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Derek Prince: A Biography

Derek Prince: A Biography

4.3 3
by Stephen Mansfield

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Charisma Media
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Derek Prince 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am enjoying this book very much. Although, I'm interested in knowing what happened to his biological son. Does Derek's son know his real father? is he a convert? Also, I found it so astonishing how God works in our lives so miraculously as he did with Derek. He was a genius, he could've had the world instead he chose the simple deserts of Africa and the dry lands of Israel. This book reflects Derek's weaknesses- he was emotionally an orphan seeking for love and became a refugee in Lydia's and Ruth's arms. I really wish I had met him.But his works are still here and alive.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is great I'm still reading it and I can't put the book down. This book is intended for those readers that have read Derek Prince's books, heard his teachings so you can get to know the person behind the preachings and teachings. At this moment I'm reading the part of his life when he got married with Lydia- which I find that he made a terrible mistake in getting married with her. But God blessed him by giving him wisdom and love for his ministry. I never heard about Derek when he was a live and 2 years ago I went to a Christian bookstore and pulled his famous book Curse or Blessing and this year my mom started reading it ' I never finished reading the book'. And, I must say that still after his death he continues to bless through his teachings bible-based . I have been delivered through this book from an ancient family curse. God bless Derek PRince's ministry.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The writer relates how, towards the end of Derek Prince's life, he asked Derek what was the most important truth that he had learned about life. Derek Prince replied immediately, 'God is faithful. He keeps His word. He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. I cannot emphasize this enough......' This experience, although expressed towards the end of this most excellent study, permeates the text from the very beginning. Reading this book, which was a distinct privilege, often moved me to tears and it is difficult in adequately express in mere words alone how highly I would like to commend this study of the life of Derek Prince to others. As illustrated in the book's epilogue, although Derek Prince is dead, the Biblical truths that he pioneered through his life and ministry are not. Although the writer deals in commendable detail with all aspects of Derek Prince's life from his early days in India to his final years living in Jerusalem, for me personally the most significant aspects of Derek's life as described in this book, relate to Derek's own feelings and devotion to Israel and the place that it's people and land play in the Hebrew Christian Scriptures. Named at his birth in Bangalore, India during 1915, as Peter Derek Vaughan Prince, the book follows how Derek entered into a family steeped in the British military and covers his earliest memories and experiences. The writer describes how Derek cited one of his earliest hobbies as being 'human nature'. His academic brilliance was rarely if ever matched by any of his peers as he steadily progressed through Eton and onwards to become a Cambridge Don where he is described as being both an atheist and a philospher. His ability to debate and teach, together with his proven excellence in dissecting the written word became well known as he studied the classics, philosophy and other such literature at every conceivable level. During World War 2, Derek Prince went on to serve in the Royal Army Medical Corps in what was then Palestine. During his military service the reader discovers how Derek's analysis of literature became rather confined due to the uneasy demands of military service. Not having room in his kit for volumes of books, Derek - 'soley as an intellectual exercise' - began a methodical study of the Holy Bible (King James Version). Starting, as with all books - at the beginning - Derek, who was far from being a Christian at this time, was seen by his colleagues diligently spending hours studying the Bible while drinking whisky and swearing with a command that impressed them all. The reader is left to imagine how others perceived him at this time. The book describes how - '...he drinks, he reads his Bible and he walks alone...' It was some time after this, again during his Army Service, that Derek Prince is cited as having his first personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. A life changing experience, described in some detail, and which resounds throughout the remainder of the book. Applying the same intense devotional study to the written Word of God, Derek has provided a detailed Scriptural account of the place of Israel, the Jewish people, Jerusalem and the Church that few have been able to match. Derek's own years in Israel after leaving the Army and his marriage etc. are amonst a plethora of issues defined in minute detail and which really need to be digested in their entirety outside of a review. Too much detail here may risk spoiling the incredible story for any prospective reader. This is a remarkable book. I need to read it again. I want to read it again. Derek Prince declared that God is faithful. Read this remarkable book and you will not doubt it again. Thank you.