Desires Of The Heart

Desires Of The Heart

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by Beverly Taylor

Carson and Katharine O’Connor seem on the surface to be perfect people—good-looking, successful, and God-fearing, but no one could accuse them of being too perfect to be believable.

Katharine spends her life building a home and family until the day Carson leaves her and allows a voluptuous, cunning school counselor, Cindy Lomax, and her disturbed

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Carson and Katharine O’Connor seem on the surface to be perfect people—good-looking, successful, and God-fearing, but no one could accuse them of being too perfect to be believable.

Katharine spends her life building a home and family until the day Carson leaves her and allows a voluptuous, cunning school counselor, Cindy Lomax, and her disturbed pre-teen daughter, Deanna, to move in with him on a platonic basis—or so he thinks. Katharine must find her way beyond the past and will stop at nothing to rebuild her marriage, including breast and buttock implants in order to compete with Cindy’s striking figure in winning her husband back.

When tragedy strikes, Carson realizes it was pure love that guided him to Katharine. Is it too late for Carson to rectify his mistake with her? Will Cindy’s vengeful tactics prevail? Will Deanna’s criminal intention manifest itself? Will Katharine find the strength to forgive, despite the fiery darts that have been thrown at her?

Desires of the Heart is a story of lost and found faith, learning to love yourself, how one man’s selfish decisions affect and endanger those around him, and a glimpse into how man looks at outward appearance but God looks at the heart.

“Clean, well written and refreshing novel. You’ll think twice about cosmetic surgery after reading this story by a gifted author.”

----Southern Press

“Carson’s depression, Katharine’s insecurities, Cindy’s mental illness (which is the root of her promiscuity), and Deanna’s loneliness and craving for a father make Desires of the Heart an engaging, eye-opening, honest-to-God good read.”

----The Amen Chronicle

A. Powell, publisher

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Desires Of The Heart 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
RWA_Bookclub More than 1 year ago
A Christian couple encounter the normal problems of the world however they struggle with standing firm on their beliefs and applying those to the survival of their marriage. They story is real! These are the kind of things we face every days as Christians whether married or not. We may as Christians appear sometimes puffed up or holier than thou. We're not perfect in any shape or form. We are out here dealing and facing the same struggles as non-Christians. We even make the same mistakes. However we live on the premise that we have a Savior who has paid the price for us and if I may quote a famous Gospel Artist that we are all very familiar with: "We fall down but we get up!" There wasn't anything that I didn't like about this book. It has an anointing (God ability to do through us that we can't do for ourselves). The cover threw me off. I jumped right into the story and starting reading. I usually read forward and introductions before starting a book to get a feel of the read. I'm glad that I didn't. I think it may have prejudiced my spiritual discernment. Instead it opened my mind and gained my interest in a different way that had an effect on my own ministry direction. Overall I was very impressed with the storyline and I look forward to the next book by Beverly Taylor. Reviewed by: Lawrence T. Williams
OOSABookClub More than 1 year ago
Carson and Katherine O'Connor are a married couple of twelve years with two kids. Like any marriage, of course, they have problems. Katherine still loves Carson dearly but their feelings are not mutual. Katherine accepts a lot of physical and mental abuse but still continues to love Carson for better and for worst as she stated in her wedding vows. Carson and Katherine begin to lose their faith in God and do not communicate with each other to resolve their problems. Carson then seeks counseling through a co-worker, Cindy, who takes complete advantage of the situation. Carson makes a decision to leave Katherine and his children due to his changed feelings and appearance of her. Katherine cannot handle Carson's absence from her family and makes another decision that will change her life forever - cosmetic surgery. Will this be the best decision for Katherine? Will Katherine get Carson back? Will Carson realize the error in his ways? "Desire of the Heart" is the most heart-wrenched and spiritual love story I've read this year! I really enjoyed reading this novel as it was similar to our daily lives - married or single. I will look forward for more books by Beverly Taylor in the future. Good job! Reviewed by: Tekisha
Christian-Fiction-Reader More than 1 year ago
When I first saw the beautiful cover it spoke to me "Black Love." I had a chance to review this novel for our bookclub reading. This is going to be our July 2010 book club selection and I can't wait to discuss the questions in the back of the book. The story was exceptionally written. There was close attention to detail which made me feel like I was there. Katharine O'Connor feels that she has lost her husband's attention because she doesn't dress excitedly for him anymore. When she comes home from her executive job, she has to tend to 2 children and a large beautiful home so she doesn't have much time to pamper herself. While at home, she usually wears duster dress and have her hair in curlers which turns her husband off. Carson O'Connor is a sportswriter and he constantly tells himself that he still loves his wife but her appearance is abandoning his interest in her. Since he has contact with beautiful women in his line of work, he starts to fantasize. His wife is a slim woman, but he seems to prefer curvaceous women. When he meets a shapely guidance counselor named Cindy at a highschool basketball game, they become friends. He tells her about his unhappiness in his marriage and she offers him marriage counseling. He hides this 2 year friendship with Cindy from his wife but she suspects that he is seeing someone else because they barely make love any more. Cindy ends up falling for Carson and begins to scheme to get him to leave Katharine. When he does move out, he allows Cindy and her teen daughter Deanna to move in with him. Deanna develops a fixation on Carson and decides to have him for herself by getting rid of his children. Cindy and Deanna feels the only way to have Carson is to remove him from his family. Katharine finds out about Cindy and she tries to hold on to her husband so she gets breasts and butt implants to compete with Cindy. She tussled with the idea briefly because her best friend Natalie tells her that she feels it's ungodly to get implants. But Katharine disregards her feelings and have the surgery anyway. Katharine gets rushed to the ER because she has an alergic reaction to the silicone which placed her in intensive care. I loved this story because it showed how a wife needs to keep herself groomed for husband even after the wedding ceremony is over or else he could have wandering eyes. I loved how the author brought in Natalie's character and Officer Freeman. There is heart pumping reading when Deanna kidnaps Carson's daughter and when Cindy takes the gun from underneath the mattress. Even though Cindy was the villian, I still felt sorry for her because she was so in-love with her husband but he died. That's when her life changed and she didn't care who she hurt. I've read a lot of Christian fiction that is just a bunch of whacked out nonsense but Desires of the Heart spoke to and through the heart. It was an excellent told story. Some say a Christian book cannot be told and be good if it doesn't have sex and profanity. Ms. Taylor has proven them wrong. This book has made its way to my #1 read this year. I highly recommend this novel. I promise you won't be disappointed.