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Designed for Perfection

Designed for Perfection

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by Elle Davis

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Messing with Mother Nature can have unexpected consequences…
Having a genius level IQ, model good looks, and supernatural physical traits almost guarantees seventeen-year-old Ronan Callahan a life of success. He’s a genetically engineered human, custom designed by scientists and his wealthy parents. But being designed for perfection doesn’t


Messing with Mother Nature can have unexpected consequences…
Having a genius level IQ, model good looks, and supernatural physical traits almost guarantees seventeen-year-old Ronan Callahan a life of success. He’s a genetically engineered human, custom designed by scientists and his wealthy parents. But being designed for perfection doesn’t guarantee happiness for Ronan. In fact, his superior abilities have left him bored and unchallenged-- until he meets Cat.
Cat McCullough is orphaned and left to raise her little sister, Claire, on her own. The last thing she’s looking for is romance. In a high school full of girls swooning over Ronan Callahan, she’s the only one to see him for who he really is: arrogant and cold; and she’s not afraid to call him out on it.
Yet still, Cat is the only girl to ever capture Ronan’s attention for more than a minute. When Ronan falls for Cat, he falls hard. However, falling in love isn’t the only thing he has to worry about. A deadly virus is spreading among the Designers, forcing them to abandon their somewhat normal lives and unite in search of answers… but they might not like what they discover.

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Elle Davis
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Designer Chronicles , #1
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13 Years

Meet the Author

I am a Registered Nurse with over 25 years of experience in ICU, ER, & Wound Ostomy care. I’m convinced that taking care of sick people is one of my truest callings in life. Working in very high acuity areas of nursing has given me unique perspectives on things such as; death, dying, health, faith, religion, love and relationships. I consider it an honor to have shared such intimate & intense moments with complete strangers, and wonder what kind of a person I would be today without such experiences. Being a writer was never something I aspired to do or be—ever, ever, ever! In fact, I’ve always hated to write and to this day it doesn’t come easy for me. I failed the college entrance writing exam (GWE) not once—but twice, almost preventing me from getting my nursing degree. I dread writing letters, emails, thank-you cards, and even posting on social media sites. The only thing that comes relatively easy for me is the nursing documentation that I’m required to do for my job (which by the way I’m really good at). So, my story is a little different than most authors. I sort of stumbled on writing because of my daughter who is a crazy, fanatical, obsessive reader (check out her YouTube and blog: www.novelstosong.com). In the summer of 2012, she was moping around the house, and complaining that there weren’t any good young adult books to read because she’d already read them all. She was fourteen at the time. I jokingly made the comment that I could write one for her, and when she rolled her eyes at me, it sort of gave me an incentive to try. I will say that I also felt a “nudge or whisper” from the universe (I won’t go into detail here—but I can’t stress the importance of listening to that inner voice). When I started to write, ‘The Designer Chronicles’, I had no expectations at all. I wasn’t sure if I could even finish one paragraph or chapter, let alone an entire novel (which then turned into three). The story sort of evolved as I went along. The only thing I really knew for sure when I started, is that I wanted to somehow incorporate the principles of quantum physics and the Universal Laws of energy into the story. For those of you who are not familiar with the fundamental Universal Laws-I believe that they are the blueprint for a life filled with personal empowerment, (if you want to know more you can go to www.iempowerself.com for a basic explanation). I figured if I was going to take time away from my family to write these books for my daughter, I wanted to include some important life principles about how quantum physics and the Law of Resonance/Attraction works. Please note that The Designer Chronicles are fantasy/sci-fi/fiction novels, so naturally there is some exaggeration of how energy is manipulated, but the underlying theme that I want people to consider is that there is energy in our thoughts, feelings, and intentions, that you don’t have to be a ‘Designer’ to utilize for the greater good. Follow Elle Davis, Author's board Elle Davis on Pinterest.

