Destiny Ever Changing

Destiny Ever Changing

4.5 6
by Tasha Ivey

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**Contains mild language, adult situations, and sexual content.**

Some are destined for greatness . . . others for pure unadulterated misery.

After catching her boyfriend with another woman, Laura struggles with beginning again, knowing deep down that she is destined to be unhappily out of love for her entire life. Needing some time to recoup and…  See more details below


**Contains mild language, adult situations, and sexual content.**

Some are destined for greatness . . . others for pure unadulterated misery.

After catching her boyfriend with another woman, Laura struggles with beginning again, knowing deep down that she is destined to be unhappily out of love for her entire life. Needing some time to recoup and formulate a game plan, she decides to visit her notoriously wise grandmother. But once there, a curveball in the form of a deliciously attractive stranger has her falling again.

Brooks is another story altogether. He is quite content with his life until his father forces him into a business decision that will ruin the rest of his life. As if his relationship with his father isn’t tumultuous enough, his new fiancé is making every waking moment a living hell and loving every manipulative minute of it.

When Laura stumbles upon her mother’s old journal, she opens a door into a long forgotten past. A past that somehow leads both Laura and Brooks into unfamiliar territory and changes everything they ever knew about fate.

Destiny is ever-changing, after all.

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Destiny Ever-Changing 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book! Related to the msin characters well. Its a must read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. It was a nice, refreshing read. I love how Tasha Ivey did the character's POVs. I loved both the main characters in this book, but I also love how she brought elements from the past into her story. Tasha wrote a beautiful story, and what I love the most is the fact that sex between the main characters were not involved. This book is one you could easily pass to your teen daughter for her to fall in love with. I am looking forward to reading Will and Ashton's story.
BrandeesBookEndings More than 1 year ago
Tasha Ivey’s debut Novel “Destiny Ever-changing” was a perfect chick-flick book to curl up on the couch with.  This was a very refreshing read for me.  I have been reading either darker subject matters or major hot & steamy books (not that there is anything wrong with that LOL), but this was a pleasant change of pace…..that I just need sometimes.   There were so many things that I really enjoyed about this story.  First I will say, Tasha tells a beautiful story and it was very easy to follow along.  Second, this is definitely a love-story….and it was SWEET and kept me reading (even though I figured out the way things were going to turn out, it was really fun getting there). The story is told in both Laura and Brooks points of view, which you may know by now that I do like, so that I can get into both of the characters heads (and I found it was definitely worth getting a look into Brooks’ head – otherwise, I may not have liked him as much).  Tasha had the ability to make me easily like the characters I was supposed to and really dislike others.  Specifically, I can picture and hear Brooks’ fiancé in my head!  Well done Tasha! As always, I do not want to give anything away, but since this is mentioned in the blurb I feel comfortable doing so……..I really loved the journal part of this book.  It reminds me of going through some of my grandmother’s old keepsakes (photos and some journal entries)….now if only my grandmother was more specific in her journal!  I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed reading this book.  I was going to say that I could totally see a sequel or novella to this book based on some of the secondary characters, BUT, I found out recently from Tasha that  a sequel is in the works with exactly the characters I thought could work!  I will certainly be putting that book, as well as other future books that Tasha will be releasing in the future onto my to-read list!   My favorite quote:   “Regret won’t get me anywhere.  I’m finally learning that the decisions that I have made are shaping me into a new person, and I am okay with that”.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just buy this book! You will absolutely love every, family, trust.
rlmanuel71 More than 1 year ago
Love this debut by Tasha Ivey! Laura is unlucky in love. She just can't seem to make the right connect, always falling for the wrong guy  and the right time. After another failed relationship Laura leaves Baltimore to head back home to Alabama. Along the way she decides to stop by her Nana's house in North Carolina. Almost to her destination, she gets a flat tire but is soon rescued by a gardener for the house where she broke down. The only thing is the gardener is not really a gardener but Brooks Tucker, a wealthy son of an Oil Tycoon. Brooks is in NC with Jacqueline, his "fiance", and not by choice. He has been forced into a marriage in order for his dad to overtake her family's business. Jacqueline is cold and heartless and could careless about Brooks and his feelings. Laura finds herself running into Brooks on more than one occasion and even those they have an attraction, they decide to just be friends. I really can't say too much more without giving the book away. But I loved this book. Laura uses her mother's old diary in search of her own love making this a heartwarming, lovable book. There are laughable moments, moments of heartache and redemption. And the book is written in both Laura and Brooks POV,  making this a well rounded book in my opinion. The book also  wraps up nicely not leaving you hanging (although I hear  there may be a book 2 in the series) Full of characters that hook you from  the start (including Brooks best friend Will and his sister Ashton) it is a book that will not leave you disappointed! Go buy this book! *I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for a honest review*
BookwormBrandee More than 1 year ago
**4 1/2 Stars**  Destiny Ever-changing is a heart-warming read! There are several elements that blended together make such an enjoyable story. Several days after finishing it, I'm still thinking about this story, these was touching. It's a beautiful rendering of two people set on separate paths, finding their way to one another as their destinies change and their paths merge into one. Laura Carey finds herself on a path in life she is not happy with. She's just found out her boyfriend cheated on her and is leaving him. As she makes her way out of Baltimore not knowing where she's heading, she decides two things: she's going to go stay with her grandma to get some non-judgmental life advice and she's going to get her life on track. Her grandma is more than happy to help her along on this quest. One of the tools in this quest is Laura's mom's journal. Laura's mom (both parents, actually) died tragically when Laura was young. This journal will enable Laura to get to know her mom in a way she wasn't able to. The first night after reading a journal entry, Laura dreams of her mom. In the dream, Laura's mom, Regina, seems to be asking her to follow her. Thus, Laura embarks on a mission of sorts. She sets out to re-create the activities her mom lived as recorded in the journal. Through this mission, Laura hopes to figure out the path her mom seems to be trying to point her towards. Brooks Tucker meets Laura as she rolls into town...with a flat tire. (She just happens to stop in front of his house.) Brooks has been living a life he is happy with. But he's recently found himself blown off that path - and not by his choosing. His father is forcing him into a marriage for financial reasons. And Brooks is less than thrilled but has agreed to it in order to protect his siblings. Meeting Laura seems like the perfect distraction from his own problems. But as he helps Laura along on her mission and gets to know her better, he find his predicament quite painful. However, through Regina's journal and some revelations contained therein, Laura and Brooks realize they are more in control of their futures than they believed. As I said, all the elements of this story combined for an interesting read. I liked the "supernatural" element of Laura's mom seemingly communicating from beyond. I liked the idea that every love a person experiences teaches about the nature of love as well as revealing something of ourselves. I also liked the notion that although fate may have a hand in our lives, our destinies are our own. And I delighted in the fact that Brooks and Laura, despite thinking their paths diverged, stumbled onto the right path to end up together...where they belonged. Overall, I loved this debut novel and look forward to future reads from Tasha. Favorite Quotes: "Love doesn't have anything to do with where you go together or what you buy one another. Love is spending time with each other and wanting to know every hope, desire, and want nothing more than to learn everything you can about the other person. And when you have that, nothing else matters." " matter where life takes us, no matter where we end up, you will be the one I'm thinking will be the one that I will always love. Don't ever forget..."