Desktop Publishing Using Pagemaker 6.0 Macintosh / Edition 1

Desktop Publishing Using Pagemaker 6.0 Macintosh / Edition 1

by Julia Case Bradley, Linda Mumbauer, Sandra K. Rittman, Joanne Floyd

ISBN-10: 0256233373

ISBN-13: 9780256233377

Pub. Date: 09/28/1996

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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McGraw-Hill Higher Education
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Table of Contents

1. Getting Acquainted with Desktop Publishing
2. Understanding the Complexity of Desktop Publishing
3. Designing Page Layouts
4. Creating Graphics Using PageMaker Tools
5. Importing and Manipulating Graphics
6. Creating and Manipulating Text with PageMaker Tools
7. Designing Effective Publications
8. Working with Imported Text and Graphics
9. Formatting Paragraphs, Tables, and Lists
10. Creating Style Sheets and Master Pages
11. Adding Special Effects
12. Creating and Using Templates
13. Adding a Splash of Color
14. Refining the Printing Process
15. Working with Scanned Images
16. Working with Long Documents
17. Reviewing PageMaker
Appendix A. Sample Typefaces
Appendix B. Proofreader's Marks
Appendix C. Installing PageMaker and Printer Drivers
Appendix D. PageMaker Defaults
Appendix E. Using Keyboard Commands and Shortcuts

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