Desert Roses 2

Desert Roses 2


There's a storm brewing out beyond the borders of Western pop music, and the Levantine-themed Desert Roses 2, the sequel to the successful Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms, does an admirable job of forecasting it. As the Arab world becomes plugged in to the global pulse, unexpected fusions and manias are…  See more details below


There's a storm brewing out beyond the borders of Western pop music, and the Levantine-themed Desert Roses 2, the sequel to the successful Desert Roses and Arabian Rhythms, does an admirable job of forecasting it. As the Arab world becomes plugged in to the global pulse, unexpected fusions and manias are coming to the fore. Who would imagine collaborations between merengue star Olga Tañon and Egypt's Hakim, or Squeeze principals Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford joining Tunisian vocalist Latifa for a remake of their camel opera "Take Me I'm Yours," produced by Transglobal Underground? Those paying attention saw the roots of such cross-pollination in hits from Shakira (a Colombian star of Lebanese descent) and Alabina, a collective joining Israeli vocalist Ishtar with a Gypsy rumba band. But "Ah Ya Albi," the Hakim/Tañon duet is more portentous still, produced by Latino hip-hopper Kemo of Delinquent Habits, overseen by Mexican rapper Antonio Hernandez of Control Machete, and for good measure, urban superproducer Narada Michael Walden -- surely the frequent-flyer miles alone were staggering. But of course they weren't -- these kinds of collaboration are ever more common, facilitated by Internet and high-speed courier. The groundbreaking mixes on this set, featuring Oriental-themed techno and funk from rai legends Khaled, Faudel, Rachid Taha, and many others, are the kind of fizzy, high-energy global pop that capture the moment with dizzying clarity.

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All Music Guide - Chris Nickson
Compilations are invariably like the curate's egg -- good in parts -- and this one's no exceptions. For all the delights, like the fiery duet between Egypt's Hakim and Puerto Rican star Olga Tañon or the playful version of "Take Me I'm Yours," which transports Squeeze to North Africa in the company of Tunisian diva Latifa, you have to put up with the extremely mundane, like Shani's blandly techno-fied "Call of the Wild" or Zohar's frankly boring electronica on "The Merciful One." Overall, though, the quality's high, with some excellent tracks by Algerian Cheb Nastro, and Oojami's club-beats-go-to-Turkey "Istanboogie," which bodes well for their album. A number of the cuts do come from albums released on Mondo Melodia, but that doesn't lessen the enjoyment of songs like Amina's "Lirrili," Rachid Taha's "En Retard" (confirming the man as the best Arab-Western crossover), or Khaled's "Trigue Lycee," one of the best things to come off his Kenza release. But, like any compilation, it's the rarities that set it apart, and this has a few of them. Apart from the Hakim/Tañon and Squeeze/Latifa pairings, there's also Arabian Fantasy's excellent "Yala Habibi," coming out of left field. It follows on the success of the original Desert Roses & Arabian Rhythms, which offered a fresh look at North African and Middle Eastern music, and continues to delight with its variety and intensity -- to this point, at least, the law of diminishing returns that dogs compilation series hasn't kicked in.

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Release Date:
Ark 21

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  1. Ah Ya Albi @@ Olga Tañón and Hakim
  2. Lirrili @@ Amina
  3. En Retard @@ Rachid Taha
  4. Take Me I'm Yours @@ Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford with Latifa
  5. Bäida @@ Cheb Mami
  6. Naachak Fik @@ Cheb Nasro
  7. Albi Htar @@ Ragheb Alama and Faudel
  8. Yala Habibi @@ Sabu and Arabian Fantasy
  9. Call of the Wild @@ Shani
  10. Bain Albareh Wa Al Yom @@ Nawal al Zoughbi
  11. Yalla Ya Chabab @@ Ragheb Alama and Andy
  12. Istanboogie @@ Oojami
  13. Trigue Lycee @@ Khaled
  14. The Merciful One @@ Zohar

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Cheb Mami   Vocals
Steve Hillage   Guitar
Gail Ann Dorsey   Bass
Khaled   Track Performer
Amina   Vocals
Olga Tañón   Vocals
Zachary Alford   Drums
Chris Difford   Vocals
Kick Horns   Brass
Kemo   Rap
Roddy Lorimer   Trumpet
Tim Sanders   Alto Saxophone
Glenn Tilbrook   Vocals
Annie Whitehead   Trombone
Neil Conti   Drums
Simone Haggiag   Darbouka,talking drum,finger cymbals,Bendir
Randy Jacobs   Guitar
Rachid Taha   Vocals
Gilda Gonzalez   Choir, Chorus
Djamel Ben Yelles   Violin
Yanira Torres   Choir, Chorus
Faudel   Track Performer
Bruno Caillat   Tambourine,Zarb
Hector "Tito" Matos   Drums
Cheb Nasro   Track Performer
Zohar   Track Performer
Junior Alvarado   Bass
Sabu Rosado   Dumbek,Percussion
Andy G.   Keyboards
Shani   Vocals
Hakim Hamadouche   Lute,Background Vocals
Ragheb Alama   Track Performer
Andy Kremer   Guitar,Bass Guitar,Keyboards,Double Bass,Chapman Stick
Latifa   Vocals
Magaly Alvarez   Cymbals
Marcus Nand   Flamenco Guitar
Erran Baron Cohen   Piano,Flugelhorn,Keyboards,Darbouka
Juan Rivera   Def
Keimonti Thomas   Guitar

Technical Credits

Steve Hillage   Arranger,Producer,String Arrangements
Renegade Soundwave   Engineer
Philip Bagenal   Engineer
Gerard Cohen   Programming
Stevo Glendinning   Executive Producer
Pete Hofmann   Engineer
Kick Horns   Arranger
Scott Mathers   Engineer
Narada Michael Walden   Producer
Steve Tannett   Executive Producer
Antonio Hernandez   Producer
Jill Tengan   Engineer
Alfredo Hurtado   Engineer
Lilo Fadidas   Producer
Sabu Rosado   Producer
Andy G.   Arranger,Programming
Shani   Arranger,Producer
Andy Kremer   Programming,Engineer
Mahmoud Serour   String Arrangements
Dale Voelker   Graphic Design
Dawn Elder   Executive Producer
Kris Solomon   Mastering
Martin Beal   Engineer
Andy Madadian   Arranger,Producer
Rafik Tsaturian   Engineer
Mara Abboud   Cover Art
John Bevilacqua   Production Director
Morteza Barjesteh   Cover Graphics
Maged Serour   Contributor
Erran Baron Cohen   Engineer
Christian Boissel   Producer
Miles Copeland   Executive Producer

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