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Designed for Perfection 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
MJS77 More than 1 year ago
I actually decided to read this book simply because I won a copy of the second in the series. I would NEVER start a series @ the second book. That would be crazy. Well I ended up getting to read this for free as Elle Davis put it on the Wattpad app. Thanks so much:) I really enjoyed this book. It was a nice change from a lot of what I currently read. The idea of genetically engineered designer children was a brilliant storyline. It is relevant to our society as we hear so much about this & cloning. I like how she goes into great detail to explain what the traits of these designers are so that you're not trying to figure out what it all means. There are plenty of twists and turns in the plot to keep you guessing as to what is next and keep you wanting to know more of what's going to happen. I seen that this is to be a trilogy, but I wonder if she will decide to do spin off books or series based on the other characters once Ronan & Cats story is told. I see great potential for her to be able to do this. I would be very interested in reading more based around these characters. Good book, quick read. Great for the intended YA readers as well as the more "mature" reader like myself.
KLJ25 More than 1 year ago
. I admit I didn't like Ronan at all as a main character & almost stopped reading the book. His behavior around high school classmates & to his parents was very rude and condescending. Once you get past that, the book is very good. The main characters & some sub characters are well developed, the story is imaginative & moves along. Some violence, light romance & kissing, hugging. This is Book 1 but it does have a conclusion & there is no great cliff hanger. 229 pages.
arbjamesAJ More than 1 year ago
I was kindly gifted this a copy of this novel by the author, who asked me to review it. I was happy to oblige. I teach college courses about the impact of technology on society, and one of the topics that we discuss is genetic modification. This book appealed to me in that regard because it deals with a huge "what if": What if we take "designer babies" to a whole new level? What if parents could choose everything from their babies' eye color to how strong they will be, how fast they can run, and what their IQ will be? How will these modifications be achieved? In the world created by Elle Davis, they are achieved by not only modifying an embryo's existing DNA, but also by introducing non-human genetic material. Of course, only the wealthy can afford these modifications, and when the resulting offspring discover their origins, they are not always thrilled. What consequences will such modifications have for both Designers and the rest of society? This is where the story really begins, about 5 years after the last genetically-modified child was born. A virus is infecting and eventually killing Designers, and they finally realize that they have to band together to search for a cure while avoiding the federal government's attempts to capture and kill them to prevent the virus from mutating and infecting all humans. In the midst of it all, Designer Ronan Callahan meets new girl Cat McCullough and falls in love. Ronan is dealing with the challenges of being a Designer, while Cat is dealing with her parents' death and having to raise her 5-year-old sister, Claire, alone. When they discover that Claire is a vital player in the unfolding drama, Cat and Claire join the Designers as they run for their lives. Can they convince the government that they are not a threat and just want to lead normal lives? This is apparently the first in a series, so it will be interesting to see what happens to the Designers in the next book. I did think that the end was a bit unrealistic, although it does set up nicely for a second book. The book could also benefit from more basic editing--removing commas where they don't belong, correct use of apostrophes, etc. Like I said, I teach and those things just jumped out at me and distracted me a bit as I read. That was the main reason I rated it 3 stars vs. 4. Overall a good read.
devil_gurl More than 1 year ago
When I first read the synopsis of the book it immediately got my attention. Genetic is a hot topic in the last couple of years and let’s be honest here…we are pretty close of actually being able to choose exactly what we want our baby to look like! So when Elle Davis offered me a copy of her books in exchange of an honest review on goodreads I jumped on the opportunity and I’m glad I did! For a first novel I’ve been surprised about the quality of her writing. A lot of time, in their debut novel, writers a searching for their own style. They often trying a lot of different things in the book but her style is fluid, her descriptions are vivid and she created very likable (or less likable!) characters but also an original storyline. I wasn’t a fan of Ronan at first, he’s arrogant, difficult to like and seems to think that he’s above the normal teenagers of his school. While is friend Burke (who’s also a designer baby) enjoy is gifts as much as he can and live is life at his fullest, Ronan seems to retreat behind a cold façade and keep everybody at arm length. He shows little interest in his pair and views most of their comportments as a study and a source of divertissement. I’m glad to say that he change in a major way through the book and at the end I found myself swooning over the pretty boy!     Cat was a definitely my favorite character from the start. I love how she doesn’t care about Ronan appearance and don’t accept crap from him! It’s probably one of the first times he’s treated like anybody else and I think that helped him grow up into the person he’s at the end of the book.  She’s had a very strong personality and can’t stand injustice, but at the same time she’s very vulnerable. She’s also very protective of her younger sister. She takes a lot on her shoulder by dealing with her uncle and taking care of her sister. Despite the fact that the characters have to grow up fast, giving the circumstances they still act like most 16-17 years old, which I enjoyed since in a lot of books author tend to have their characters act way to maturely for their age! Overall this was a great start to a series and Elle Davis first attempt at YA is sure to win you over. I can’t wait to read more of this series, especially with this ending! I’ll be on the lookout for the next book, that’s for sure.