Interactions with Body Functions     135
Forms of Drugs and Methods of Distribution     136
Routes for Drug Administration     137
Drug Prescription Content     137
Classification and Types of Drug Agents     139
Radiography     146
Definition and Production of X-Rays     146
Properties of Roentgen Rays     149
Radiation Protection     150
Composition and Types of Dental Radiographs     151
Techniques for Exposing Radiographs     152
Radiographic Film Processing     156
Mounting Radiographs     157
Assorted Radiographic Errors     157
Tooth Restorations     163
Patient Preparation and Procedure Area     163
Isolation of the Operative Site     164
Preparation of the Restorative Site     166
Matrix Placement     167
Cements, Liners, and Base Materials     168
Restorative Materials     170
Finishing Methods      171
Cosmetic Dentistry     176
Definition of Cosmetic Dentistry and Related Areas     176
Tooth Whitening     177
Tooth Bonding and Veneer Application     178
Cosmetic Tooth Restorations     179
Periodontal Tissue Surgery     180
Dental Implants     181
Accelerated Orthodontics     182
Prosthodontics     188
Divisions in the Field of Prosthodontics     188
Types and Characteristics of Prosthodontic Materials     188
Fixed Prosthodontics     189
Removable Dental Prostheses     191
Procedures and Methods Used in Prosthodontic Practice     192
Use of Implants in Prosthdontics     196
Endodontics     201
Science and Practice of Endodontic Dentistry     201
Diagnostic Procedures to Determine Pulpal Conditions     202
Endodontic Treatment     203
Endodontic Treatment Equipment and Materials     204
Surgical Endodontic Treatments     209
Endodontic Treatment for Traumatized Teeth     210
Tooth Replantation Procedures     210
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery     215
Duties and Functions of an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon      215
Instrumentation Related to Oral Surgery     216
Surgical Procedures Involved in Exodontia     220
Procedures Involved in Soft-Tissue Surgery     221
Procedures Involved in Bone Surgery     223
Surgical Procedures Involved in Repair of Fractures     224
Procedures Involved in Maxillofacial Surgery     224
Surgical Procedures Involved in Implantology     226
Orthodontics     232
Orthodontic Practice and Malocclusion     232
Types and Methods of Orthodontic Treatment     235
Requirements for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Malocclusion     236
Types and Purposes of Headgear and Traction Devices     238
Assorted and Specialized Appliances and Retainers     239
Instrumentation for the Orthodontic Practice     240
Periodontics     245
Anatomy of the Periodontium     245
Etiology and Symptoms of Periodontal Disease     247
Classification of the Periodontal Diseases     247
Periodontal Examination and Evaluation     249
Measurement and Recording of Periodontal Conditions     249
Periodontal Treatment Methods     252
Periodontal Involvement with Dental Implants      255
Instrumentation for Periodontics     255
Pediatric Dentistry     261
Scope of Pediatric Dentistry     261
Development and Growth Concerns of the Pediatric Dentition     262
Maintenance and Preservation of Pediatric Dentition     263
Restorative Dental Care for the Primary Dentition     266
Control and Sedation of the Child Patient     268
Treatment for Trauma and Abuse     269
Use of Dental Records for Patient Identification     269
Miscellaneous Child Health Conditions     270
Dental Laboratory Materials     274
Impression Materials     274
Gypsum Materials     277
Wax Materials     278
Dental Polymer Materials     279
Precious and Base Metals     279
Abrasive and Polishing Materials     280
Cement Materials     281
Characteristics of Dental Laboratory Materials     281
Dental Laboratory Procedures     287
Range and Scope of the Dental Laboratory     287
Dental Laboratory Equipment     288
Denture Construction Laboratory Procedures     290
Removable Partial Denture Construction Laboratory Procedures     293
Fixed Prosthodontic Dental Laboratory Procedures     293
Miscellaneous Dental Laboratory Procedures     297
Business Procedures     301
Office Communication Procedures     301
Appointment Control     303
Patient Records and Filing Procedures     305
Business Correspondence     306
Dental Insurance Terms     307
Financial Disbursement and Banking     312
Inventory Control     314
Legal and Ethical Terms     315
Appendix A     321
Appendix B     328
Glossary     329
Glossary of acronyms     358
Index     360

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Dental Terminology 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I bought this book after I saw comment from this site. But I greatly disappointed about content, because it's too basic for dentistry student. This book is not for dentistry student, but dental hygene or dental assistant.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this book!!! I am a dental student and this helps allot with studying. It is a wonderful reference book!!!